[Tip] How To Enable Extra Large Thumbnails In Windows Explorer

Yes, we have heard questions from readers who would like to see big thumbnails of the photos and other files which they see in windows explorer in a folder, as they want to have a better idea about a file or photo without opening the same.

Extra Large Display Thumbnails

On the other hand there are times we have got queries from users when they are not able to video thumbnails in windows. Today we are going to share another tip on thumbnails and this time we will tell you how you can simple enable extra large thumbnails for any folder items which you see in windows explorer and that too without installing any third party software as well.

Preview Extra Large Size Thumbnails in Windows

Normally when you views some photos or other files types, you can have different views of these files in folder like detail, tiles list and so on and you can change display type by clicking an icon which toggle on windows explorer in between different file display modes.

Toggle File Display Modes

Different display modes which can be set for any kind of files in a folder in windows explorer are mentioned in the snapshot below which includes Large and Medium icons.

File Display Modes

One of these modes which is on the top which says Extra Large Icons makes the thumbnails of the files appear in windows explorer much larger and gives better preview in case you have photos in a folder.

extra large icons

But you will have to explicitly select this display mode and by clicking the down arrow over the file icons display mode button.


This kind of display mode can be really suitable for the photos and other items like videos files so that you get a better preview of the photo or video without playing the same.

Windows 8 Metro UI Serves as Windows Explorer

Techno freaks keep on trying the new tools for their systems. And the ones which makes your work easier are liked by all. Here, I want to ask you: Are you bored of your Windows Explorer? Do you think why is it not changed when every application have some updates from time to time? So, I think you should try a better alternative with an amazing UI. The files you need should be available in a more presentable format. You can go through the availabilities below to enjoy these features and many more.

Immersive Explorer in a small freeware of 505 KB only. It is a portable tool and an alternative to windows explorer. It is based of the metro features guidelines. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the utility.


New Features as compared to Windows Explorer:

The file explorer have the ribbon option at the bottom with a wide variety of options. It displays all the files and folders in an informative blocks format rather than useless icons. For example the folder containing the pictures will display small pictures in place of icon. Apart from that you don’t have to open the pictures in a new window just to view them. Here pictures are displayed in Immersive Explorer itself. Similar options will be available for videos and other types of files.

The snapshot below shows an example of the utility: You can select any file and make the required changes from the options available in the ribbon below. There are also the forward, backward, paly and pause buttons. The pictures displayed in the immersive explorer presents the complete information along with it.


Configurations Required:

  • Window 7 or Windows 8.
  • The processor should be Core 2 Duo or better. Though it may be available for other versions as well in future.
  • The minimum ram size should be 1 GB.
  • .Net framework must be installed to run the utility.

Disadvantages of Immersive Explorer:

  • There is only one display format available and you cant change it.
  • The writing or editing features are not available.
  • There were many bugs and you might have to update it frequently. But the version available now is better.
  • Few options like branch view, file finder etc are not available.

Other Similar Tools:

  1. XYplorer: It is an another portable option to replace the windows explorer. It is a customizable UI with a wonderful file search option. The dual optional pane makes it more handy to use. The options like duplicate file finder, branch view, filters, batch rename makes it more useful. There are various other useful options presented by the utility.
  2. Xplorer2: This is also a customizable file explorer. It will always display the dual pane. The options life file management, search options and others are available but in the limited format.
  3. FreeCommander: The utility needs installation. But you can copy the installation file on CD or pen drive to use it in other systems. The dual pane presentation is better than other tools. Some unique features are file spitting, folder comparison and synchronisation and modify file attributes.


All these freewares are wonderful in their own way. Now while selecting you just have to take care of your requirements. If you want a latest presentation model with most of the details in the single and simple format, then Immerse Explorer is the tool designed for you. But if the file management is main aim as compared to explorer then you should go for XYplorer. Though Xplorer2 is also a good option and FreeCommander have some specific good features. Be careful while choosing. And don’t end with a very highly customizable tool as it will create more confusion with use.

Modify Windows 7 Taskbar UI

Every time when a new OS is released then there are certain features that a user might not like, for example in Windows 7 the taskbar gets populated very quickly even if you open few applications, because now we can pin few applications on taskbar and thus they may eat up all the space. But as usual, we have certain tweak tools with the help of which you will be able to change the appearance and functionalities of taskbar as per your needs. You can call this tool as ‘7 taskbar tweaker’ and you can see the screenshot mentioned below.


Now you may notice that this application does not have any button named as ‘OK’ or cancel in its window. This is because as soon as you change any of the functionalities by selecting any of the checkboxes or radio button, the functionality will change automatically. For example, I am pretty fed up with the space on the taskbar which gets consumed so easily makes it over-populated. So I selected the highlighted option and this provided me very small extra space. Similarly you must have observed that Windows group the application windows by their application IDs, so if you want to put 2 Google Chrome separately on the taskbar then it is not possible, but by selecting the option as highlighted in the screenshot below you will be able to do that.


Similarly you can disable the thumbnail view which is created when we hoven our mouse over the taskbar icons. It can also provide the same right click context menu for the taskbar icons which was available in Windows XP. It can also combine all the similar taskbar icons and then de-combine them when you will hover your mouse over it.

