[Tip] Trick To Play Youtube Video Paused or Stuck On Loading

If you have ever faced a problem when you try to play a youtube video but its either stuck while loading or you see a black blank youtube video player without anything playing on it, most of the time it could be due to slow internet connection or some breakage in internet connectivity for some minutes.

Fix Youtube Video Stuck While Buffering

Decrease The Video Quality Playback

In case a video is stuck in between due to internet connectivity issues, then you can apply the simple trick to play the video by decreasing the quality of playback so that video can play on your slow internet connection. In such cases video does not buffer or play, so to resume the play action just pause the video, and then change the quality by choosing a resolution from the gear icon


Once you decrease the quality of the video, you may see some pixels and distortion but you can still the video moving yourself quite away from the screen. This way you can play the video in case its lagging or getting stuck due to slow speed.

Clear Browser Cache To Fix Youtube Buffering and Playback Problems

If you see the video has stopped buffering and there is no problem with the internet connection then make sure that video is not in the paused state. If the video is already in the play mode then it could be due to the old browser cache, in such case clearing the browser data like cache and history could help you fix this issue and after browser restart the video should play fine.

Clear Browser Cache

If after clearing your browser’s cache, the video still will not play completely, you might want to check the stability of your internet connection. An unstable internet connection could be a reason for which the video will not load / buffer completely. You’ll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.


Most of the youtube playback problem occurs due slow speed internet connection, in such cases you can opt for the solutions listed above, we hope the above methods helps you to fix the stuck playback while watching a youtube video. If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

[How To] Add Youtube Channel Watermark + Subscribe Link on all videos Uploaded Without Any Editing

Yes, youtube team has silently added a new features across the youtube accounts for all the partners and youtube users who run a channel of their own, with this new feature which is called youtube InVideo Programming which actually allows you to add a watermark instantly across all the videos uploaded under youtube channel and once you enable this it will be automatically added to all new videos you upload under youtube channel.

Add Youtube Channel Watermark   Subscribe Link on all videos

You can easily locate this feature in the left side bar on the channel settings page, once you are logged in to your youtube channel with its user account.

In Video Programming Youtube

Once you click this feature, you will see the see two options

Feature Your Youtube Channel

It will by default put your youtube channel profile image, it will drive viewership to a specific video and reinforce channel branding using InVideo Programming across all your videos.

Feature Your Channel Youtube

It will show the youtube channel profile image on all your videos by default but you can also add a custom image of 800×800 pixels highest and max 1 Mb of size

Promote Channel Subcribe Link

You can select this image to appear in entire video or end or beginning for a set time interval, this image will be directly linked to your subscribe page, so it should help you get more subscribers this way.

Our Conclusion

However when we tested this feature, we found that the channel image looks quite small and does not make that much impact on viewers watching, but if there is some option provided to make this youtube channel image bigger this will make more sense, right now there is no option in youtube to make this happen, it should come out in near future.

Bonus Tip

Another feature is which is also introduced in In Video Programming

Feature One Youtube Video Across All Videos

It helps you promote your video across all the youtube videos on your channel.

Feature A Video On Your Channel

Make sure that the video you select here should be a public video from your channel. You may be able to add a any public video as well, which might not be from your channel but we haven’t tried it

Featured Video

Once you select a video you can set that video thumbnail on all others videos on your channel as you can see in the image below.

Featured Video On All Videos

Please Note: For both of these new feature, you can adjust the position, display time and duration for which the featured video or featured subscribed link


We like both of these new features rolled out for youtube partners and youtube video up loaders but both of these features are quite at basic level, we hope to see more customizations options around these features specially the size of featured channel image

[Source Technospot.net ]

Get Updated About Youtube Channel New Videos In RSS Feed Reader

Recently one of my friend asked me if it is possible that he can subscribe to a youtube channel new videos via RSS feed, as normally none of the youtube channel provide a direct link to RSS as it does not make sense because they already provide a email subscription, but as my friend is great fan of google reader so he like to read feeds then reading updates in email.

subscribe to youtube channel feed

There are several ways you can create a RSS Feed of a youtube channel and then subscribe the same in some google reader or any other feed reader application or web service.

