Smart New Symbian Anna Upgrade Is Here With Nokia E6 & Nokia x7

Symbian is back with new upgrade named symbian anna which was previously referred to as PR2 is Symbian Anna. There are some major upgrades been done including with a faster browser, improved text input, fresh, new icons and the latest version of Ovi Maps.


Note: Symbian Anna will also be made available for owners of the Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and E7 in the coming months.

The most fresh thing easily observed about symbian anna is the newly designed rounded icons which gives it a fresh look as you can see in the image below.


Today we had our hands on Nokia x7 at the nokia event which runs symbian anna out of the box, it seemed so much responsive and specially the browser experience is some thing which was one of the most enticing features, the new browser in symbian anna looks so functional and easy to use with some very useful options being accessible in single tap, it is by far the best web browsing experience you can have on any symbian phone right now as shown in the image below.


Other improvements in symbian is the new photo gallery has been improved in symbian anna with some really cool lively thumbnails and with easy to access options for sharing these images via email or bluetooth.

Text input has also been improved: there’s the long-awaited portrait QWERTY input, plus a split screen when entering text into web pages and apps, so you don’t lose sight of what you’re filling in.


The Ovi maps has now got some great new features like option to check in to facebook, twitter or foursquare and you can easily share the geo location of any place with ovi maps via email as well so as you can share great places with non nokia users.

For Business Users

Not only this the update also includes instant messaging with Microsoft Communicator Mobile, email enhancements that include full meeting request support and hardware-accelerated device encryption.

For GEEKS – below is version update history In symbian anna

Enhanced Browser (v7.3): high value touch UI improvements, including URL entry bar, always visible ‘Go Back’ and extended toolbar buttons and search-integrated address field; better user responsiveness, faster history navigation and page loading, split screen virtual Qwerty keyboard.

Enhanced Ovi Maps (v3.06): smarter search; Check-in to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquareor local social networks; ability to share places via email and SMS, and also with friends using non-Nokia phones; public transport network lines view; update and download full country maps via WLAN

Enhanced Ovi Store (v2.06.xx): increased file size limits for downloading over WLAN

Enhanced Social (v1.3): status updates in contact card, ability to retweet and view follower list in Twitter, higher resolution image uploads, ability to add caption to images

Enhanced Ovi Suite (v3.x): works seamlessly with the latest version of Ovi Suite to update the device software, download free street maps, download new music and discover the latest mobile apps, back up the device to keep content safe, and sync content with Ovi.

Roll Out Date Of Symbian Anna Update For Existing Devices ?

The exact dates on which Symbian Anna will be available for download to existing devices are not yet available, beyond “in the coming months”. We’ll keep you posted as soon as more information is available.

When we asked the question about the update they said it will be rolled out in parts for different devices in early week of august for india, read the tweet here we posted about it.

6-29-2011 8-03-37 PM

Note: As said by a Nokia representative “You can update your device with your PC or over-the-air from the software updater in the phone. The Symbian Anna upgrade gives you a set of new icons, a faster web browser, improved text input and enhanced maps. In other words, your phone will get a free make-over, giving you a better experience while remaining reliable and easy to use.”

For a quick preview about new features of Symbian anna you can see the video below.

We have recorded a more detailed video covering most of the symbian anna features, we will update this post with that video once it is uploaded, you can also read our latest post on hands on with Nokia x7 here.

Nokia N9 – Will It Make A Difference ?- I Say Yes

Nokia connections has been held in Singapore yesterday and they have announced all new Nokia N9 which runs on Meego with a 3.9 capacitive touch screen with Gorilla Glass and a sharp AMOLED display.


Nokia N9 has risen new hopes for nokia with the great Meego 1.2 Harmattan operating system, which seems to replace the old aged symbian operating system finally.

6-21-2011 8-32-28 PM 

The user interface has been designed in such a innovative way that it features three home screens one of which is apps, another groups all the updates from different social network and this one is all the apps you have currently opened on your Nokia N9

6-21-2011 8-35-36 PM

Another very different and innovative thing is that Nokia N9 does not have a home key nor the physical button or soft key as every thing just can be easily closed using the swipe action as shown in the image below.

