Opera Next Browser for Windows and Mac Released

Opera has been focusing lot on their applications these days, few days back we talked about the new Opera browser which has been released for Android and now it seems that with all those same features including the Off-Road mode, Speed Dial and others they have launched their new version of browser for the Windows and Mac OS by the name of Opera Next and today we will be talking about that in this post.

Speed Dial has some definite advantage over the quick tabs which we use these days in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. In the other browser you have some reserved space for the number of speed tabs on the single screen like in Google Chrome we usually see the mostly used 8 tabs on a screen but it would have been helpful if we could have more than 8 quick tabs for the websites which we usually visit a lot.\

Revamped Speed Dial

So, Opera Next helps you in this case by allowing you to create the folders for such tabs, you will just have to drag and drop the tabs on one another and then the folders will be created which is quite similar to creating a folder on iPhones for the applications on the screen.

Discover feature is again useful for the users who want to be updated with latest news whenever they open the new window of their browser and this mode will ask you the area of interest and thus will keep you updated with the latest news from that area (when you launch the browser).

Discover feature desktop

Now whenever we talk about looking at the content on 2 tabs at the same time then we break the tabs into 2 different windows and then put them side by side. But this problem can be solved by Stash feature which will allow you to resize the tabs in the same window of the browser.


The other 2 things are the Off-Road mode and the new download manager which will be seen in the new version of the browser. ‘Off-Road’ mode is like the in-built pocket feature on your browser, wherein you can mark any webpage to be read later and they will saved on your PC so that you can read them even if you laptop is not connected to internet. You can click here to download this new version of Opera and thus have this new experience.

Enable Old Style Facebook Chat & Disable New Facebook Chat Interface

I don’t know that why Facebook decided to change their chat box format to such an ugly interface, in this chat list you cannot see all the friends who are online, there is no scrollbar in this new chat list and the friends available on your chat list are arranged as the per number of time you have messaged them or for how many times you have conversed with them on Facebook account. Initially like GMail chat list all the online users were available at the first and then all the users which were idle came after and then the offline users.


But now, there are many chances that now when you are online then you might miss any of your friends on your chat list who are online and same can happen to you on behalf of your friends. From the day they have launched this new chat list, we have been searching for a remedy to take care of this problem or to revert back to our old chat list. We will be giving you a link to download the add-ons with the help of which you will be seeing the old classic Facebook Chat list in your account and that too without any compromise.


The link to download the appropriate extension has been mentioned below. Unluckily, this solution has been available for only 3 browsers which are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. So, you can download them as per the link mentioned below and then restart the browser after the installation. When you will open your Facebook account now then you will see that you have old Chat list on your Facebook account page with all the features which were present in the new chat list.

You will be able to make video-calls to your friends and you will also be able to limit your availability but like the previous version of chat list you will not be having any direct option for that feature as in the new chat list. You can see the screenshot of this classic chat list; this same will appear on your screen. We have used it on Mozilla and Google Chrome, so, if you face any issue then please let us know.

Download Extension for Google Chrome

Download Extension for Mozilla Firefox

Download Extension for Opera

Opera Browser For Android Tablets Launching Soon

Opera, they have given the best mobile browsers and we do expect more from them. Now a days when people are talking about tablets then Opera thought of releasing some of the tools and the software’s for this new gizmo. Users who always want to be connected to the internet would love to use go for buying a tablet as it is the best device which will be handy and help them to be online for a whole. Today I will be writing about the new tool developed by Opera, which is quite helpful for the users who are using tablets now a days.

Now after reading the above paragraph you might say that mobile phones are also there which can help the users for the same then you are forgetting the battery backup is also one of the most important thing which is highly consumed in mobile phone when we are available online all the time. Opera released their browser for the tablets and this time they have made sure that they should not lag behind when it comes to browsers for the portable computing devices.

They will be providing this tool for a small review as they promise that once you will use it you will love it. It provides the smoothest internet browsing on the tablets devices, you can also see the release of this tool on the video mentioned below. I hope that you will love this tool and moreover after the launch of this browser Google, Microsoft and Mozilla will also be joining the race for the browsers of new tablets. Lets see that how the users will react to it.

See the video below to see the new opera browser in action

We will keep you updated with any new changes found related to this news topic or any other topic which is related to it and anyhow if you get to know anything related to the news topics mentioned above then please do not hesitate to share it with us, just put it down in the comments section and if we found it genuine then we will be sharing that piece of information with all the other readers on your behalf, so keep searching something useful and then let us know about it. Till then keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!

Add Links, Change Background Color Of Home Page In IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera

For accessing the internet, most of us normally use some of the top web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Opera. Today, every latest web browser has a feature of showing the thumbnail links of all the top priority web pages on the main window. Recently you all must be knowing that Google has introduced an option to set a home page for Google window. It has been highly appreciated by most of the users worldwide and now you all must keen to know how to set home page image for your web browser.

