Create QR Code For Large Range Types

We might have a large range of QR Code Generators. But there is a same problem with almost all of them. They are available for a specific purpose. Every time we need a different code type we will need a new software and again a new search. I feel like it is a complete wastage of time. So, I feel it would the better option if I have all of them at the place. In order to search this kind of generator, I found a web service named as QR Code Generator. It provides a large range of services.

QR Code Generator is a free web service provided by delivr. You can got to the web page with the link given at the end. The snapshot given below displays the web service.

QR Code Generator - Create Your Own QR Codes - Delivr - Google Chrome_2011-04-30_12-10-15

Various Code Types are available for which you can generate the QR Code. The different types along with the details to be filled are listed below:

  1. URL: URL to be coded.
  2. Services: Service provided are Android Market (App Page), Android Market (App Search), Blackberry App World, Disqus, Facebook, Flickr, foursquare Venue, foursquare Venue Check – in, iPhone App Store, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Yelp Mobile, YouTube Video and their links.
  3. Google Places / Map: Street Address.
  4. Contact Information: Name, Company, Phone Number, Email, Address, Website and Memo.
  5. Email Address: Address.
  6. Phone Number: Phone Number.
  7. SMS to Phone Number: Phone Number and Message.
  8. SMS to Short Code: Short Code and Keyword.
  9. Text: Text Content.
  10. RSS Feed: RSS Feed Address.

Apart from this, you can choose to shorten the URL for small code or use it in the original form. Secondly, specify the size of Code as Small, Medium or Large. Finally, click on Generate QR Code. The code will be generated as shown in the snapshot above. You can download it in the PNG or EPS format. Also, you can download the QR Code Reader from the same web page.

You can avail the additional code types for personalised delivr address, editing, API, QR Code tracking and analytics. But fur those you have to Sign Up and then receive them. Though they are also available free of cost. The snapshot below displays the sign up option for the extra receivables.

Delivr  Sign Up - Google Chrome_2011-04-30_12-11-50

So, now you can generate any type of QR Code just by giving a few specifications as mentioned. And the availability of the Code Reader makes the service more beneficial and useful.

Generate QR Code

Sign Up for Additional Options

Create Android Phone Wallpaper From Any Image In Google Chrome

Whenever I am surfing through the internet, there are a number of images that are really wonderful. And many a times I would like to transfer to my cell phone and use them as the wallpaper. But everytime I have to face the same problem, the image is not as per the scale of the wallpaper of my phone. And the same image is not available as the wallpaper. And I think almost all of us face the same problem. So, we think that nothing can be done. To overcome this problem easily, I would like to introduce a new Google Chrome Extension named as Pix2fone for Google Chrome.

Pix2fone for Google Chrome is a google chrome extension available free of cost. It has been designed such that the user can convert any image in the google chrome browser as his cellphone wallpaper. It is an online service and you can easily receive the image on your phone in different ways as per your convenience. You have follow few simple steps as given below:

Step 1: Right click on the image you like. Select the option “Save image as phone wallpaper.” This will take you to a new webpage which actually provides you the service.


Step 2: This webpage will display the all the companies and you can select yours. As soon as you select the your mobile phone company, it will display all the models available. So, you can select the model of your mobile phone. After the selection is completed it will ask you to upload the image.

Pix2fone  Choose your phone - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-54-33

Step 3: The image can be uploaded in two formats. The first is from your system and the second is from the web. To select the picture from your system you have to browse it. To upload it from the internet, open the image on a new webpage and copy paste the URL link. After this select Upload in both the cases. The image will be upload in few seconds.

Pix2fone  Create phone wallpapers - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-56-16

Step 4: Select the part of the image you like and click like. The size of the box will be as per the model of your cellphone.

Pix2fone  Create phone wallpapers - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-59-49

Step 5: You can download the image in three formats. First, open the given webpage on your phone browser and type the code. Second, scan the QR-code through your phone. Third, send the SMS (text message) to your cell phone. The process is very easy as all the steps will be desired.

Now, I think all the users can enjoy any image on their cellphone as the wallpaper.

Install Pix2fone for Google Chrome

Know, Book Tickets For Events, Plays, Musical & Cultural Shows Happening In City

I live in Delhi, India and I love to watch or attend the latest cultural or musical events happening in delhi, I also love to watch theatre plays but the question arises how to I get to know about these events place information. Just to solve this issues there are some websites you can follow or check on periodic basis to get to know about latest events happening in delhi and can also book the tickets for these events online through these websites.

