Take Photos, Record Videos Using In Built Camera In Laptop or Webcam Connected To Computer

Recently one of my friend asked me how can he take photos, record videos using in built webcam as there was no software which came pre installed in his laptop to capture photos or videos using camera in the laptop or more over is you have a webcam connected to your computer and you have no software with which you could capture stuff with that external webcam, still there is way out.

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In order to use the webcam or in built laptop camera you can use the some free software which can easily detect almost any camera connected or the built in camera as well, the first program we would suggest you is Yawcam – Yet Another WebCAM software which helps you use almost any camera, this utility is platform independent as it is designed in java, so you can use this program on any computer including windows linux and mac os x as well.

Yawcam can help you do Video streaming using webcam, Image snapshots with your webcam, Motion detection using your camera, Ftp-upload of photos or videos, Password protection. In order to simply detect your webcam using yawcam, you just need to select your laptop camera as shown in the image below.

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Another free software for using with any webcam is Fwink – which is a free and open source webcam application for Windows. It takes still images from your camera at timed intervals and puts them on your web site with FTP. You can add effects like text messages, time stamps and an overlay image.

Fwink does not make live video calls. For that, you may want to try Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc. You can superimpose a logo, or any image you want, on top of your webcam image. The following image formats are supported: JPEG, GIF (transparency is supported), PNG (transparency and alpha are supported), BMP, TIFF and WMF.

Another free software which supports most the hp laptops with camera in built is YouCam – which is webcam software available on some HP and Compaq computers. This software is used to take individual snapshots and capture short video sequences with the built-in webcam, manipulate these photos and videos for artistic effect, and then share the files with other people. The files can be e-mailed, uploaded to the web manually, or uploaded through an embedded link to the YouTube video sharing service.

Finally If you don’t want to install or don’t want to get involved with driver related problems for your camera after you install these software, you can do it online with some free websites, one of them is Picanom.com

To do it with website, follow the procedure mentioned below.

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1. Go to www.picanom.com
2. Select the tab "SNAP!"
3. Allow the app to access your cam, and take the shots u want
4. Click on the shot u want to save and download it

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