6-21-2011 8-37-40 PM

It will come in three different colors black, cyan and magenta and with large storage capacities of 16GB and 64GB on the two variants to be made available.

Some Other Major Key Features of Nokia N9 are mentioned below.


The team behind the MeeGo-based Nokia N9 brought together elements of industrial design, software development and user interface advancements, as well as a developer platform to create a better way to use a phone. All that’s needed to use the Nokia N9 is a simple gesture, a swipe of the finger. It is an intuitive way to use all the different features and functions. Whenever you are in an application, you just swipe from the edge of the screen to go back home.


The Nokia N9 has a beautiful one-piece, unibody design where the hardware and software fit together seamlessly. The large, 3.9 inch curved glass AMOLED display lets the applications shine and take full benefit of the user interface. Thanks to the innovative laminated display technology, it looks like applications are literally floating on top of the screen. The body of the Nokia N9 is made from the best in polycarbonate material engineering today, enabling superior antenna performance over most other competitors’ smartphones. This means better reception, better voice quality and fewer dropped calls. The Nokia N9 comes in three colours: black, cyan and magenta and with large storage capacities of 16GB and 64GB on the two variants to be made available.


The Nokia N9 is the world’s first pure touch screen phone without any front-facing buttons at all. You unlock the phone by just double-tapping the screen.


The user interface in Nokia N9 is designed around the things people typically use the most. This is why there are three recognizable home views arranged in a carousel: 1) Applications for launching and organizing your apps. 2) Events for social networking feeds and notifications for calls, texts, calendar events, etc. 3) Open applications for switching between all live apps you have used recently. You can pinch and zoom the screen to see either four or nine open app icons. In fact, the Nokia N9 delivers the best multitasking experience on any phone!


The 8MP auto focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and super wide 28mm lens works faster from start to capture than any other manufacturer’s smartphone camera in the market. HD video and true 16:9 resolution photos are supported. You can share your photos via MMS, email, NFC and many online services including Flickr and Facebook.


The fast web browser is built on the latest Webkit 2 technology. Even while loading a web page, the screen remains responsive. You can have several browser windows open in the open applications view and switching between them is, again, fast and easy. Favourite websites are shown as visual thumbnails, supported by a full browsing history. Wide HTML5 support offers access to rich web applications and fast video playback.


The Nokia N9 has the latest Nokia Maps with free, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation for walking and driving. There is also a dedicated Drive app for in-car navigation, which lets you start navigating to your destination instantly after entering your destination. Public transport routing in 85 cities means you can find the quickest route on foot or by tram, metro or train. You can also discover nearby places with cafés, shops, hotels and more, all marked along the way.


Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus support on the Nokia N9 turns regular stereo audio into personal surround sound on any headphones – first on any mobile phone.


Pairing between NFC-enabled accessories is easier than ever before – you do Bluetooth pairing only once and after that you can connect to them just by touching. You can also share content like photos or business cards via NFC.

Video Preview Of Nokia N9

Nokia N9 Complete Specs & More

Take a look at the detailed specs here and get to know more about new Nokia N9 at the official website

Free Call Recorder App Without Beep For Nokia Symbian Phone

Ever wished of recording some of your calls which for some or the other reason could have been useful in situations? We bet it would have been really difficult for you to find an symbian based application for the same task. A few years back at the time of mobile phones like Nokia 6600 etc. finding a similar application was not a big deal but eversince the later versions of symbian operating system stepped in, things became a bit tricky.

Infact such applications then were in their elementary stages and were not as functional and reliable as expected but the applications available today are too simple to use and of great aid at times. Today we have some extremely potent applications and we are going to talk about one in this very post.

Mr.Recorder is the one we are going to talk on and is available at the Nokia Ovi Store. For the initial download the app is for free but will work as a trial version which could record calls upto the first 30 seconds. The application could also be set on auto start mode where it initiates at the time your symbian device starts.


