Lock File or Folder With Password Required To Open Or View

The biggest problem which most of you must have faced in the Windows is that there is no inbuilt options available to secure your private files and folders. Although there is a option available to hide any file and folder, but hiding anything doesn’t ensures the security as anyone can unhide all the files and folders and access all your private content.

So if you have and private and confidential stuff on your system and you want to guard them with a password so that no one else can access them, then you can use a simple tool named Password Folder. As the name suggests, this tool protects all your confidential files and folders with a desired password so that they can’t be seen, read or modify by anyone else without knowing the password. This new beta version from IOBit is absolutely free for non commercial use.

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This is the main window of this tool. When you run this tool for the first time, you will be required to choose any desired password and then confirm the password in the second box. Click on Ok after typing password in both the boxes. This will set your password for the future usage. You can even change this password anytime but password can only be changed if you remember the older password.

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Now you will be instantly directed to the above window. Here to password protect any file or folder, simply click on Add button from the main screen itself and then browse to the location where your file or folder exists.

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Now from the left side, select all the files and folders which you want to protect. Hold Ctrl key for multiple selection. Once you done adding all the folders and files, click on Add button on centre and then those items with be shown on right side. Once you successfully added all the items, click on Lock buttom from te bottom to password protect them.

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These files will then get added in your main window of the tool and if you are using the default settings of the tool, then you will find the all your added items will get hidden from their respective locations even if you have enable visibility option for hidden files and folders in Windows. So click on Lock and Exit to exit the tool.

But if you don’t want to hide the file so that you can remember it and just want to block its access for others, then click on Status: Hide, Deny Read, Deny Write which is in green colour from the main window. The from the settings, turn off the hide option and then click on Apply. After changing the settings exit the tool and then try to open any of the locked files or folders.

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Whenever anyone then try to open the protected items, he/she will get the following error message. So no one can read or modify your protected items without unlocking it by using this tool.

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This tool is so much powerful as compared to other tool available over web that it even doesn’t allows to delete the protected item. Whenever anyone try to delete the protected stuff, he will get the following error.

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To unlock the protected items, simply click the desired ones and then press Unlock key from bottom. Your all the unlocked item will become public instantly and then anyone can read, modify or delete them.

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Finally if you want to change the password, click on status and the click on Change Password. Enter your current password and then type the desired new password in the new two boxes and click on Ok to change the password.

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The only feature which I personally feel that is missing in the tool is the option to recover the password even anyone forget the password. In that case you will loss your all confidential stuff. So be sure that you save that password which you don’t forget.

The size of Password Folder is 1.79 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access it. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Password Protector

Set Password To Open, Run Apps On Android Phone

There are a plenty of things that you might have on your mobile phone and there are a plenty of reasons why you would want to protect them from others. So in order to protect your personal data from others you can opt to put a password lock which will stop people from unlocking your phone without your permission but this doesn’t solve the problem, if a very good friend of yours wants to play with your phone then obviously it is not possible for you to deny him in any way. While dong that he can just accidently find something on your phone which you never wanted him to.

So how can you get this problem resolved? Well we at Technix are always thinking about how to fix your problems and here we are again with a solution for you.This application called the Android protector works for android phones and it protects individual applications instead of locking down the whole phone. So if you don’t want to stop someone from accessing your phone but you don’t want him to be reading your E mails or messing with your settings then this is a must for you. This application is available for free and you can lock upto 10 applications with the free version, you can also download the premium version for 99cents and that will enable you to lock unlimited applications, I don’t think that this price is too much for the utility of this application.


This app is very easy to use and sports a beautiful interface. Android protector is a lightweight application that secures a defined list of applications with a simple code. You have to install the application and set your PIN after running it, then you will have to flag the applications you want to secure. Also you can turn it on or off from the notification bar so that you don’t have it running when you need no protection. This is a very good feature and all the protection applications do not have this option of easily turning them on or off, so now you will not have to enter passwords every time you want to access an app and you can secure them when only you feel the need to do so.

