10 Top Rated Google Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers i have ever used which when coupled with its extensions for Google applications like Gmail makes it must have browser to have in your computer. Like me if you also like using Gmail for all your Email needs then this post is going to make your experience of using Gmail even better. Gmail has always been quicker and easier to use in comparison to the other Email accounts but Google Chrome can enhance your experience of using Gmail on Google Chrome using some of its extensions beyond the limits of your imagination.

Top 10 Google Chrome Extension’s for Gmail

1. Gmail Offline


Our Rating: 4.0/5

Gmail Offline is a Gmail extension provided by Google Chrome to allow you to access your Gmail offline. The extension allows you to read the mails, reply to the mails, search the mails and access to the archived mails also. After installing this extension in your Google Chrome browser when you will start the the browser for the first time Gmail Offline will automatically synchronize the messages and the queued actions anytime an internet connection is available. To start using Gmail Offline open a new tab in Google Chrome and click on the Gmail Offline icon and Offline Gmail will load.

2. Checker Plus for Gmail

checkerplus  checkerplus2

Our Rating: 5.0/5

This extension will display the new Emails and the sender’s contact photo in the Email notification that you will get. You can get the desktop notifications using this extension. The extension also allows you to read, listen or delete the Emails without opening the Gmail account. Using this extension you can either monitor the Inbox or any other specific label also. The extension will give you notifications even if Google Chrome is closed. The extension supports Multiple Gmail accounts. You can also change the generate voice by adding the TTS(text to speech) voice extensions.


3. Boomerang for Gmail

bloomerang1 bloomerang2 bloomerang3

Our Rating: 4.0/5

This extension will allow you to schedule you Email messages to be sent or returned at a later date. You can write an Email now and send it whenever you want, even if you are not online. You can also track your Emails by scheduling the reminders inside Gmail. Thousands of users use Boomerang for easy, integrated scheduled Email sending and reminders. The service allows you to schedule Emails to be automatically in future. It also postpones the incoming mails by making them disappear from your inbox or label and then bringing it back to the top of the Email list at a specified time. It can also be used as a reminder service to alert you in case you don’t receive a reply to a Email. It can be used to schedule birthday emails, project management, reminder to pay bills, following up on something and many other things.

4. Send from Gmail


Our Rating: 4.0/5

This extension will make Gmail your default Email application. After installing this extension in your Google Chrome browser a Gmail icon will appear to the right of the address bar to compose a Email message quickly. The extension will open the compose window in Gmail by itself whenever you will click any email address on the webpage. If you want to send some text from the webpage and Email it you can select the text from the webpage and click on the Gmail icon it will use the page title as the subject of your Email that you are sending and the selected text as the body.

5. Enhancements for Gmail

enhancementsforgmail enhancementsforgmail1

Our Rating: 4.0/5

This extension performs several tasks such as Cleaning up the user interface by removing Ads, footer etc, making Gmail as the default Email client and also by providing the desktop Gmail notifications. The extension will help you to remove the unwanted features like chat, invite friends, Ads, footer and web search button. It will also allow you to add highlight row and attachment icons.

6. Gmail Attachments to Drive


Our Rating: 3.5/5

The extension will provide you with the option in your Gmail messages to save the attachments directly to your Google drive from the attachment list using the Save To Drive link.

7. Snooze Your Email for Gmail




Our Rating: 4.5/5

This extension will help you in case you get too many Emails and your too busy to reply them all at once. This extension provides you with an alternate option to marking the Email as unread and the forgetting about it later as your are busy with something else. This extension allows you to remind you about the Email by using the snooze button. You can use the snooze button for a couple of hours or even days. You can configure the snooze to either give you a reminder on the desktop about the Email or to mark the Email as unread again.

8. Temporary Email Alias


Our Rating: 4.0/5

This extension is very useful as it provides you with an alternate Email address which you can give out as the forwarding Email address instead of your real Email address to keep the spammers at bay. You can’t test the extension by emailing yourself from the Gmail account, you will have to Email yourself from some other Email account.

9. Send to Evernote


Our Rating: 4.5/5

This extension send the web articles from Gmail to Evernote who prefer reading the web content on their mobile devices. The extension is designed in such a way that it will push the web content to Evernote, Instapaper or Email. There are many ways to send the web content to Evernote but this is the quickest. It automatically detects the content to be sent to the phone in just 1-click and it also allows you to delete ads, blank and any other junk that you don’t want. Send to Evernote button will auto grab the main content and send it to Evernote. In case if you have selected some content manually Send to Evernote button will send the current selection to Evernote.

10. ezAutoCorrect for GMail



Our Rating: 3.5/5

This extension is used to autocorrect the text when you type Gmail messages. This extension provides basic autocorrect features as you type while composing Emails with Gmail like ‘teh’ will automatically be replace with ‘the’. You can also add your own substitutions.


All the extensions that we have discussed above can have their own unique purpose. But they all have a common motive of making your Mailing experience better.Please let us know about your comments about the extensions that we discussed in this post or if you find any other extensions that you like apart from these and also whether these extensions succeed in achieving their goal from the comments section.

