Run Multiple Modern UI Apps in Windows 8 In Different Layouts

Microsoft has just released Windows 8 for public and those who want to buy or upgrade can go for it. Windows 8 comes with lots of new features one of those feature is ability to download apps from Windows Store, as Windows 8 is made for tablets too so Microsoft has integrated Windows Store with it which allows you to access and download apps from it.

If you use to work on multiple apps or open more than one web page at the same time and want to stay updated on both without closing one and access other then here is a cool Windows 8 app for you. Toolbox For Windows 8 is a freeware app for Windows 8 available on Windows Store which allows you to use upto 6 apps at the same time without closing or minimizing any of them.

Windows 8 Apps Column Layout, Design

After installing this app from Windows Store, open it and you will see that there are some pre-defined layouts and saved tools which you can use any time.


How To Open Another App or Change Layout

If you want to open your own app then you can any time open it either by swapping your fingers from top to bottom or bottom to top if you are on touch screen device or if you are using mouse then just right click and then you will see layout which you can use. This app contains 9 apps but only 6 of them can be used at a time. It has Web browser, Calculator, Converter, Facebook, Voice Notes, Notifier, Clock, Weather and Doodle app for you. This tool can be very handy if you are viewing a website and at the same time wanna stay updated with your Facebook account.


You can open multiple tabs in its browser window, just click on Arrow button to change tabs. Voice notes apps is very easy to use app, you just need to speak out and it will record your message.


At present the number of apps are limited but we hope these apps will increase in future like Twitter might get its place and you might be able to add your favorite app too.


The app is freely available on Windows Store, easy to use and allows you to stay updated with upto six webpage. You can do multiple of work on it without closing down or minimizing another app. If you work frequently on these apps then you must give it a try.

Windows 8 Metro UI Serves as Windows Explorer

Techno freaks keep on trying the new tools for their systems. And the ones which makes your work easier are liked by all. Here, I want to ask you: Are you bored of your Windows Explorer? Do you think why is it not changed when every application have some updates from time to time? So, I think you should try a better alternative with an amazing UI. The files you need should be available in a more presentable format. You can go through the availabilities below to enjoy these features and many more.

Immersive Explorer in a small freeware of 505 KB only. It is a portable tool and an alternative to windows explorer. It is based of the metro features guidelines. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the utility.


New Features as compared to Windows Explorer:

The file explorer have the ribbon option at the bottom with a wide variety of options. It displays all the files and folders in an informative blocks format rather than useless icons. For example the folder containing the pictures will display small pictures in place of icon. Apart from that you don’t have to open the pictures in a new window just to view them. Here pictures are displayed in Immersive Explorer itself. Similar options will be available for videos and other types of files.

The snapshot below shows an example of the utility: You can select any file and make the required changes from the options available in the ribbon below. There are also the forward, backward, paly and pause buttons. The pictures displayed in the immersive explorer presents the complete information along with it.


Configurations Required:

  • Window 7 or Windows 8.
  • The processor should be Core 2 Duo or better. Though it may be available for other versions as well in future.
  • The minimum ram size should be 1 GB.
  • .Net framework must be installed to run the utility.

Disadvantages of Immersive Explorer:

  • There is only one display format available and you cant change it.
  • The writing or editing features are not available.
  • There were many bugs and you might have to update it frequently. But the version available now is better.
  • Few options like branch view, file finder etc are not available.

Other Similar Tools:

  1. XYplorer: It is an another portable option to replace the windows explorer. It is a customizable UI with a wonderful file search option. The dual optional pane makes it more handy to use. The options like duplicate file finder, branch view, filters, batch rename makes it more useful. There are various other useful options presented by the utility.
  2. Xplorer2: This is also a customizable file explorer. It will always display the dual pane. The options life file management, search options and others are available but in the limited format.
  3. FreeCommander: The utility needs installation. But you can copy the installation file on CD or pen drive to use it in other systems. The dual pane presentation is better than other tools. Some unique features are file spitting, folder comparison and synchronisation and modify file attributes.


All these freewares are wonderful in their own way. Now while selecting you just have to take care of your requirements. If you want a latest presentation model with most of the details in the single and simple format, then Immerse Explorer is the tool designed for you. But if the file management is main aim as compared to explorer then you should go for XYplorer. Though Xplorer2 is also a good option and FreeCommander have some specific good features. Be careful while choosing. And don’t end with a very highly customizable tool as it will create more confusion with use.

Add Windows Explorer Animations In Windows 7 and 8 With AniExplorer

Today we will be telling you about certain cool animation tricks which you can do with your Windows 7 computer. Actually the tool which we are about to mentioned will not install anything new UI theme on your computer or it will not add anything on your computer rather it will unlock certain animation restriction on your computer which will make the animation look more cooler, but then again as precaution it will decrease the performance of your system. The screenshot of this tool known as ‘Ani-Explorer’ has been mentioned below.


Before you go ahead and download this tool, let me tell you that while testing this every time you click Apply button, it will restart the Windows Explorer (or I should say explorer.exe process) and thus all the opened Windows on your computer will get closed and you will have to open them again. This tool is portable and it is pretty simple to use. Let us go step by step, the first option named as vertical rectangle will reveal the look of the folder in or the files in the windows explorer window in rectangular manner from top to bottom.