Well, I think that if you have an android phone then this is a must have app for you and now you will not have to deny your kids anymore if they want to see your phone, you wont have to worry about them messing with your settings as well.

Android Protector

Read, View Passwords Stored In Messengers

If you use messengers like Google Talk, Windows Live, My Space, Miranda etc. and have enabled auto login feature so that you won’t need to write your information again and again, but have forgotten your password because of habit of not entering it, then today we will be telling you about a tool named IMPasswordDecryptor which you can use to recover your password.

If you forget your password of your messenger, then the only way to recover is through going online and then answering your security questions for password recovery, but if you don’t remember your security questions or you don’t want to waste your time in answering those questions, then you can use IMPasswordDecryptor. This tool is capable of extracting out your stored password from your system.

The basic idea  behind the development of this tool is that every messenger stores your user name and password by encrypting it on its own way and keep it at a location which may vary from messenger to messenger, if you have enabled auto login feature of your messenger. So you often forget your password because of auto enabled feature and if you want to recover it, then IMPasswordDecryptor can make your job much simpler. All you need to do is run its exe file and then you will see window as follow.

17-09-2010 23-51-24

Once you open this tool, you will just need to click on Start Recovery button and then this tool will automatically scan for all installed messengers on your system and all their respective stored information. You can see an example below as how it exactly functions.

17-09-2010 23-54-06

So you can see that what exactly your messenger is saving. This tool works for eight most popular messenger and they are Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, Trillian, Trillian Astra, Pidgin (Formerly Gaim), MySpaceIM and Miranda. Hence using this tool you can see what all information is your messenger is saving. Now as you can see above, it is showing password with stars but you can see those passwords in just one click. You will just need to click on Show Password to see all passwords.

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Once your password gets visible, you can even export all the information shown by this tool in a Html file by clicking on Export to HTML and then save the file at desired location for future references. Although it can help you in password recovery but the drawback of this tool is that anyone can use it and see your saved password. So it is advised to keep this tool always locked or under your personal folder, so that no one can steal your password from your system using this tool.

The best part of this tool is that its light weight and ease to use. It is a standalone tool and even requires no installation. You can carry this tool in pen drive or any other portable medium and can run on any computer.

The size of IMPasswordDecryptor is just 734 Kb and you will require to click on its exe file to run this tool directly. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download IMPasswordDecryptor

Block or Restrict Programs Executable To Run

There times when you may want to block certain programs and applications from running, it could be some game which you don’t want others users to play, or some other third party or windows program which you want to restrict to run.

We had already talked about how to stop applications from running, lock access to run certain programs and how can you password protect applications in windows. Today we will tell you about another free, portable program called Lock Up which can lock any executable and prevent it from running by any user in windows.

Special Note: Make sure that you select the option Only the list below – so that this program locks only those program executable or exe files which you are adding through this program or else if by mistake you selected to All except the list below – then all the exe on your computer will be locked and you wont be able to run any exe of any program including Lock Up and Windows programs.


In order to add any executable on your computer to lock with this program you just need to locate after clicking the Browse button on the application interface and then click the green colored right button on the bottom left on the application to add the programs to lock access to run this executable. 

After adding the exe of the programs which you wanted to lock, you can click ok to close. The restriction might come into effect immediately or you may need to restart your computer in some cases. When some try to run the blocked program exe with this tool, they will the following message prompt.


This tool works well on all windows version, We have tested it on Windows 7 32 bit.

Conclusion – It is nice and easy to use program, does what it say and completely portable and consume very low memory, negligible CPU usage.

Download Lock Up

Add Password To Applications and Programs Executables To Run With Saveit

We have posted some tips on how to password protect programs to run on your computer, there are several free programs like empathy or how can you password lock any file or folder in windows and here is a way to add password to folders in windows without any software.

Today we will tell you about another free program called SaveIt, it allows you to lock any executable file on your computer, the application interface is some non easy to read, but we will tell you how to lock an executable with a password.

Note: This application is not supported on windows 7, you would need to run the application in troubleshoot compatibility mode to run this program.

Here is how you can lock any executable with a password, run the application and locate the executable which you want to protect.


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