Display Webpage With Active Click able Links As Wallpaper In Windows

There was a time when people used to change the wallpapers of their computer screen just for fun and entertainment. Nowadays, also there are many who are very passionate about having a nice collection of Wallpapers and they change it very frequently. But, today we are going to discuss a new and very innovative way of having wallpapers on your system which you will definitely like. Especially those, who like to change their wallpapers and want a regular improvement in their computer and technology will definitely like this.

WallpaperWebPage is basically a small, easy to use, and a freely available tool which has been developed for fun and entertainment purpose as it loads any webpage of your choice as a Windows desktop background or wallpaper. Although, we all know that along with Windows 7 we get a feature named as Active Desktop which is very similar to this concept, but still this utility makes it pretty simple for the user and brings in lot more features.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below. After launching it, you may observe that it allows you to add any webpage of your choice as wallpaper by simply providing the URL for that particular webpage. If we look into the working of this utility then we may observe that the web page when loaded as wallpaper stays behind all other open windows and the task bar but still remains interactive and hence looks really good for the users.

It thus provides two functionalities for the user, by which we mean that a user is free to browse for the links in webpage in the same manner as he does in a Web browser and on the same time user can even access desktop icons and personalization settings by clicking on ‘Show desktop’ button of the Windows desktop. As already mentioned that the program comes with an auto-start toggle function and a URL configuration field wherein you can enter the desired address.


As shown in the snapshot, you may see a URL configuration field, where you need to enter the address of the webpage to be loaded. After providing the address of the webpage, you just need to click on ‘OK’, and rest will be taken care by the utility itself. In this way, you may see that the desired webpage automatically gets loaded as desktop background, keeping itself behind all other windows and taskbar as already mentioned. After loading the desired webpage as wallpaper, you will be able to click on the links, scroll, browse and navigate elsewhere from it in a normal way, and that without even opening your computer’s browser.

So, overall it is a nice fun utility which you may try by just downloading it from the link given below.

Download WallpaperWebPage

Add Second Image As Floating Wallpaper On Windows Desktop

Sometimes when we use wallpaper as a desktop background we have one limitation we can only use one image as a desktop background we cant use two images as a desktop background. In case we want to use two images as a desktop background then we will have to first edit the image in such a way that it contains both the images in the exact way that we want them to be and then set that image as a wallpaper which will take a lot of your time. This is not a permanent solution as this can be done only for the two images that you selected earlier and edited them to make one image, what if you again want to make one image from two images you will again have to select them, edit them and then set it as a wallpaper. In order to save you the trouble of doing this tedious process of editing the images that you want to set as wallpaper again and again I have got a tool for you named Overlap Wallpaper.

This application will help you to overlap your system’s wallpaper with one more image. You may overlap it with any image of your choice. The image can be of your beloved ones, a reminder, some phone numbers, some schedule or any random picture that you want. The software will allow you multiple advantages as you will be able to set your favorite wallpaper and then you can overlap it with any important image which can be of your beloved ones, a reminder, a schedule, some phone numbers or anything that you want.

Overlap Wallpaper 1

After you will download the application and start it for the first time you will find an icon of the Overlap Wallpaper in the system tray. The application does not require any installation it will run directly from the exe file. When you will right click on the application’s icon in the system tray a pop up menu for the application will open with options like Overlap Wallpaper, Settings, About and Exit.

Overlap Wallpaper 2

This is the window which will open when you will click on the first option which is the Overlap Wallpaper. Now when you will press OK button in the window the image that you have selected to overlap your wallpaper and will be displayed with the settings that you have done in the settings window.

Overlap Wallpaper 3

This is the window which will open when you will click on the Settings option. The window has a Browse option to select the image that you want to overlap. Then you have options like Photo Size, Photo transparency and Photo Position to modify the image that you want to overlap.

Download Overlap Wallpaper.

Add, Display Text On Windows Desktop Wallpaper

Today, I will be telling you about a tool with the help of which you can put some claim on the wallpapers of your desktop. It is nothing but the fake watermark which you can put on your system. Now this is nothing but a simple to tool to personalize your desktop background. In this post we will talk more about this, as it has got some of the functionalities to put some good wallpaper suitable as per the desktop background.


You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above; where you will see that in the middle of the application window you type the text which you want to be pasted on the wallpaper of your system. It will not change the properties of your wallpaper by permanently pasting the text over it. Now after you type the text, you can press the button Show Text where it is available.


