Instant Screenshot Capture Tool With Options To Modify Captured Snapshot

While publishing your articles, or sharing some useful information about your computer system or in various other similar situations, you might have come across situations where you need to take a screenshot and attach it with you article, file or the document that you are sharing. Although, taking a screenshot is not at all difficult, but you also need to make some modifications in the captured screenshot before using it with your article or file. So, for this there are number of screen capturing or screenshot grabber tools which are available over the web and can be sued by the user for the above mentioned purpose. But, today we recommend you one of the newly developed utility which comes with a large number of features which can be used to edit and modify the screenshot taken by the user before sharing it with someone else.

As we all know, screen capturing tools serves greatly in getting one’s ideas across the different other users over the globe and to make them understand a complex task in a much easier way. As said earlier that Windows build-in screen capturing function is not feature-rich and it lacks many important options which are needed by the user. So, for this we recommend you another utility which has all these functionalities and features imbibed in it. Mazio is a small, useful and a freely available screenshot grabber which allows very fast and easy annotations of the screenshots and also allows the instant uploads to many types of websites which acts as image repositories. This utility has been created and copyrighted by Janusz Gorycki.


If you want to try out this utility then you may simply download it from the below given link and after installing it you may observe that it has a large number of features which can be used by the user. Some of its features are like, grabbing a particular region of the screen or simply grabbing a single window, dragging and dropping the image files to and from the interface of the utility, it may also copy and paste the images either as new main screenshot or also as an additional images which can also me moved over the screen and can be resized too. As told earlier, that the user may directly upload these screenshots on some of the websites such as on Flickr, Skitch, Picasaweb, etc.


Along with all these features, the user may also draw different shapes such as straight lines, ovals, rectangles, arrows, etc. which may prove to be very useful in highlighting or selecting a particular portion of the image. Some of the basic features which comes with all the photo-editor software such as cropping, editing shapes, magnifying lens, etc. are also provided with this utility.

So, overall one may say that it is really a helpful tool and can be used to capture the screenshots, edit the screenshots and also for publishing them over the web. Download it and explore its features.

Download Mazio

Capture Screen, Take Screenshot In Windows 7 and Store In Clipboard

We have introduced many tools which are used to take snapshots like Ducklink Screen Capture, Greenshot and many more. But many a times the users want to have some specific functions according to the requirements. And now you have many freewares which are designed as per your requirement. You can choose the one best suited for you. Today I would like to review a new tool named as Snapshoter which provides wonderful additional features for taking screenshots.

Snapshoter is a small freeware of 1.02 MB. As suggested by the name, it has been designed to take the snapshots. But it is not just that. It has a number of functions in line which are quite interesting and are liked by the users. The snapshoter is a portable utility. The snapshot below displays the user interface of the utility.


It will be present on the right hand side of your screen, though you can change the location very easily. It is a user friendly utility. The tools provided by the software can be described as: starting from the top button. The first button is used to take the the snapshot. Click on it and select the region to be captured. Second, has the timer of 5 sec (by default can be changed) to take the snapshot. Third is to capture the full screen. Forth is for the video recording. Fourth is the compose mode. You can add the images and can modify them using tools as shown in the snapshot below.


Then, you have few tools like to add notes, delete all the images from clipboard and to mention the preferences. The snapshoter preferences which can be changed are: Screen to front, Snapshot timer, Smooth images and water Mark transparency level etc. You can save and exit after making all the changes. The snapshot below displays the option available for the user.


The snapshoter has a large number of wonderful feature for the user. The most preferred one is that it can store unlimited images to the clipboard. The image editing is very easy and the number of options helps in a better editing. The files can be added or deleted from the directly from the capture drawer. Drag and drop option is also available. The photo remain the clipboard until they are deleted.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is compatible with all the other versions also.  It is also available in other versions for Mac x86, AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS. So, you can download the required version.

Download Snapshoter

Secretly Record Entire Computer Screen, Application Snapshots At Regular Time Intervals

If you want to keep a check on any of the young ones at your home, especially what all stuff they do on computer, then we tend to keep some of the logger tool installed on the computer which might prove to be heavy and thus making the computer slow. I have a small tool for you, which can do the needful by taking the screenshot of the screen at a regular interval of time; you can call this tool as Automatically Take Screenshot Software and exactly does as per its name. In this post I will tell you that how you can use this tool.


