Google Buzz Privacy Policy Changes

So, Google has updated something important on Google buzz, I know that most of you might not be familiar with this feature on Gmail but we will be talking about it. Making a Google buzz is quite similar to tweeting on twitter. Initially there was some flaw with the privacy policies of the Google buzz due to which many of the users were annoyed. Now the problem lies in the fact that the policies are not in full compliance with the privacy of a user and so it make them difficult to even think of using Google Buzz.


Moreover the users who used this new feature assuming that they are not going to lose any of the private information, have already made a mistake and that is the reason that Google has taken this blunder very seriously and thus they have apologized for this mistake. They have also assured that now they will come up with the new set of policies which will take care of all the transparency and the privacy expected by a user. It was observed that there was some problem with the data being shared on Google Buzz and that is the reason they took this initiative.

They also mentioned that they have taking care of the content shown to you by them and that can be clearly visualized in Google dashboard and Google Ads Preference Manager which will be tailoring the content of the ads for your profile. I strongly feel that Google takes care of all the data a user is sharing with Google and thus it will take care of these blunders quite effectively. Now let us see what all will be the new updates in this new Google Buzz.

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Facebook Can’t Import Gmail Contacts [Confirmed]

Social networking site has probably been one of the most exclusive goal for Google but still Orkut doesn’t seems to give any competition to the most popular social networking site Facebook. So nowadays lots of rumours are coming that Google is running a project and building its own social networking site named “Google Me” with the basic idea to wage war against Facebook.


These rumours started coming from a tweet from Digg co-founder Kevin Rose and now various web sites are declaring that it is actually a real project. Google has indeed started making moves to give an onset for the war.

As you all must be knowing that Facebook has inbuilt options using which you can import contacts from any of the mail servers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc. but from now onwards unfortunately, you won’t be able to load your Gmail contacts on Facebook directly as the biggest search engine has decided to stop users to connect to the Gmail from Facebook.

This move has made world largest and most popular social network to use Google’s Contact API. Google has made this move to block Facebook only as most other popular network sites allows users to pull their contacts and email information to other sites including Gmail but till now Facebook has no such feature to add your Facebook buddies information directly to Google.

Google stated that they have a special data liberation engineering team which is working only for building import and export tools for users and if they and many other sites allows to import and export the contacts information easily that why not some of the left ones enables this option.

They have also clearly stated “[W]e will no longer allow websites to automate the import of users’ Google Contacts (via our API) unless they allow similar export to other sites.” Although they didn’t named Facebook in their statement but their basic idea is to target on Facebook only.

This move has probably made by Google so that the biggest social networking site Facebook fall before the biggest search engine Google and allow their new social network Google Me to attract users from Facebook easily as if Facebook fall then any new user on Google Me can add all his buddies directly to this new network amicably.

Although it is a great move by Google, but I don’t think so that Facebook would ever fall on this Google’s move.

Send, Share Movie Album Link From Google Music India On Twitter, Facebook, Buzz or Mail it.

Google Music India has been recently launched by google, it allows you to listen to hindi movie songs online via streaming, it does not allow you to download these songs, but we may come out with a trick to do the same soon, it not only lists the latest hindi movie songs but you can also search and listen to some old movie songs online.

Just in case if you have discovered a great movie song album on google music india and you may want to share or send the album link to your friend or you may want to post it on twitter, facebook or google buzz you can simply do it by pressing the respective share button for these services on the bottom left of the album page on google music india as shown in the image below.

10-24-2010 1-56-31 AM

You will need to login to these web services like twitter, facebook and google buzz to post about this album.

Send Tweets Longer Than 140 Characters With Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck has been the most favorite client for tweeting all the time, I was a early adopter of twitter and tweetdeck both, with time so many new features gets added to tweetdeck making it more easier and better to use at the same time with everything just being seen in the same window.

This article is for all the tweetdeck fans out there, today we will tell you how can you send longer tweets with more than 140 characters with tweetdeck

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Google Buzz Will Be Shown In Left Sidebar In Gmail

Frankly speaking that in very rare cases I would have touched the Google Buzz option in my Gmail account. The answer is simple, that if you have Facebook account opened in another tab and Twitter in another, then who would take the pain to be familiar with buzz. It takes some time for all of us to be familiar with any of the feature available on internet. But I will bet you all that if Google Buzz is available on the screen of our mails then slowly and slowly, we will become a part of it and this is the news which I will be posting today. Google has decided that in no time all the users will be seeing their Buzz on the right hand side of the inbox.


Initially that section was used to display advertisements, but now they have decided to use that area by introducing the Google buzz section there. I will comment that this was a very common and smart decision made by Google as from now onwards Buzz will always be there in front of our eyes and thus it will take no time for many of us to be familiar with it. The users who were already in touch with this feature will have an ease to use it now.

It has been informed through various sources, it was confirmed that some of the testers have already got this feature enabled for their accounts. But lets see when we will lay our hands on it. I am really too eager to do so.  Now we will say a set of conversation and status of many of our friends on the left side of inbox which will quite similar to the wall post made on Facebook on the left side of your inbox.

At least I am among the people who will be glad to see this change and if we come across any new updates related to this news then we will update the post in no time. As you might have seen that we have been we generally cover all the news and updates related to Microsoft, Google and Apple. but if you come across any update which has not been mentioned here then please go for putting it down in the comments sections. We will be glad to share with the rest of our readers. Enjoy and Have a nice day!!!