[Tip] What To Do When You Have Authorised All 5 Computers On Your iTunes Account?

Specially it could happen to those apple device users who have been using apple iphone, ipad or ipod from a long time with a single iTunes account so in such case a user might have authorised all 5 computers with times with different devices. It happened with one of my friend, and recently when he tried to update to iOS 6 on his ipad from a different new computer, he got the following error message saying – You cannot authorize more than 5 computers.


The only possible solution to this problem is that you deauthorize one of the 5 computers, you have authorized till now by opening iTunes and then select De Authorize this computer and then authorize the other new computer.


Can’t De Authorize One of the 5  Computers For My iTunes Account

Some users who have faced this issue that they don’t have access to old computers where they have authorized can follow a alternative guide, but this way you will de authorize all the 5 computers associated to your iTunes account.

For this you will first need to login to your iTunes account on the new computer which could be the 6th computer on which you are going to verify the iTunes account. Once logged in click the option which says view my account


You will need to re enter the iTunes account password, before you are redirected to iTunes account page. Now under iTunes account settings page which will open in iTunes software – you will see the link which lets you de authorize all computers previously added to your iTunes account.


Once you have clicked the button to de authorize all computers, you can add new computer on which you have installed iTunes account.

Play Music In Windows With Physical Hand Gestures Without Using Keyboard or Mouse

We like to play music in the background when we are working on our system. In between if you have to stop the music, you may not prefer to interrupt your work and open the music player to do the same. Sometimes while watching a movie, there is an urgent call. And you have picked it up immediately and rush to find the pause option is annoying. Also, after enjoying the apps on smartphones you need something like that for your system too. And it will be really very easy to manage music player to control the options by hand gestures. So, I would like to introduce the freeware named as Flutter.

Flutter is a small freeware of 3.28 MB. It has been designed to control the play and pause option of the music players with hand gestures. It works very well and very helpful at times. It will be placed in your system tray after installation as shown in the snapshot below.


Since there are still progress going on to recognize the hand movements, flutter has been designed only for the play and pause option. It works well for few music players i.e. iTunes, Window Media Player, Spotify and Winamp. So, let us see how to use the freeware.

You must have the webcam to recognize the hand movements. Play the music or start the movie in any of the four players mentioned. Turn on your webcam (this can be done by right click on flutter in system tray and select the option). Now whenever required, simply show the hand towards the webcam as shown in the snapshot below. The music player will be paused. Similarly, to play again show the same gesture again. So, this is very simple and like fun games to use.


The paly or pause gesture is as shown in the snapshot. Your palm must be towards the camera. Though it takes a second to pause. But sometime, it takes time if the gesture is not correct/ webcam is not placed properly/ screen or hand is a bit tilted. You will get the best results if the hand is placed at a distance between 1 to 6 feet. Sometimes while using the laptop we place it too close and it is not able to recognize the gesture.


The tool provides the option is a very easy manner but still there are few disadvantages as follows:

  • It does not work for other music players like VLC, Real and others.
  • Only two options (play and pause) can be used. So, this tool seems to be a bit heavy.
  • Sometimes problem is faced due to hand angle or any other recognition problem.

There are softwares coming in market which helps to control system with hand gestures. And some of them are free available. We will keep updating you with new coming freewares to control your music players.

The freeware is tested on Windows 7 and has been designed for Mac as well.

Download Flutter

Pause The Current Playing Song In iTunes When Headphone Are Unplugged On Mac OS X

Lots of times, I’m listening to my favorite music on my headphones from iTunes. Since I have noise isolation headphones, I have to take them off to hear anything in my surroundings, and sometimes I forget to pause iTunes when I take my headphones off. Later, when I unplug the headphones, music comes blasting out of the inbuilt speakers on my MacBook Pro, which can be very annoying. I then fumble to quickly pause or mute the speakers.

Other times, when I’m playing music on speakers (inbuilt or external), I sometimes just mute the volume instead of pausing the track, and it keeps on playing in the background wasting both battery life as well as you move on in your playlist, which is undesirable.

Breakaway is a freeware app for Mac OS X that takes care of these minor annoyances and make your life just a little bit easier by stepping in at the right time and making sure that the currently playing track is paused when you’re not listening to it. For example, when your headphones are plugged in, and you’re listening to something on iTunes, the track is automatically paused when you unplug the headphones.

Also, when you press the mute button on the keyboard, if a track is playing in iTunes, it is paused. That is pretty much all the Breakaway does, and is therefore a nifty little tool, very lightweight, which sits in your status bar when you’re not actively changing anything about it.