There is not much to play around with the applications other than a few options which are as follows:

  • Record Calls – To set the type of calls listed for recording
    • All
    • Incoming
    • Outgoing
  • Beepless Mode – For setting a beep tone on or off at the time when recording starts
    • On or Off
  • Save Recordings To – This option enables you to select the type of memory you want to save your files in
    • Memory Card
    • Phone
  • Auto Start – Enables you to select whether to start the application at the phone boots up or not
    • On or Off
  • Recorded Files – It opens the folder where your recorded files are saved in AMR format

The most significant catch is that the app is not for free and to buy the full version which can record calls for unlimited duration, one has to pay Rs.50 which is quite affordable.

Download Mr.Recorder – [Nokia Ovi Store]

Read Hindustan Times News On Your Nokia Symbian Device [s60 5th Edition]

Do you like reading newspaper everyday? Well who doesn’t like since for most of us it is an addiction more than a need. The level of addiction is very much evident by the number of people we come across daily while travelling by bus or train.Whether it’s a restaurant, park, coffee shop or any other public place, individuals are seen relaxing themselves by reading newspapers.

Though technology has extended itself to almost every possible field, people still find newspapers a better means of connecting with the latest happenings globally and nationally. But we believe that things should be as portable as possible and still be useful enough. The same belief is carried with the newspapers as well and now that we have some very cool multimedia phones in the market, it would be desirable not to carry an actual newspaper with you and instead read all the recent ongoing on your device itself.


Nokia has went the same way and understood the importance of keeping abreast with the recent news across the globe and is providing an app for the same on the Ovi Store. Named as Hindustan Times, the app is completely dedicated to providing the best news experience on the go and works with your 3g and wifi

It occupies hardly 0.3 MB of space and is available for free on the store. The interface is too simple and the application also provides the option of searching a news by entering text as well as by various categories included such as top stories, local news, india news,world news, world news, cricket, other sports, business, cinema, photos, lifestyle etc.

Download Hindustan Times – [Nokia Ovi Store]

Close Processes, Free Up Space On Nokia Symbian Mobile

Now a days all the multimedia phones are transforming into portable computers as they let you perform most of the tasks that you generally do on your personal computers. A couple of years back tasks like gaming or blogging were only restricted to computer but today the same could be performed on your touch based phones as well.

One of the most recent additions to the list of things which could be performed on a cellphone is Multitasking which enables you to actively use and switch between several applications at the same time. We are talking about all these tasks only because once run these slow down your cellphone as they create temporary files and also use some ram or memory of the phones which is exactly similar to what we see on our computers.

Infact now even our mobile phones are prone to malware threats which is a very serious problem resulting in the same problem of slow operation of your device. Can’t we tackle all these problems? Yes we can with separate dedicated applications made by developers for freeing space by eliminating processes, scanning for malware, clearing cache memory etc.

Now the question is to why use separate apps for tasks and why not get one single application capable of doing all these tasks at once which were unachievable otherwise? NetQin Mobile Guard is the ultimate application for your touch screen Nokia phone, available on Nokia Ovi Store for free and occupies a space of 0.6MB.


Some of the key features of the app are:

  • System Optimization
  • Proactive Protection
  • Internet Usage Management

It has some very useful features including:

  1. Boot manager from where you can customize the processes and application you wish to run on boot
  2. Task manager to kill processes running in background and eating up your battery
  3. Spam cleaner
  4. Web manager for keeping a track of your monthly usage and connection logs
  5. Disk manager to monitor the amount of free space available both on your phone and your memory car
  6. Anti malware to scan your phone for malware threats
  7. Application manager for uninstallation of apps and other functions
  8. An OS scanner which even rates your operating system according to the level of safety
  9. File manager to manage through the system folders and files
  10. Lastly a Share feature to share files via bluetooth with your friends

We guess these features are useful enough and will definitely help you optimize your phone so as to make it run fast all the time.

Download NetQin Mobile Guard – [Nokia Ovi Store]