[Tip] Stop Twitter to Suggest you whom to Follow [Email Notifications]

I am not that kind of user who would follow some one on twitter just because some automated algorithm suggest the same to me, for me following someone on twitter means that I follow the views of that person through his or her tweets.

Twitter Suggest Whom To Follow

Is Twitter Acting Like Facebook?

Well, I would leave this question up to you, recently twitter added this feature which automatically notifies you whom you should follow based on your tweets and people you follow. As twitter categorize each twitter users based on content in the tweet, so if you are a techie it may suggest you to follow some geeks. By default for all twitter users the whom to follow suggest feature notification is by default on so you will get an email saying we have found some people you may know.

How to Stop Twitter To Suggest You Whom to Follow Via Email

In order to turn off email notifications message in which twitter automatically emails you a small list of suggested people to follow, you will need to login to twitter.com and then go to your account settings.

twitter account settings

Under account settings options – click the left sidebar option which says Email Notifications

twitter email notifications

It will redirect you to the email notifications page, where you see updates from twitter – locate the option at the bottom which says Suggestion about people I may know on twitter and uncheck this option.

stop twitter follow email suggestions

This way you can stop twitter from emailing you list of people you should follow, in case you are wondering how you to hide the suggestions of twitter id to follow on twitter profile, which is called as Who to follow section as shown in the image below, you should search for a extension or userscript which can hide the who to follow section on twitter webpage, however now you can simply ignore or click on cross button over a suggestion to stop it from displaying.

who to follow on twitter


This is how you stop twitter from spamming you on email about whom you should follow, if you have a related tip to share or some how the above procedure does not work for you let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this page trough the comment section, let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

Read Tweets From Twitter Id As Rss Feed In Google Reader

Twitter is no doubt a great real time source of huge information flowing all the time, so some times you would like to follow some most important inspiring people on twitter but instead of following them I decided to read tweets from twitter id as RSS feed in feed reader like google reader.

read tweets from twitter id as RSS feed

This way you could not only read all the tweets so easily under a single feed address but on the other hand it will let you save and backup them at the same time by fetching them in the feed readers. In order to subscribe and read all tweets from a twitter id you can add http://twitter.com/username to google reader – replace the username with a twitter id like http://twitter.com/abhishek and add it directly in google reader to subscribe to all my tweets as feed as shown in the image below.

twitter feed in google reader

If the above URL does not work and you are using a different RSS feed reader program. Use the following URL and replace the account name


for example



Simply substitute your Twitter profile name with mine in the link below.


You can also replace your Twitter Profile ID number as well if you know it. To find out the twitter profile ID, go to http://idfromuser.org/ and enter your twitter username, for example mine will come out to be.


Use any of the link to add them to the feed reader of your choice you will be able to read the tweets from the respective twitter id easily. There is one free web service named GTweet as well which allows you to do this more easily if you choose google reader to read tweets.

Backup Tweets From Twitter To Dropbox

Every seems to love dropbox these days, just like I do. Recently I was thinking of a idea if I could backup tweets from twitter to dropbox account. Although there are large number of options and free web services which could allow you to save tweets and backup them online for free.

Backup Tweets From Twitter To Dropbox

Some of names of these services are Backupify, TweetBackup.com and BackupMyTweets. In case you are looking all in one service which could backup Twitter, Flickr, Google Docs, and more then you should try Lifestream Backup. You can also go to this link to find different web services which could help you search and capture tweets from your twitter account.

Another web service called Tweetcake which lets you backup not only tweets but favorite tweets, followers, following, direct messages and almost every data on your twitter account including apps you are connected. In case you would like to search old tweets from your twitter account you can use the free web services like SnapBird.org, Topsy or you can use SocialSearching.info which also lets you search old tweets and updates on both twitter and facebook.

Procedure To Save Every Tweet To Dropbox Account

After some more searching I found another free web service called ifttt which means if this then that – it is an intelligent web service which could help you trigger different actions based on activity on different other web services like twitter, facebook and lots more. It helps  you create a task like you post a new tweet on twitter and it will automatically save the tweet as a text file in your dropbox account, this way it will save all the new tweets to dropbox automatically.

backup tweets to dropbox using ifttt

if you want to know, what more you can do with if this then that, please refer this article on read write web for more information.

Add, Upload Photo With Twitter Status Update On Twitter Website

Twitter has recently rolled out new feature which allows you to add or upload image with your status update on twitter when you are posting update from twitter web interface, with time they will probably roll out this feature in their official iphone, android and ipad app as well.

As we had suspected earlier, twitter was thinking of rolling out this feature now they enabled this feature for everyone, login to twitter web interface in any web browser you will notice the new image upload option represented as camera icon as shown in the image below.

native photo uplaod on twitter

Once you login to your account, you might see this small image pop up which explains the feature as shown in the image below.

photo upload on twitter

Moreover Amit Aggarwal from labnol.org has come up with a great tip on how you can use this new feature on twitter to post long and very long tweets you can read the tip here and another way to post long tweets, read our guide here

Twitter Has Started Suggesting New Accounts To Follow Via Reply

Twitter has been promoting some accounts very actively these days, including promoted accounts which you might have seen in the web interface, now twitter has started suggesting new accounts to follow to different new twitter users via reply to these accounts.

6-20-2011 12-41-11 PM

Twitter has a specific account named twittersuggests which automatically reply to new users to follow some other accounts as shown in the image below. It’s a verified account and part of twitter as you can see in the image above.

6-21-2011 8-12-51 PM

I have seen people seeing why twitter is not making money, when do they come out with some revenue model, looks like all the method which they have selected including promoted accounts and other similar methods seems to work very strongly in longer run.