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There might be some instances that you want to capture an image of the webpage quickly. If you are a Google Chrome user then no longer you need a third party tool like Winsnap or PrintScreen Me or any other to capture your webpage. Google has released the extension Screen Capture for Chrome users that can capture visible content of a tab, a region of a web page, or the whole page and save the image as a PNG image.

Screen Capture is an easy to extension that capture page image especially for large pages. With other snapping tools, you can capture only visible content. But this extension allows you to capture in three different modes- capture visible content of a tab, a region of a web page, or whole page. It supports horizontal and vertical scroll when capturing whole page that do not fit in one tab screen. This tool also allows you to edit your captured image before saving it as a PNG image. You can Highlight, Redact and add text to your image before saving it.


If you want to capture only particular area of the web page, choose Capture Region (or Ctrl+Alt+R), you will see a box of dimension 250*150. You can change the size of the box according to your preference and move it to your desired region. After selecting your region, click OK. Now you can edit if you want to and after that click on Save button to save the image to your system.


If you want to capture visible content of the web page , click on Capture Visible Content (or Ctrl+Alt+V) and edit if you want and then click Save button. Most of the web pages are too large to fit on the screen. You can still capture that web page by choosing Capture Whole Page (or Ctrl+Alt+H). This option will capture the whole web page. You can edit the captured image if you want and then click on Save to save that image to your system.

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This Screen Capture tool also has capability to autosave the image. To enable this option, first go to tools and then click on Extensions. Here you will see all the extensions that you have installed. Click on the Options of Screen Capture and then check the box “Autosave – after capture, bypass editing screen and directly save the captured image to the default location with the web page title as default file name”. You can even Enable/Disable keyboard shortcuts to capture the image.

Screen Capture extension works perfectly on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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