Create a RSS Feed For Any Youtube Channel

Every youtube channel has a unique youtube username, so if you just change the username in the URL below with the <youtube channel username> you will get the RSS feed for the youtube channel which you can subscribe in any RSS feed reader or web service like google reader.

http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/<youtube channel username>/uploads?orderby=updated


http://www.YouTube.com/rss/user/<youtube channel username>/videos.rss

Add The Channel URL Directly in Google Reader or Similar Program

In this method you just need to copy the URL of your youtube channel and paste it in google reader

youtube new videos in google reader

As per the third method, when you open the youtube channel to which you want to subscribe to, you can just click the RSS Feed symbol in google chrome shown on the right side in the address bar.

click to subscribe

Once click the subscribe button, you will see the subscribe options in the new tab as shown in the image below.

youtube channel rss feed

[Short Tip] How To View Youtube Video Without Flash or When Flash Plugin Crash

Yes, recently one of my friend asked me that there is some problem happening on his computer because of flash which was crashing in the browser, he faced the browser crash when he was trying to play a couple of youtube videos. Now he wanted to know is there is any way possible to watch the flash based youtube videos without installing flash as flash some how never works perfectly on his computer.


Well, some of you may realize that its actually not possible but there is very simple way of watching the videos without requiring to install flash plugin in your favourite internet browser, the trick we are going to tell will work across all the browsers on your computer.

Recommended Trouble Fix – Repair Flash Plugin Crash While Playing Videos In Google Chrome, Firefox and IE

Yes, with HTML5 You Don’t Need Flash Plugin To Play Youtube Videos

Almost all the youtube videos can be watched without installing flash plugin by just enabling HTML5 for your youtube account and when I say youtube account, so that means in order to use this trick you may need to sign in with your google account username and password before you watch youtube videos.

Once you are signed in to youtube, you will need to go to this page http://www.youtube.com/html5 – on this page you opt-in trial of HTML5 video on YouTube. To opt in you will need to click the link at the left bottom of of the page which says Join the HTML5 Trail.


Once you click the link, try loading any youtube video and it should play without requiring flash plugin. If you are using a supported browser, you can choose to use the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player for most videos, list of supported browsers and versions is listed below.

Make Your Browser Ready For HTML5 Videos 

You can upgrade your browsers on your PC with links to WebM support pages below.

Please Note – if you upgrade your browsers for HTML5 WebM format videos you don’t need to sign in to youtube to watch videos most of the time.

Known Limitations With WebM Videos

  • Fullscreen support is partially implemented. Pressing the fullscreen button will expand the player to fill your browser. If your browser supports a fullscreen option, you can then use that to truly fill the screen
  • If you want to find videos with WebM formats available, you can use the Advanced Search options to look for them (or just add &webm=1 to any search URL)
  • Videos with ads are not supported (they will play in the Flash player)
  • On Firefox and Opera, only videos with WebM transcodes will play in HTML5

Play YouTube Videos In Desktop Based UMPlayer

You might be using different media players in your computer system for watching videos, movies, and also for listening songs. It has been observed that most of the users either relies on default Windows Media Player or some uses open source players like VLC player. Although, there are large number of other players which are available on the web and can be easily downloaded and used, but still users are much more comfortable with the above mentioned robust players. But, today we are going to discuss one such player which is pretty simple and easy to use as the above mentioned two basic players and on the other hand it has several distinct features which makes it different from others.

UMPlayer or Universal Media player is basically a small, easy to use, useful and most importantly a freely available cross platform open source media player that can be used to fulfill all your needs and requirements while watching videos or while listening to audio files. It has an amazing capability as it has over 270 built-in Audio and Video codecs.


It can be easily downloaded from the link given below and can be easily installed in your computers. If we look into the inner working of the player then we may observe that it uses the famous Mplayer engine with more integrated features which makes it superior as compared to others of its kind. As already mentioned, it can play almost any media format with support for 270 Audio and Video codecs which is really a big number for any media player. Some of these codecs are the ones which are widely used  such as AAC, AC3, ASF, AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, Matroska, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, QT, RealMedia, VOB, Vorbis, WAV, WMA, WMV, XVID as well as audio support for  CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs, as well as TV / Radio cards, SHOUTcast Radio streams. One of the most valuable features of this utility is that it can even play incomplete or damaged media files which proves to be really helpful for any of the file. You may observe that it comes with YouTube and SHOUTcast search integration which allows searching and streaming content from SHOUTcast and YouTube within UMPlayer and you may directly watch those videos.


Along with all the above mentioned features, this utility comes packed with many other advanced features, such as multiple skins, built-in subtitles search and integration system, enhanced filter rendering and YouTube playing and recording capability which makes it different from other players. As already mentioned that it is a cross platform utility, and thus it has versions available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux based operating systems and you may use according to your need and requirement.

Overall we can say that UMPlayer is really a universal media player with a huge collection of useful options which are really useful for the users. So, just download it from the below given link and explore its features.

Download UMPlayer