So today we are going to tell you about a tool named HomePage Maker which is portable application that allows you to customize your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Opera browser home page. This tool will not only allow you to edit home page image but even allow you to add more number of custom links, display color for background, customize font size etc.

HomePage Maker has been developed by Lee Whittington for windows only and it is absolutely free for non commercial use. It is a very light weight application and this utility also has simple graphical interface. You can run it directly from its exe file. When you double click on its exe file, you will see the following window.

09-11-2010 15-23-45

So on the top of the tool, you can see various options using which you can easily customize the appearance of your Web browser. You can choose the font type, color, size, search box, Background image or color etc. from the various options given at top. Put a tick mark on checkbox to Set these settings for Internet Explorer Homepage and then click on Create. It will then show you the window to add URL’s.

09-11-2010 15-51-23

So you can use this tool to display the thumbnails of your favourite websites and also give them desired display name. This tool will allow to add a maximum of 18 thumbnail links on the main window. When you customize the options given at top, it will even show you a mini live preview of how the homepage will look in your browser. The customized home page created by this tool is saved in the program folder at the location \Homepage Maker v1\Webpage Files\Homepage.htm.

So in this way you can change the home page of your Internet Explorer but due to some restrictions with other browsers you will need to manually change the homepage through the browser settings for Firefox, Chrome and Opera. This tool basically creates a wallpaper folder and copies selected wallpapers from file to this folder to make sure all browsers will have access to the wallpapers.

The size of HomePage Maker is 470 Kb and you can run it directly from its exe file. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows, IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 ultimate-32 bit edition with IE9, Firefox 3.5.7, Chrome 7.0.517.44 and Opera 10.63.

Download HomePage Maker

New Opera 11 Quick Preview [New Features]

Most of the users prefers Mozilla Firefox over Chrome, Opera, Safari and other browsers because of the huge variety of add-ons available for Firefox that can add or change features of browser. Google had already launched many extensions for Chrome in version 4 and then Apple too just added extension support in version 5 which they launched last summer, so now developers of Opera have finally adopted the long waited application and have rolled out the first alpha version of Opera 11.

22-10-2010 15-48-11

Opera 11 is the first Opera Browser that includes the extensions, add-ons which makes Opera application programming interfaces (API’s) and latest web standards like HTML5 and JavaScript. This is probably the most powerful version and is even integrated with various new and innovative features. This version 11 comes with a new version of Opera’s layout engine named Presto 2.6.37.

Presto 2.6.37 not only improves the performance of this new version of Opera but even adds hundreds of bug fixes and hence have enhanced the Web standards of Opera to a new level. There is also a new installer for Windows that Opera claims makes the installation and upgrade process twice as fast and that too with a 10 percent smaller download size.

22-10-2010 23-43-57[4]

This is the main window of this exciting new and innovative web browser. The best thing which I like about this web browser is that Menu is located on top left with the drop box and just adjacent to it, you can open tabs. So this browser will give you the largest view of any web page as compare to all other web browsers.To access any menu option, simply click on drop box and  then it will show you all available options in a very simple format.

22-10-2010 23-47-51

The search for Bing is placed at centre of screen. when you open it for the first time, it will automatically show you the web page containing all the availble extensions of Opera which can enhance your browsing experience.

22-10-2010 23-49-42

The addition of extensions marks an important milestone for Opera. These extensions will allow you to add new features and functions directly in Opera rather than using them as a standalone Opera Widgets or Opera Unite applications. Opera has also ensured that developers can create extensions using existing open standards such as as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and supported APIs (the alpha release supports injectable JavaScript, callouts, certain UI items, plus a basic Tabs and Windows API).

The advantage of using same web standards is that developers who have already authored an extension for other browsers will be able to share their creation with more than 50 million Opera users. The developers of Opera are also trying to make a few tweaks to the already existing codes to port the extensions from the certain developers. This thing will surely ensure hundreds or probably thousands of extensions  available for Opera within a very short span of time.

The other new feature added is Speed Dial which is pretty similar to Internet Explorer 9. So each time you open a new tab, it will show you a 3×3 grid of thumbnails, each representing a web address. To open a page, click on the corresponding thumbnail, or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + [1-9]. There is also option given at bottom to configure the Speed Dial.

22-10-2010 23-55-03

Opera has also quoted that they will check all the extensions for defects and malicious software before they are made public to keep up their market standards and also to provide best services to their users. The developers who want to make extensions for Opera can simply follow following steps to create their own extensions.

1. Visit http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/introduction-to-opera-extensions/ for complete tutorials and a guide to getting started.
2. Code your extension using common web standards, such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
3. Upload to http://addons.labs.opera.com/.

The size of Opera 11 alpha is 9.1 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible for all the versions of Windows, Mac and Linux and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Opera 11 alpha