Out of the box, Breakaway works with iTunes, but you can extend it with plugins to perform additional actions on the events that it listens to (headphone jack connectivity change, and mute state change). This is really great, as people with customized needs can create their own plugins (or download ones made by others) to perform custom actions.

Whenever you plug-in or plug-out your headphones, Breakaway also generates a confirmation notification to tell you that it has indeed paused/resumed the playback in iTunes. Another handy feature. If your status bar is really cluttered with extraneous apps (like mine is), you can hide the menu bar icon, in the preferences. Kudos to the developer for allowing me to do this.

Download Breakaway

Delete, Remove Duplicate, Identical Songs Files On Mac OS X

One of the most annoying things about having digital music libraries is that organizing it is a difficult task. A lot of us don’t bother with organizing it, and even the ones that do will have at some point of time pulled their hair because bands release the same music in albums, singles and special versions. Duplicates make it difficult for you to create fair playlists, and sometimes make a track play multiple times in a ‘shuffle’ based playlist. Most of all: they waste your hard disk space.

On Mac OS X, if you use iTunes, there is a built-in tool that helps you weed out duplicate tracks. People have also written Apple Scripts which find duplicates and list them in a playlist. However, all these tools use basic text matching and will often reject duplicates if they don’t have the exact same tags.

dupeGuru ME is a tool to find duplicate songs in your music collection, available for Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux. It does not use track details from any player, and is therefore independent from iTunes playlists or library info.

A thing to note here is that dupeGuru is fairware. A dialog is displayed on launch which reminds you of the same.

The main dupeGuru interface is pretty simple: a dialog that asks you to add all your music folders which you want to scan for duplicates.

Once you’ve added all music folders, press scan. I have a 40+ GB music collection, and dupeGuru took around 2 minutes to go through all my music and display a list of duplicates.

Fuzzy Matching
Fuzzy matching means unclear matching. dupeGuru displays a percentage of matching between two tracks that it considers duplicates, and thus an 80% or 90% match means that the track details are almost similar, but not exactly the same.

This can be seen as both a very powerful tool and also a drawback. A lot of music is my library is similarly named but completely different. Examples of this include Beethoven’s piano sonatas, and two tracks named ‘Ode to a Rainy Day’ and ‘Ode to a Sunny Day’ respectively. dupeGuru detected these as duplicates, but in reality they are different.

On the other hand, this feature can be considered useful for two tracks named as:”The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army” and “White Stripe – Seven Nation Armies”.

Other stuff you can do with dupeGuru includes moving the duplicates to a separate folder, creating a playlist of the duplicates, and customizing the level of matching according to your preferences.

Download dupeGuru ME

Stream, Watch YouTube Videos In iTunes Style Interface

When it comes to the videos, youtube is the first preference of almost everybody. At the same time, many of us prefer iTunes interface. So, today I would like to present a wonderful media player which is the combination of both the utilities. yTunes is an online media player which presents the content of Youtube in the iTunes interface, so that viewers can enjoy the combination. The homepage has been shown in the snapshot below.


The homepage have two drop down menus. First one is to select the videos based upon: Most Popular, Top Favourites, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Most Discussed, Most Responded, Recently Featured and Top Rated. The other one helps you to select various types of videos available: Music, Animals, Autos, Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Film, Howto, News, People Sports and Travel. It will show the videos related to the selection.

For the particular video, enter your choice in Search YouTube. All the search results will be displayed as shown in the snapshot below. It will include the Title of the video, its category, duration, number of times viewed, description and number of favorites. You can view 20, 35 or 50 results one one page.


Simply double click click on any of the items and the video will be shown in the iTunes interface as shown in the snapshot below. Here you can simply click on the next or previous button to play the video according as is not available in youtube. The option in available above the list.


It has all the options similar to the youtube except the interface. The play and pause option, volume controller, buffer display, pixels and the full screen mode. This has been done so that the users can enjoy the video without any problems. They don’t have to look for any new settings.

You can create your own account as own other websites. Then enjoy this online media player as your other players. Now, you can create your own playlist. The videos can be played in the Shuffle Playback and Repeat Playback modes.

Other features of yTunes are as follows:

  • It does gives any advertising like other websites so that viewers can enjoy the video.
  • It does not need any extra pluggins to play the video. Neither you have to install anything.
  • The media player facilitates you to view the items in list, thumb nails or cover slide format.
  • You can share your playlists with your friends on facebook, twitter or can even email them.
  • It claims to remain free forever.
  • You can access it in any country.

All the iTunes fans will surely like this online media player. The other users will also enjoy it, due to its interesting additional features.

Go To yTunes