Windows Based Notifier Program For Google Mail, Calendar, News, Google Reader

Today, Gmail has become one of the most popular service on the internet. Every user wants to have a complete track of of his/her account, but they want it to be done simply without any extra efforts. So, in order to keep a track of your Google accounts, we recommend you Gmail Notifier Pro which may prove to be the tool you have been looking for. Although by looking at its name the program may suggest that its sole purpose is to provide notifications about the state of your Gmail inbox, but the tool can also be used to monitor Google Calendar and Google News.

Initially, the program started with only one feature and that was only Google email notifier, but on further releases more features such as support for Google Calendar, Google News and RSS/Atom news feeds were added which made it a comprehensive utility to keep track of multiple Google services for multiple Google accounts.


This advanced software can retrieve mails from your Gmail account either through IMAP or via RSS feeds. For this, you need to configure your account in order to connect using IMAP which enables the feature for you to use Gmail Notifier Pro as a basic email program with all supported IMAP functions like marking email read, deleting email, downloading attachment and so on. On the other hand, Emails via RSS feeds are simpler to set up. You can read messages in the same manner as you read feeds from a blog, but it is one-way – reading and a mail doesn’t mark it as read on your Gmail inbox. Although, you can reply to mails or compose new mails using it.

Similar to your Gmail account, all email notifications will be displayed from the system tray. Whereas, other reminders (such as Google Calendar reminders) will appear in a pop-up Window according to your defined parameters.


To get started, you just have to click on Manage Accounts to add Google account credentials. Once your accounts are added, you will be able to view all your unread mails by clicking on the subject name from the main interface itself. Similarly, for setting up the alerts for Google News, you have to simply select a country and a news category, and you will start receiving relevant news. This ensures your connectivity with different accounts.



This is a minimalist program that doesn’t take much of memory and uses few resources. It remains unobtrusive until there is something you need to be made aware of. Its ability to interact with notification popups means that Gmail Notifier Pro is a viable alternative to constantly visiting the various Google websites, and it is much easier to use than dedicated email clients, RSS readers and calendar utilities.


Gmail Notifier Pro offers some customizability options also:

  • You can set the interval after which the program will check your accounts for new mail
  • One can use default browser as well as any other for opening new mails.
  • You may choose to download attachments or you may also skip it and can view only email body or title.
  • It stores emails data on user folder or application folder so that it can used in portable mode
  • You may customize appearance of notification window – everything from color, transparency size and position.

Gmail Notifier Pro is available both as free and paid version. The free version is limited to checking only two accounts. This limit is removed when you register for $7.


Download Gmail Notifier Pro

Delete, Hide Web Clips Ads and Sponsored Links In Gmail Web Interface

Web Clips is the single line text that is displayed on the top of the Gmail’s mailbox. It shows you news headlines, blog posts, RSS and Atom feeds, Gmail tips, custom contents and relevant sponsored links at the top of your inbox. But seldom you see any useful clips in your Web Clips section as most of the messages that appear are just ads (sponsored links).

If you find it as annoying and if you want to get rid of these sponsored links and you want to see more of the mailbox and less of ads, you can customize and configure Web Clips so that it will only show contents from RSS feeds, news headlines that user might find it useful. Here is the way to disable and remove Web Clips.


  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Click Settings at the top of the Gmail page and then open Web Clips tab.
  3. Unselect the check box for “Show my web clips above the Inbox” option.sshot-2
  4. You can go back to inbox to see the changes. You will see that there are no Web Clips above your Inbox.

Read Google Reader Feeds Software On Mac OS X

Google Reader is the most popular online RSS management service, provided by Google. It has millions of users, and people love it because of its ease of use and simplicity.

Even though it is so popular and user-friendly, the fact remains that it is a web application, and a lot of people (including me) do not prefer using web applications. We love our desktops, and web applications are just not native enough for everyday use.

Gruml is a desktop application for Mac OS X that acts as a frontend for your Google Reader account. Though currently it is in beta, it feels quite finished and stable, loaded with lots of features. I’ve seen people comparing Gruml to NetNewsWire, but the fact remains that such a comparison is unfair because Gruml is designed to be a dedicated Google Reader client, and not a general RSS or news reading app like NetNewsWire (though NetNewsWire supports Google Reader syncing).

Here’s a screenshot of the basic UI and feel of Gruml, and very clearly, Gruml looks and feels native in an OS X environment.

