Access Webpages Links Opened Tabs In Google Chrome On Other Computer

Yes, you can now access the tabs opened in google chrome on a remote computer which could be at your home or office and you can open these links in google chrome easily on some other computer which does not need to be on the same network, the only thing required here is that both the computer should be running google chrome and should be connected to internet.

This feature is called sync tabs which was earlier missing in google chrome, but there were extensions like Sync Tabs , Tabs Sync and Sesh but now there is no need to any addon for this purpose all you need is update google chrome to the latest version and you will see this feature right in the browser itself.

The google chrome browser version in which we see this feature active is Google Chrome 20.x however you can get this feature in some what older version of google chrome as well.

Access Webpages Links Opened Tabs In Google Chrome On Other Computer

In order to access this feature you just need to launch google chrome on the pc where you want to access the other computer google chrome session tabs and press Ctrl+T and at the bottom right you see the link named Other Devices and you will see the links of the webpages which are opened shown in the image below.

Google Chrome Other Devices Tabs Opened

This way you can easily access the tabs opened in other browser on some other computer, the reason behind is that you should be signed in google chrome with same gmail account so that google sync this data across other computers. You can sign in under google chrome under settings as shown in the image below.

sign in settings google chrome

How To View Old Google Search Queries History You Searched Earlier

Google search is no doubt one the of the best search engine on internet to search for information, we all use google search for different purpose some time for finding solution to problem, for movie reviews, for finding a piece of code and lot more as what you can search on google is ranging from anything to everything.

But some thing you may not know that what ever search queries you type on google search, google stores them as web search history for you but provided you need to be signed into your google account while searching on google. Google save the search history in categorized way in a logical way with a calendar with dates.

Google Web Search History

In order to view the search history, you need to visit this page – you will see all the search queries as URL and it will show the time as well with the respective dates on which you searched on google. FYI It also tells you how many google searches you made till date.

Stop Google From Saving Search History

In case if you want google to store this search history, you can pause this feature just by clicking the pause button on the top center of the page as shown in the image below. Moreover you can delete the entire web search history as well stored on google servers.

pause google search history

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Add Google Guru To Solve Your Queries Via Google Chat

After reading the title you must have got an Idea, that how Google can provide the ease to their users to search anything whenever they want. Now you can ask some of the small quires over your chat list in GMail or I should say that for small queries there is no need of you to go to Google Search engine, in this post we will tell you the steps which are to be followed and then you will be able to perform the search for some of the queries right in your chat last on GMail. image

If you want to check the climatic conditions or you want to know about the exact temperature in that area, if you want to convert an amount from one unit to another (whether it is related to currency or distance or any other category), if you want to know the score updates of any match happening around the world., then you will just have to type the command in the chat box and then you will know the exact result. You will have to type the e-mail address of Google Guru as and then invite your Google Guru for Chat and then it will be always online and available for your queries. As you can see in the screenshot, I have converted 229 USD to Indian National Rupees. You will get the list of all the command anywhere on Internet rather you will have to try on your own by giving the commands in the chat box and then you can see the result, if the command is unknown to Google Guru then it will revert back with an error message or it will suggest you the command which you should have typed. It is really helpful, if you want to use the calculator and is you are on GMail then you will just have to type that equation in the chat box and then you will get the answer. They have just started with this service and I suppose that as the time passes they will make that chat box more precise for the user, so they directly put any search keyword without worrying about its keyword pattern. I hope that you will find this tips useful, please let us know about your views by putting them as comments.

Automatic Login In Facebook When You Are Logged In With Google or Yahoo Account

Yes, automatic login in facebook is possible, provided you are already logged in your google account in the same internet browsers like google chrome, facebook and internet explorer. This way your online life could little easier as you don’t have to enter the facebook password and username every time you go to facebook login page, you will be automatically logged in.

The best thing you can do is making your browser remember the password, in order to make logging in easier for you. But then it might not be possible for you to do the same when you are at your workplace then what can be the other smart way to do that. Keeping this thing in mind Facebook has come up with a new feature with the help of which you will be able to log into your Facebook account without entering the credentials even if that system does not remember your password.

You will have to link your Facebook account with another account by going to the setting option and then adding another. Procedure to do the same has been mentioned later in the post. Once you link any account to your Facebook profile then you will not have to enter the credentials to enter Facebook profile, if you have already entered that linked account. For example, if you have linked your Google account with Facebook, then once you open you Google account you will not have to provide credentials while accessing your Facebook account.

Auto Login In Facebook

Here is the procedure to do the same. Please follow this step by step.

Step 1

Login to your account as you used to by providing your login credentials and then click on the drop present on the right top corner of the screen (as mentioned in the screenshot).

automatic login in facebook

Step 2

Then click on the option named Account Settings (as mentioned in the screenshot).


Step 3

You will see a page as mentioned in the screenshot below, now click the highlighted link.


Step 4

Now select any of the options available in the dropdown and then enter you Facebook Password.



Step 5

Then Facebook will ask permissions to use that linked accounts information. Once you provide the Access to Facebook, your account will be linked and then you will not have to enter the username and password for Facebook, when you have already opened that linked account on that system.


But then it creates a vulnerability of your account to get hacked because now the hacker know you Google Password, then he or she might hack your Facebook account too. Please let us know if you face any trouble or need further information related to this feature of Facebook.

Translate Text Using Keyboard Shortcut In Any Application or Window

You may have experienced a scenario where you are surfing on the web and while going through one of the websites, you experience that text given on that website is in some other language which you don’t know and understand. So, in such situations one of the methods which almost everyone uses is Google Translator for translating the text in a language known by the user. As we all know that Google translator is pretty useful for viewing web pages in another language, but it takes up lot of time for the user to copy-paste the text in a different tab or window in order to translate it. So, what if instead of doing all this step, you can translate the text without having to open Google Translator? For this, we recommend you a small utility which can prove to be very useful in above mentioned scenarios.

DualClip Translator is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available open source utility which has been specially developed for translating the selected text, pulling results from Google or Microsoft’s translation engines. By using this utility, you may observe that the translated output text is shown either in a system tray balloon, or in a different pop-up window, which may be very useful for the user as results are directly shown. So, for using this utility, you may set a preferred language for text to be translated into, and you may also specify or change hot keys for different functions such as translate, change the original text, copy the translated text, paste translated text to clipboard, screen capture etc. in order to view the complete translated text along with all the editing options.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and can be easily installed in few steps. After installing, you may start with it, firstly by setting the preferences of DualClip by right-clicking its system tray icon and choosing Options. Once selected, you may observe that in these Options, first of all you need to set the Preferred and Dual language, which shows that you want the text to be converted in this language. After this, you need to define Google or Microsoft as the translation service, which shows from which database engines you want the results. After this you may observe that under View Result of Translation, you may choose the option which defines whether you want the translation to appear in Balloon or in a separate Window as discussed above. Along with this, you can also change the window size, font and OCR’s (Optical Character Recognition) dpi and language according to your needs and requirements.

As mentioned above, you can anytime use this application just with the hot keys also. For this, you need to just select a foreign language text, and press Alt+C to view its translation or you may also change these hot keys according to your needs and requirements. Along with this, one more feature is there which allows even the foreign language text in clipboard to be translated. For this, you need to select the text and use Alt+X to translate and replace the original text.


Finally, in order to save the translated result in a text file, you need to right-click on the DualClip’s system-tray icon and click Save. The Screen Capture function only has English and Spanish language support at the moment, but the developers are planning to include support for more languages in future releases. So, just download it and try it on your own.

Download DualClip