Today we are going to tell you how to use these different websites to track the latest events happening and on some of these websites you can also book the tickets on the other hand some websites will just give you information about these events and tell you the places where these events are happening and how can you get the tickets.

3-20-2011 3-27-58 PM

1. – Bookmyshow is already popular for booking tickets for latest movie shows online, but it also allows you to buy tickets for latest events, shows happening in your city. Make sure to select your city or region to find the respective events in your city.

2. – This is another popular webservice which allows you to find out the latest events, theatre plays and musical concerts happening in delhi. \

3. – this website is delhi specific to find events workshops, concerts happening in delhi, you can also add the events to your google calendar online through some simple clicks. This is one the best online resources on web to explore the events and other happenings in delhi.

4. – LocalTiger Delhi is a human-edited local information, tourism and travel guide to Delhi, India, featuring the best and latest resources for the city compiled continuously from across the web. The city of Delhi is situated in India, and this city guide to Delhi will include much more information in some time, including movies, nightlife, restaurants, events, classifieds, businesses, jobs, hotels, maps, arts, yellow pages, and tourist attractions.

Lets us know about any other website if you would like to suggest, we would love to add to the list. 

Quick Upload Images, Codes And Files On Internet To Share With Others

We generally thinks that we need to have a website to publish the images or any other thing. Otherwise, we have to personally share it with the friends only. We are not able to give the web page links or everything we want to. But now it is not like that. We can share the desired images and codes with the free web services provided to us. The utility known as ClipUpload makes it all possible. Now, you can make easily upload the data the way you want to.

ClipUpload is small freeware of 816 KB only. It is a portable utility. It will be present on the system tray whenever you have to use it. Right click on the icon in the system and the two options will be presented to you as the uploading options. These are the two online services embedded for the users i.e. Pastebin and Imgur. The options presented are shown in the snapshot below.


Let us see how the services can help us. Right click on the icon and select the pastebin option to covert the text into different codes. The topmost item present on your clipboard will be considered. Select any of the options from the list: HTML, CSS,PHP, C#, VB.Net and None. The text will be automatically converted in the corresponding coding. To use the original text, select none.

Similarly, you can use the Imgur for the images or being more specific, the snapshots. Open the image or any software etc. which you want to display as a screenshot. Select the Drag screenshot –> Imgur option. Select the area of the screen in the rectangle which is to be uploaded. The things are automatically done. If by mistake you have not opened the desired files to take the screenshot, just press escape key to exit.

In both the cases, a direct link to your code or image will be generated in your clipboard to the respective web services for you. You can now easily use the links in any of your document or wherever it is required so that you can share it with others with the apt data. I have found the tool to be very useful. I think now almost all the users find it quite easy to upload the data. So, enjoy uploading with ClipUpload that too absolutely free.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download ClipUpload

Watch Very Old Videos Uploaded On YouTube Years Ago

YouTube Time Machine, if you are a MAC user then you must be knowing about it but if this seems something new to you then please allow me to tell you something more about it. This is a web service which allows you to view the videos on YouTube on the basis of their time. All the videos available on this website are taken from YouTube and they are grouped on the basis of the time, especially in years. In this post I will be telling you that how you can use this web service to view the videos which are of different years.


It does not matter if you have uploaded a video from year 1920, a week before. It will show you that video on the category of year 1920. So you can view all the videos which were of many years back, you can see different videos of different time period. You can select the year by the slider shown in the snapshot above. This snapshot has been taken from the front page of that website, you can adjust the slider to adjust the year of the videos and then you can view any of the video available of that year.

You can even filter the videos being shown to you, you can do so by specifying the categories of videos which you want to see on the website. You can also go for randomly selecting the videos to enjoy all the videos of that specific year and genre. You can add the videos to the site with the help of the option mentioned below on that webpage. If you are visiting that site for the first time then you can go for watching some of the most loved videos on that site. I bet you will love it.

So, go for using this website and then let us know about your experience. If you face any problem or if you discover anything new while surfing the website then please let us know about that problem by putting it in the comments section, if we found that issue to be a genuine problem or information then we will let all the readers know about that information on your behalf or else we might help you to resolve that problem as we have already explored the website. So keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!

YouTube Time Machine