2 Ways To Use Search In Windows 8 App Store

Yes, this may sound like a surprise to you but for old windows users who have recently upgraded to windows 8, they may find the interface quite different and difficult to understand specially when they are dealing windows 8 modern UI interface or the windows 8 start screen interface.


The other day I was going through the apps section or windows 8 apps store using the store app, I thought of searching for an app but even after right clicking or going through app store UI, I was not able to find the right option which could allow me to search, as a user I was really frustrated by the useless UI of store which was of no help even when I was trying to locate a basic needed search option which should have been easily accessible, then after some searching I found out how use search in windows 8 apps store.

Start Typing in Windows 8 App Store

Accidently I found out that to search for a app in windows store, you just need to start typing the search keyword and windows store will start searching for the app, this technique was really simple, but Microsoft did not realize to make it simple by at least giving a tool tip or some thing in help.


Press Windows + q and Then Select Store

Another way to search is by using the global search key shortcut in windows 8, in this case you can just press windows + q key to open up global search which is applicable to all the apps in windows 8 including windows store.



This is how you can access search feature in windows 8 app store, If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

View The Future Of All You Can Do With Windows 8

Windows 8 is coming and it looks like it will be a game changer in the world of computing as now, you don’t only use windows 8 on a PC but you can take to out with on portable machines like tablets and these tablets will be called as windows 8 tablet. Oh yes you will be able to do things on windows 8 for the first time by just touching the screen and enjoy the complete multimedia experience without compromising the personal required computing on a tablet on the go.

Excited ? Take a look at the video below to get the preview of what all you can do on a windows 8 tablet or pc in upcoming future.

Any questions, please read our existing article on windows 8 and other windows 8 tips or tricks, still you have something to say or ask, please leave a comment at the end of this post. 

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Save Full Google Books On Your PC For Offline Reading

Google e-book section is quite good to read free books online, but there are many readers or book lovers who cannot be online all the time to read the book, so they will prefer to download them and then read whenever they free are to do so. They also might want to take the printout and then read them. But now the question arises that from where can they download these books and you will not find any download option on the Google books section. In this post we will discuss about a tool named as Google Book Downloader, which will help you to solve the problem mentioned above.


Before going further let me tell you that till now I never came across any tool which can download the books from Google, You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above, in the URL field of this tool you will have to paste the URL of the book which you want to download, now make sure that book is in Full view mode or I should say that please check that book should be free or it should have all the pages in the preview, as this tool works for only those books which have full view in the preview mode.


If you are facing problem while searching the full view books, then you can do so by going to the advanced search option on the Google books and there you can select the full-view radio button, after doing that click the search button and then it will show you all the books under full view category. You can select any book you like among them and then paste the URL of that file in the tool and then click Start button. Now first of all it will count the number of pages which are supposed to be downloaded and then it will download them in PDF format (one of the most comfortable format for the readers).

So, now it became a normal PDF file for you, carry it anywhere and take as much printout you want. The size of this tool is around and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate, so please let us know if you face any issue while using it.

Download Google Book Downloader

Windows Dual Monitor Display Software To Swap Screen, Dual Wallpaper & more

Windows lacks in one of the features for the users, i.e. they do not provide a good interface if the users want to go for using two monitor on their system. In others words I should say that while using multiple screen on Windows system it is not possible for the users to feel unrestricted as they felt while using the single screen on their system. But today we will be telling you about a list of small freeware with the help of which you can comfortably work on them, juts read further to know more about it.


Arranging the wallpapers, changing the primary screens frequently, deactivating any of the screen for a particular period of time and many more tasks cannot be done with an ease if you are working on any version of Windows, but now you will be able to do all of them as mentioned above with the help of some clicks and keys. Just take a look at all the freeware mentioned below in the list.

  • Swap Screen: As the name tells you that the screen can be easily swapped with the help of this tool, you may need it when you do not want to lose your focus from the screen by turning or moving your head, rather you will want the screen to get in front of your eyes. So with the help of some strokes, you will be able swap the screen from any one available on your system.
  • Dual Launcher: Now this tool will help you to launch any of your favorite listed application at the pre-stated configuration on the screens.
  • Dual Wallpaper: with the help of this tool you will be able to place common wallpaper for both the screen or you can place different wallpapers for all the other screens.
  • DisMon: If you have large number of application running on different screens on your system, then this tool help you to focus your attention easily by de-activating the screen as per your commands through keyboard. You want to see only screen at a time and remove all of the other then this toll will really help you.
  • Dual Snap: By the name you can get an idea that this tool can be used to take the screenshot of the window from your primary screen and then place it to another screen.

I hope that the tools mentioned above will solve your lots of problems which working with the dual screen on a Windows system, the link to download all the tools has been mentioned at the bottom of the post. Please let us know if you face any issue while working with them.

Utility Downloads page

Show My Computer Icon On Windows 8 Desktop or Start Screen

Windows 8 consumer preview is out for public download that means you can download it for fee and try out before making your decision of upgrading your windows 7 or other earlier version to windows 8 when windows 8 RTM comes out for public. If you want then, download windows 8 from this page or download the ISO from this link. We have already written an extensive guide on all things you need to know if you are considering installing in on your machine, you should refer our extensive guide here. Today we will tell you how to Show My Computer Icon On Windows 8 Desktop or Start Screen

Show My Computer or Computer Shortcut On Windows 8 Desktop

Now by default one of the most annoying thing you may notice is that you don’t see the my computer icon on desktop in windows 8, in order to show my computer or computer icon in windows 8. In order to show this icon you just need to right click on empty desktop and select the personalize option as shown in the image below.

personalize windows 8

Under personalize settings, click the text which says Change desktop icons and select my computer icon to show on windows 8 desktop, you can also select to show other icons from here including User Files, Recycle Bin, Control Panel and Network as well  

Show My Computer Icon On Windows 8 Desktop or Start Screen 

Show My Computer or Computer Shortcut As Tile On Windows 8 Start Screen

This way you can show computer or my computer icon on windows 8 desktop screen, In case you want to show a tile for my computer then I would recommend you read this guide by NirmalTV which allow you to show my computer shortcut as tile on windows 8 start screen as shown in the image below.

Tip: Even if you don’t have my computer shortcut anywhere, you can always press Windows Key + E to launch my computer from any app or any program window in windows 8, it will work all the time.