Apart from these taskbar tweaks if you want to apply tweaks on your Windows 7 settings and thus make it faster and smarter, then you can use ‘WinEmPower’ or ‘SetteMaxer’ or ‘TweakNow’ (this tool can be used when you want your computer to be extra clean), you can also use ‘7 Quick Fix’, if you want to apply fixes for all the vulnerabilities observed in Windows 7 and use tweaks simultaneoulsy.

All the tweaks are clearly mentioned in the application and it will not be able a problem to use it. The size of this application is around 300 KB and it is not portable. This tool has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition and as it can be observed from the name of the application that this tool is only applicable for Windows 7 laptops and computers.

Download 7 taskbar Tweaker

Make USB Ports Non Functional In Windows On Any PC With USB Disabler

The most common source of virus on the computers is as ‘un-scanned pen-drive’, we have a habit of scanning the pen drives of our friends but sometimes we just forget that our own pen-drive might have some virus. As soon as you plug-in that hard disk or pen-drive then it copies its virus to your system, while doing that you might see some error message but generally users ignore all the error messages unless their job gets stuck. Most of the times your friends without asking you put their pen drive on your system.


Today we will be reviewing a tool which will help you to save your computer for sure by restricting the pen-drive permissions on your computer. As you can see the screenshot of the tool which clearly mentions that the User-Interface is very simple. It divides the general status of a pen drive on your system into 3 different categories as mentioned below.

  • Normal: This will simply mean that there is no restriction on any of the actions which can be performed by a pen-drive. Tool will not play any role in this category.
  • Read-Only: Under this status of permission, all the pen-drives connected on your system will be in read-only mode and thus you will not be able to copy anything over that pen-drive and this also means that all the documents and other personal files of the user are safe on the computer.
  • Disabled: This status will entirely hide the USB-drives; your computer will not be able to detect any pen-drive connected to your USB ports. It is pretty similar to the USB ports which are blocked on the computer at your work place.

So this tool only let your computer detect the pen-drive when you want it to, this simply means that no one will be able to do any data transfer from your computer using their USB drives.

You can also use another tool named ‘USB Drive Disabler’ which has been already reviewed here, but then in this tool you will have only have 2 options either you can unlock the USB and give the an USB drive full access to the system or you can lock them so they cannot be detected completely or you can also use an application ‘USB Blocker’ reviewed here, which can be used to disable all the USB ports on your system thus protecting it from any of the unknown data transfer through them. Both of these applications are short and portable but when compared with USB Disabler then they lack the only option putting the USB drives in ‘Read Only’ mode.

The size of USB Disabler is 900 KB and it is a portable which has been tested by us on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this tool.

Download USB Disabler

All Free Tools To Scan Network Computers

If you are managing any network then you need to know what all IPs are there on your network, what is the name of those computers, MAC address and other piece of information. When I was in college, I came across a tool named as WireShark , it is a very good which can easily tell you about the complete flow of traffic on the network to which you are connected. But then it is a heavy tool and includes much complex functionality which a user might not be interested to use, so it will better if you get enough information about all the system available on the network with a small and a portable tool. You can call this tool as NetBScanner.



You can see the screenshot mentioned above, initially when you will launch this tool for the first time; it will automatically ask you to select the range of IPs which is to be scanned on your network. After doing that you will see the list of systems on your network as mentioned below in the screenshot. You can see information in terms of:-

  • IP Address
  • Computer Name
  • Workgroup
  • MAC Address
  • Network Adapter Company
  • Master Browser

Whenever you want to scan the network just click that green colored Play button and then you will all the systems on that network with all the information described above. If you want to save the information of any computer then just select it in the application window and click the option as mentioned below in the screenshot.


It will pop-up a browser page where you can see and save all the information for that user, you will can do the same if you want to save the information for few selected users, just press ‘Crtl’ key and then click the particular users to be selected. You can also change the format in which MAC address is displayed-by the option mentioned below.


If you still want to retrieve more information about the systems or want to perform certain remote operation to those systems then you can refer to a tool named as LanSpy, which will help you to perform a bunch of operations and retrieve information like ping, Open files, network registry, processes, services and more.


Another tool which can do the same for you (remote operations and detailed information about the system on network) is ‘SoftPerfect network scanner’, you can see the screenshot mentioned above, just press that green play button, the tool will scan the network for all the IP addresses and will put the information in the application window. You can use this tool to establish a remote connection to launch any application on that system to shut that system down or to do any other operation which you can do on your computer. You can also store the information in CSV, HTML, TXT or XML file. Before using this problem you will have to configure the tool as per your requirements by clicking the option named Program option in the screenshot shown above.

Another tool which can be used is ‘Advanced IP Scanner’ which again offers certain remote functionalities but it not as multi-functional as 2 previous tools discussed above. You can take a look at the screenshot mentioned below.


The size of NetBios Scanner is very small and as discussed above, it is portable. The size of the ZIP archive is around 300 KB and it has been tested on Windows 32-bit Ultimate edition, please let us know if you face any problem with any of the application mentioned above.

Download NetBios Scanner