What sets apart Gruml from the Google Reader web interface is its rich feature set. Some of these features are:

  • Social Network Integration: You can share news articles directly from Gruml to a large number of social networks, using convenient keyboard shortcuts, or via the right click context menu. Here’s a list of networks available:
  • Sync Starred Items: Basic syncing works in almost all desktop RSS clients, but people who like to use advanced features such as starring were disappointed as they weren’t synced by clients such as NetNewsWire. Gruml has in-built support for syncing Starred items.
  • Support For Folders: If you have a large collection of subscriptions, sooner or later you’d want to organize them into categories. Gruml makes this easy, by providing folder support, you can add subscriptions to these folders.
  • Multiple Views and Themes: Gruml has support for 2 reading layouts: default one (as seen above) and 3 pane view, which you can see below. Gruml also has a list of theme choices, which you can choose from, according to your taste.

Overall, for a market that has yet to be exploited fully by others, with only a few other players (NetNewsWire being one), Gruml has a pretty strong foothold for a beta software.

Download Gruml

Fast Way To Read RSS Website Feeds

Everyone uses different browser (chrome, Firefox, opera or IE) depending on their comfort and use. Each browser provides various unique features to maintain their popularity among users. In Firefox, there is a feature of ‘Live Bookmarks’ which is really nice and help the browser to hold its users and even attract more. It allows us to read our feeds’ headlines directly from a menu-style pop-up without having to go to the home page or a specialized reader.

Considering this, a new extension has been introduced in Google chrome called RSS Live Links which provides similar capability and avoids its users to switch to Firefox.

RSS Live Links is a smart extension that provides bookmark-like links to items from configured RSS feeds in the toolbar which you can access with just a click. When you will install it, it will ask you the access to the data on all websites, bookmarks and your browsing history. You just have to select ‘install’.


It will take just a few seconds in installation and will be installed with this icon in the toolbar.


Now, after installations, you first have to add the subscriptions from which you want to get the feeds. For this, you have to go in the ‘options’ in the right-click menu which will open a new window. Here, for adding a subscription, just click on the ‘add’ option present at the bottom of the ‘subscriptions’ option. It will open a new window where you just have to put the name and URL of the feed.

This extension also provides you to partition your feeds among different groups for easy understanding. You can add the groups in the option of ‘groups’. You can also set ‘display’, ‘Feed Title’ and ‘item title’ options that are self explanatory and varies depending on the user’s comfort.

After all the settings, just click on the option ‘Save options’ to apply changes.


Now, you will get automatic visual and audible notification of updates to subscribed feeds with the icon like this.


You just have to click on the icon and it will open a menu-style pop-up list of subscribed feeds with visual distinction between new, unread, and read feeds. To see a list of the item, just click on the feed and it will be extended to show the full feed just like here. It also provides certain options (refresh, mark all as read and more) in this pop-up window which will further ease your management. It also provides keyboard shortcuts for navigating feeds and items.


Also, RSS Live Links can be registered as an RSS reader with the ‘RSS Subscriptions’ and ‘RSS Subscriptions Plus’ extensions, or use the built-in feed detection facility to subscribe to feeds found in current tabs.

It says that it support for ‘real’ Live Bookmarks (i.e. a bookmark folder for each feed with regularly updated contents) but it currently having an update problem -old items are not being deleted which is being investigated. Otherwise, it is a smart extension.

Download RSS Live Links

Mac OS X New Feeds Notifications In Google Reader

If you use Google Reader to keep up with your RSS subscriptions from around the internet, then you must know how irritating it is to open up a new tab in your browser, open up Google Reader, log in and find out that there are no new feeds to read. Even if you prefer to stay logged in, you are constantly checking upon that tab to see if there are any new feed updates to be read. I more than often find myself in this position.

For Mac OS X users, there is a freeware app called Reader Notifier Reloaded, which sits in your menu bar, and notifies you whenever there are new feeds for you to read.

Installation and Setup

Installation is simple. Just download the .dmg file from the link given below, and mount it. Drag the app to the Applications folder. Double click it to run.

As soon as you launch it, you will see an icon in your menubar. Click on it, and select Preferences from the drop down menu.

In the ‘Account’ pane, enter your Google Reader account username and password. Click on the ‘Use’ button. When you click the ‘Use’ button, your username and password will be stored in the keychain so that you don’t have to manually enter it everytime. This completes the basic setup.

Below is a list of a few attributes which you can setup in the preferences to further tweak the notification mechanism to your choice –

  • Update Duration – The default update delay duration is set to 10 minutes. You can change this as per your taste. If you have a lot of feeds, you might want to reduce this time, or maybe increase it if you have a just a handful of subscriptions.
  • Max Unread Items Count – This is highest number of unread items that will be shown in the drop down menu. The default is 20.
  • Max Simultaneous Growl Notification Count
  • Use Secure Connection (https)
  • Show Unread Count in Menubar
  • TorrentCast – This feature can be used to download torrents via an RSS feed and automatically opening them with a torrent client, similar to Catch.

Here is a sample of a Growl notification generated by Reader Notifier Reloaded (also generate a sound).

Download Reader Notifier Reloaded