Second option is the Horizontal Rectangle which will make all the icons in Windows Explorer to get collected at left of the window and after sometime they will be dragged back to their positions. Position mixes both the previous animations as per the type of view selected for that particular folder and the last option named as ‘Alpha’ will dim the appearance of the folders and the files (it will seem as if they have been disabled or they are hidden).


Till now I have come across only this tool which will unlock the animation restricted in Windows rather adding anything to the computer. You can take help of the video mentioned above, it will definitely help you.

If you still want to play with the UI of Windows 7 with the latest looks of Windows then you can refer this post, which will help you to download a theme installation pack to make your Windows 7 look pretty similar to Windows 8, but if you are already using Windows 8 then let me tell you that this tool can be used on Windows 8 also and if you want to lock more animation restrictions from Windows 8 then I you can download and install Windows 8 ‘bluepoison’, it was developed in order to unlock few feature related to Windows Explorer and Windows task Manager but there are few more reasons to use it.


AniExplorer is a portable tool with a size of 50 Kbs, it has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit and it is expected to run on Windows 8 also as specified by the particulars of the tool. The download pack will come with 2 EXEs for both the versions of OS i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit. Please let us know is you face any problem while using it.

Download AniExplorer

Install Windows 8 Lock Screen, Login In Windows 7

Launch of new Windows version has always been an exciting and thrilling wait for its users. As we all know, sooner Microsoft is going to announce the official launch of Windows 8, but still there are lot of apps and utilities coming out in the market and over the web in order to give a better look to Windows 7 and to make it look like Windows 8. Earlier also we have discussed many utilities and apps in the same context. Along with many features and designs, the user, as well as the developer community, has been giving special attention to the lock and login screen of Windows 8 which is quite distinct and looks really good. So, in continuation of the same, today we are going to discuss a small app which allows the user to feel those effects of Windows 8 in their own Windows 7 operating system.

Win Lock is basically a small, easy to use, helpful and a newly developed open source utility which has added to the list of utilities to make Windows 7 look like Windows 8 and to give its users a look and feel in advance. The main objective and functionality of this utility lies in replacing the default Windows 7 lock screen with the one from Windows 8, and along with this it provides its users with an alternative, and beautifying your Windows’ appearance. If we look further into its functionality, then we may observe that this particular application allows you to set custom Name, Password and Background for the lock screen.


This utility can be easily downloaded and installed from the link given below. After installing the app into your system, you may observe that the application runs in the system tray without disturbing the other processes running in the system. In order to make changes or to customize it, you just need to right-click its icon and select Settings to setup the Windows 8 style lock screen for use and thus you may see the complete change in the look for your system. Once you run the set up window, you may see that the Setup Win Lock window allows you to enter Your Name, Set Password and Select Background from an available list which makes sure that the changes are properly deployed in your system.


After completing this setup, you may observe that the Windows 8 lock screen will be displayed with the selected background every time you login to Windows and will give you a different look for the system. You just need to simply double-click the lock screen to access the login screen and it will ask for your credentials. Here, you need to enter you Password to get entry into Windows.

Overall we can say that it is a nice little utility specially developed for those users who want to experience different feel and look for their system. So, if you are one of them, than you may just download the utility and note that Win Lock works on Windows 7 only.

Download Win Lock

Install Windows 8 Theme In Windows XP

We know that the developer’s version of Windows 8 is already out on the Microsoft’s website for download. You can download this developers version Windows 8 and make your own applications for the Windows 8 Operating System. Since Windows 8 developer’s edition has come out internet has been flooded with the free application for Windows 8 operating system. The most striking feature till now about the Windows 8 apart from its performance has been its UI and its themes. Windows 8 operating system comes with metro UI theme. The metro UI themes organizes all the applications that are installed in your operating system in the form of tiles. Now you can install the metro UI that comes with Windows 8 in your windows XP also. Therefore today I have got an application named 8 Skin Pack for XP which will help you to change the theme of your Windows XP to Windows 8’s theme. The various components in the metro UI theme like Start Screen and the Logon Screen, Start Screen Tiles, Start Screen Tiles Fonts, shell styles, icons, boot logos, buttons, Charm Sidebar, Charm Sidebar Item Hover, Network Charm Item Hover and Charm Sidebar will be added or changed in Windows XP.

When you will launch this application it will install the Windows 8 theme in Windows XP. You will only have to install the application on your Windows XP and restart your system. After you restart your system the new theme of Windows 8 will be enabled on your Windows XP. The application is vary reliable and safe to use as it will back up all the files that it will modify so that able to restore your original settings. In case you are trying to install this software please make a restore point on your Windows XP system before installing the software.

Newgen 2

This is the start screen that you will get after you will install the application. As you can see the tiles on the start screen which are similar to the metro UI of the Windows 8.

windows8 1

This is the view of the windows explorer and the taskbar that you will get after you will install this application. Many option in the windows explorer will be modified such as the view, file explorer which is quite like Windows 8.

windows8 2

This is the new view of the control panel of Windows XP that will modified like Windows 8.

Download 8 Skin Pack for XP.