Save Nokia N8 Battery By Disabling Widgets Connectivity To Offline Mode

Nokia n8 is a great device with some amazing features, till now as per my nokia n8 review I love this great camera phone which has a great camera which captures the colors much better than my iphone 4. Still I love my iPhone 4 as I have my own reasons for this love.

Today we will tell you a simple trick with which you can save the nokia n8 battery by disabling the widgets connectivity to offline mode. In the offline mode all the on screen widgets on nokia n8 stop fetching the updates there they stop decaying the available battery on n8.

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Show, Kill Opened Applications In Nokia n8

Nokia n8 is no doubt a great camera phone, we have been posting several tips on nokia n8 since the time we have got it for review from nokia people. Nokia n8 has the best multitasking ability as compared to all the previous nokia phone launched till now.

Today we will tell you how to show open applications or kill any of the opened applications running in background which you are not using.

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Turn Off Nokia N8 Touch Screen Vibration, Haptic Feedback

The most annoying thing I found with Nokia n8 is the vibration whenever I select any option on it, the phone vibrates which is really annoying for me as I am an iPhone user I really don’t like when I touch the screen, the phone responds to touch but it vibrates also this phenomenon is called Haptic Feedback.

Today we will tell you how to turn off the haptic feedback and stop nokia n8 to vibrate when your tap on the screen to select some option.

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How To Take Panoramic Shots With Nokia n8

Nokia n8 camera is the most enticing thing to get it, we have been playing with n8 since Oct 31 2010 since we got it for review at nokia n8 urbanspree photo walk event, you can see some samples of nokia n8 camera pictures we took that day here

We have been finding out some tips and tricks which can help you get more from your nokia n8, previously we posted about how to stop nokia n8 to rotate the screen in landscape mode of handling it. Today we will tell you how can you take the advantage of great camera of nokia n8 and take panorama shots with n8

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Nokia N8 Urbanspree Photo Walk Event Pictures [ Delhi ]

Nokia invited us for the Nokia n8 urbanspree event on 31 Oct, It was a photo walk event organized by nokia and we were around 8 people which includes some bloggers and some other photography lovers.

We assembled at CCD, Connaught Place and then were split in 2 teams Team A – Rajat from, Clinton Jeff From and Dhruv and Team B included me, Harsh from and Anoop a photography lover.

We all started our n8 urbanspree journey from Connaught Place and Team A went to chandni chowk and Team B went to Qutub Minar and then to Dilli Haat, below are some picture I took that day. 

It was a great and my first ever photo walk session for me, I kept on tweeting all the pictures I took you see all the tweets of nokia n8 urbanspree event on its twitter hashtag #n8urbanspree , using n8 only at the end of the day I loved to see the amazing battery performance of Nokia n8, Do let us know through comments how do you like the photos using Nokia n8, I hope you like them.