You will find that the text will be pasted on the left hand side of the screen, you will know that there are not alignment keys to put your text in the middle of the screen, you will have to use spaces for that. Now you change the font and the color of the text, so that it should be visible against the desktop background.

Initially, the color of the text will be white and more over the way it will be printed on your screen is not that appealing, moreover to me it did not felt good keeping that text over the background, this is because the way it is posted on the screen is not good looking, it seems as a low quality image has been pasted on your system.

This tool is portable so after downloading the tool when you will launch it then you will not show up, rather you will have to take a look at the taskbar tray, where it will be minimized with a small icon, now if you want to see the application window mentioned high above in the screenshot then you will have to go the context menu of that icon and then choose the option named ‘Edit Text’, the same window will appear as discussed above, which will help you to make the changes. The tool has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition and its size is less than 80 KBs, so if you face any issue while using this tool then please let us know.

Download Fake Watermark

Create Android Phone Wallpaper From Any Image In Google Chrome

Whenever I am surfing through the internet, there are a number of images that are really wonderful. And many a times I would like to transfer to my cell phone and use them as the wallpaper. But everytime I have to face the same problem, the image is not as per the scale of the wallpaper of my phone. And the same image is not available as the wallpaper. And I think almost all of us face the same problem. So, we think that nothing can be done. To overcome this problem easily, I would like to introduce a new Google Chrome Extension named as Pix2fone for Google Chrome.

Pix2fone for Google Chrome is a google chrome extension available free of cost. It has been designed such that the user can convert any image in the google chrome browser as his cellphone wallpaper. It is an online service and you can easily receive the image on your phone in different ways as per your convenience. You have follow few simple steps as given below:

Step 1: Right click on the image you like. Select the option “Save image as phone wallpaper.” This will take you to a new webpage which actually provides you the service.


Step 2: This webpage will display the all the companies and you can select yours. As soon as you select the your mobile phone company, it will display all the models available. So, you can select the model of your mobile phone. After the selection is completed it will ask you to upload the image.

Pix2fone  Choose your phone - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-54-33

Step 3: The image can be uploaded in two formats. The first is from your system and the second is from the web. To select the picture from your system you have to browse it. To upload it from the internet, open the image on a new webpage and copy paste the URL link. After this select Upload in both the cases. The image will be upload in few seconds.

Pix2fone  Create phone wallpapers - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-56-16

Step 4: Select the part of the image you like and click like. The size of the box will be as per the model of your cellphone.

Pix2fone  Create phone wallpapers - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-59-49

Step 5: You can download the image in three formats. First, open the given webpage on your phone browser and type the code. Second, scan the QR-code through your phone. Third, send the SMS (text message) to your cell phone. The process is very easy as all the steps will be desired.

Now, I think all the users can enjoy any image on their cellphone as the wallpaper.

Install Pix2fone for Google Chrome

Windows 7 Big Monitor, High Resolution Wallpapers Download

Everybody likes to personalize to personalize their system so that they can make it look different as compared to other systems and moreover people hate monotonous daily life so they always want something to be changed in their system like wallpaper screensaver or any other feature in their appearance. Today we have got a great collection of wallpapers which might help you to personalize your system to the way you always wanted. In this post I will be telling you about the new collection of wallpapers which were seen in the MSDN blog.


The snapshot shown above some of the wall papers which you will find in the package, now before going further let me tell you that this wallpapers are downloaded from the MSDN blog and none of them is a natural scenario rather they have been made by Mike Swanson so it seems that all the wallpapers are the part of one or the other high resolution wallpapers. As you can see that some of them are part of different beautiful flowers and some of them are the part of different plants and trees, similarly some of them have animated.

You must have observed in the snapshot that they are available in different resolutions so they have been specially designed for your laptops also, the collection is good and you will prefer to see all of them on your desktop one by one. They are available in the zipped pack in three different resolutions; you can download this collection form the link provided below. So go for using these wallpapers and then let us know about your experience do tell us about the wallpapers which you liked out of all of them.

We will keep you updated with any new changes found related to this news topic or any other topic which is related to it and anyhow if you get to know anything related to the news topics mentioned above then please do not hesitate to share it with us, just put it down in the comments section and if we found it genuine then we will be sharing that piece of information with all the other readers on your behalf, so keep searching something useful and then let us know about it. Till then keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!

Download Wallpaper [ Thanks IntoWindows ]