Take Screenshot and Upload It In Single Click To Share With Your Friends

Screenshot uploader is free and easiest tool which lets you take and upload the screenshot online to share it with your friends, this tool is very simple to use it also allows you to define hotkey combination to take screenshots.


If you want to save the screenshots you took on your computer, you will need to check the checkbox which says Save to folder on the application interface.

It will allow you to upload all the screenshots to http://screenshotuploader.com/ but if you don’t have an account there – the uploaded image will be deleted after 24 hours.

After you take the screenshot, it will show you the captured screenshot


Once you click Upload, the image will be uploaded and it will prompt a message windows confirming the upload.


It will also show a notification on windows 7, which gives you the path to the screenshot you uploaded and you can copy uploaded screenshot URL to clipboard.


Download Screenshot Uploader

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