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Backup Old Notes Of OneNote Or Import Them Later On In Another OneNote Installation

October 17, 20110 Comments

There may be a time which comes when you know you would need to format your computer and install windows on it again, at such times the most important thing you will think is about saving your documents and files, and if you happen to be a Microsoft OneNote user you will worry about how [...]

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Add Closed Captions, Subtitle On Video In PowerPoint Presentation For People With Hearing Disabilities [STAMP Add In]

March 29, 20110 Comments

If you know a person with hearing, sight, or reading disabilities you would know what we are talking about, STAMP (the Subtitling Text Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010) is a new, free public beta plugin for office powerpoint that increases the accessibility of your presentations by adding closed captions to video and audio files. STAMP [...]

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Search MS Office Functions & Features Hidden In Ribbon [For MS Office 2007 & 2010]

February 17, 20110 Comments

When the MS Office 2007 was released, there were distinct reactions of various users due to the presence of ribbon inspite of the menu bar options. Many users like it as, every option available was displayed clear. Shortcut can be used more easily. At the same time, users came up with the difficulty that they [...]

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Microsoft Stopped Pushing Genuine Office Checking Tool In Updates

December 22, 20100 Comments

After long time I am here with a news from Microsoft and that is even not published by Microsoft this one has been discovered by some of the users who keep their eye on the products of Microsoft. In this post I will be telling you about the new status update of the application which [...]

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10 Best Products Launched By Microsoft In 2010

December 10, 20100 Comments

Kinect for Xbox 360 This New Year we promise you a journey into outer space, into roaring rapids, over mountain tops and under the deep sea. Hop on with us on to a racing cart and go for the ride of your lives and if that’s not exciting enough then show us what you’re made [...]

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MS Office 365 Will Move Office Docs In The Cloud

October 20, 20100 Comments

Microsoft has decided that soon it will be launching a cloud based product named as Microsoft Office 365. This part 365 shows that it will be available to you for all the 365 days in a year or I should sat that it will be there for you every time when you need it as [...]

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Add Indian Rupee Font In MS Office Word [ For Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 ]

August 6, 20100 Comments

We told you about the new indian rupee symbol, how can you type indian rupee symbol using an English keyboard and how does indian rupee symbol originated. Today we will tell you about how can you install the indian rupee font in ms office word so that you can easily type using the indian rupee [...]

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Word 2010 – Disable, Remove Yellow Bar With Enable Editing Button aka Protected View

July 14, 20100 Comments

You might have noticed when ever you open any word document in word 2010, it displays a yellow bar at the top with a button which says Enable Editing – Once you click this button enable editing then only you can start editing the document you have opened. For example as shown in the snapshot [...]

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Extract, Copy Video, Image or Audio In Powerpoint Presentation

July 5, 20101 Comment

There are times when you want to extract the audio, video or other data like images or pictures out of a particular presentation, office by default does not allow you to do this.  We will tell you a simple way with which you can extract the objects and data out of the presentation made in [...]

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Office 2010 Giveaway [ 2 Free Licenses For Indian Residents ]

May 21, 2010

Microsoft has provided us the opportunity to run a giveaway for office 2010, We are going to distribute 2 licenses of Office 2007 Home and Student Edition which can be freely upgradeable to Office 2010 once it releases in coming June this year. If you win these licenses, you will get the office 2010 home or [...]

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MS Office 2010 Direct Download [ All Versions ]

May 14, 20104 Comments

MS Office 2010 has been released for download for 60 days trail directly from technet evaluation center, So before making a switch you can have a test drive with office 2010, however it comes with some restrictions like as follows. 1. It can only be installed on computers on which no other versions of office [...]

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Word 2010 Proofread and Grammar Check Add On

May 13, 20100 Comments

When you make an official document going to be read by your boss or any upper authorities, you would want that document to be perfect so you proof read it many times but still you could miss out something which might become a problem for you later on. Grammarly is a MS Office Add on [...]

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