You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above. After you install this tool, you will have to launch this tool which will take you to a screen mentioned in the snapshot above. Now you are supposed to specify the location which all the taken screenshots will be saved and then you can configure the tool for the quality of the taken image, you can reduce or increase the quality of the screenshot. Now if the quality is too high then it might disturb any user while on the computer, as while taking the screenshot, the computer may hang for an instant.


Keeping this point in mind you can set the quality of the image and then set the period of time after which this tool will take another screenshot. After putting all these values you can launch this tool and it will appear as mentioned in the snapshot below. After getting launched this tool will minimize itself on the taskbar tray and then it will be hard for the youngster to get notified by this tool. When you want to stop, just go to its content menu, open the tool and then click the ‘Stop Capture button’. The size of this tool is around and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you face any issues while using this tool then please let us know. You can use the link mentioned below to download the tool.

Download Automatically Take Screenshot Software

Quick Upload Images, Codes And Files On Internet To Share With Others

We generally thinks that we need to have a website to publish the images or any other thing. Otherwise, we have to personally share it with the friends only. We are not able to give the web page links or everything we want to. But now it is not like that. We can share the desired images and codes with the free web services provided to us. The utility known as ClipUpload makes it all possible. Now, you can make easily upload the data the way you want to.

ClipUpload is small freeware of 816 KB only. It is a portable utility. It will be present on the system tray whenever you have to use it. Right click on the icon in the system and the two options will be presented to you as the uploading options. These are the two online services embedded for the users i.e. Pastebin and Imgur. The options presented are shown in the snapshot below.


Let us see how the services can help us. Right click on the icon and select the pastebin option to covert the text into different codes. The topmost item present on your clipboard will be considered. Select any of the options from the list: HTML, CSS,PHP, C#, VB.Net and None. The text will be automatically converted in the corresponding coding. To use the original text, select none.

Similarly, you can use the Imgur for the images or being more specific, the snapshots. Open the image or any software etc. which you want to display as a screenshot. Select the Drag screenshot –> Imgur option. Select the area of the screen in the rectangle which is to be uploaded. The things are automatically done. If by mistake you have not opened the desired files to take the screenshot, just press escape key to exit.

In both the cases, a direct link to your code or image will be generated in your clipboard to the respective web services for you. You can now easily use the links in any of your document or wherever it is required so that you can share it with others with the apt data. I have found the tool to be very useful. I think now almost all the users find it quite easy to upload the data. So, enjoy uploading with ClipUpload that too absolutely free.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download ClipUpload

Take Screen Capture, Screenshot Of Webpage In Google Chrome

There might be some instances that you want to capture an image of the webpage quickly. If you are a Google Chrome user then no longer you need a third party tool like Winsnap or PrintScreen Me or any other to capture your webpage. Google has released the extension Screen Capture for Chrome users that can capture visible content of a tab, a region of a web page, or the whole page and save the image as a PNG image.

Screen Capture is an easy to extension that capture page image especially for large pages. With other snapping tools, you can capture only visible content. But this extension allows you to capture in three different modes- capture visible content of a tab, a region of a web page, or whole page. It supports horizontal and vertical scroll when capturing whole page that do not fit in one tab screen. This tool also allows you to edit your captured image before saving it as a PNG image. You can Highlight, Redact and add text to your image before saving it.


If you want to capture only particular area of the web page, choose Capture Region (or Ctrl+Alt+R), you will see a box of dimension 250*150. You can change the size of the box according to your preference and move it to your desired region. After selecting your region, click OK. Now you can edit if you want to and after that click on Save button to save the image to your system.


If you want to capture visible content of the web page , click on Capture Visible Content (or Ctrl+Alt+V) and edit if you want and then click Save button. Most of the web pages are too large to fit on the screen. You can still capture that web page by choosing Capture Whole Page (or Ctrl+Alt+H). This option will capture the whole web page. You can edit the captured image if you want and then click on Save to save that image to your system.

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This Screen Capture tool also has capability to autosave the image. To enable this option, first go to tools and then click on Extensions. Here you will see all the extensions that you have installed. Click on the Options of Screen Capture and then check the box “Autosave – after capture, bypass editing screen and directly save the captured image to the default location with the web page title as default file name”. You can even Enable/Disable keyboard shortcuts to capture the image.

Screen Capture extension works perfectly on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Download Screen Capture