Gmail Hacks and Tips [#Part 2] – Send Email From Gmail As Other Email ID In From Address

In our last post we mentioned about a tip related to ‘Label and Filters’, now today we will tell you more about another tip which will help you to send mails on behalf of any other e-mail id, in other words while sending any mail from your GMail account you can decide an e-mail ID which should be reflected as you e-mail ID to the recipient, ( it can be your Yahoo mail ID, HotMail ID, Rediffmail ID or any other). One of the other important tips has been mentioned here, explaining about the ways of Using Labels and Filters on your GMail Account.

Send mails on behalf of other e-mail IDs from your GMail account

Please follow the steps mentioned below to get this feature working on your GMail account:-

Again as mentioned in the previous tip, go the Settings section and then click the Accounts and Imports tab.


Now you will a section on that page as mentioned below in the screenshot. If you want to add any account then click the button which has been encircled in blue-circle.


A small window popup will appear (as mentioned below), you can edit the name and then add the e-mail address which is supposed to be added to your GMail account. You can also see an optional feature of providing a different reply-to address to that mail, now this feature can be used if you do not want the reply from the recipient to be received on your newly added e-mail inbox, for example you can change this address to GMail account address so that the reply goes back to your GMail account rather than that other account (on behalf of which this mail was sent.) Click Next Step button.


On the next windows (as mentioned below) you will confirm whether that main should be sent from GMail server or from the server of other e-mail ID. For example here in this screenshot, the other e-mail ID added by me belongs to yahoo.com, so here I am supposed to decide whether main should be sent from GMail server or Yahoo server. Click Next Step button.


In the next step, it will ask your confirmation to send a mail to that e-mail account so that the action taken by GMail will be confirmed or verified. Just click send verification and once you verify that e-mail account, it will be in the list of e-mails on your GMail settings page under Accounts and Import tab. Now click compose button and there you will see that ‘From:’ field of the mail will have a drop-down menu which will show that newly added e-mail id along with your default GMail account ID.


Now if you want to change the default e-mail address in the ‘From:’ field of your composed e-mail section, then you will have click the link ‘make default’ as highlighted under red-circle in the screenshot. If you want to edit the name of sender for that e-mail address, then click the link named ‘edit Info’. ‘Delete’ link will delete that e-mail address from your list and once you have deleted that e-mail ID you will have to a get it verified again.


Still more tips to important to come, keep on counting. Please let us know if you face any problem while performing any of these steps.

Gmail Hacks & Tips [#Part 1] – Labels & Filters

Those of you, who have been using Gmail as their main e-mail account will be coming across many vague e-mails on the daily basis and they eat up lots of time of the user, if he/she has not been using the new features of Gmail wisely. Today we will be telling you about a tip which can help you to read and manage all the mails in an efficient way. By following this tip you will come across less number of vague mails or I should say advertisement mails, we will be posting more tips which will help you to increase your speed while working on GMail and do lot more useful stuff which is not possible from other e-mail service providers.

‘Labels + Filters’ is an AWESOME combination to manage your e-mail.

Believe me, if you have not been using these two features in your Gmail, then start using it, this will really help you to save you time and make you Gmail inbox look simpler to a great extent. Labels are nothing but a way to classify your mails under certain categories defined by you. Now you might say that it’s a tedious task to label every mail that we receive but let me tell you that with the help of Filters this can be done automatically. You can say that with the help of these 2 features you will be able to put your mails into different folders, if I want to see a mail received from one of my friend ‘xxx@yyy.com’, then I will just have to click the name of the label and then I will see all the read and the unread mail sent by my friend. Please take a look at the example shown below:-

Here I am about to create a label named ‘TechnixUpdate’, and all the mails received from ‘xxxx@technixupdate.com’ will be labeled as ‘TechnixUpdate’. First of all click the ‘gear’ symbol and then click an option named ‘Settings’, from the dropdown menu of ‘gear symbol’, as specified below:-



Then click on the sub-tab named ‘Lables’, scroll-down little bit and then click the button named’ Create a new Label’, as specified below:-



Enter the name of the Label, in the new sub-window opened and then click ‘Create’, you will see the name of your Label in the settings section as specified below:-



So, with this you can create a Label, now you will have to merge this label with a Filter or I should say a ‘Rule’ (for those who use Microsoft Outlook at their workplace), Click to the tab named Filters and then click the option named ‘Create a new Filter’.


Doing so, will open a new window in which you will have to enter the criteria on the basis of which, your mails will be filtered. So, I will put that e-mail address as ‘xxxx@technixupdate.com’ because I have mentioned above that I wanted to label all the e-mails received from xxxx@technixupdate.com as TechnixUpdate. Similarly, you can use other fields to filter an email. Click the link named ‘Create filter with this search.



Now it will ask you the actions to be performed with all the mails covered under this filter, here I have selected an option which will mark all the e-mails under the label of ‘TechnixUpdate’ (specified below)



So, now click the button ‘create filter’ and once the filter is created you will see a success message on your screen and then return to your inbox to see that all the e-mail covered under the filter were labeled as TechnixUpdate. This is how you can manage all the important mails under a different folders.

Apart from using filters in this way you can use them to ignore or delete mails, for example you are annoyed of some advertisement which keep-on coming to your mailbox then you can mark their common subject or common e-mail ID in the filter and then direct that group of mail directly towards the trash. Hence they will not even popup in your e-mail box and they will directly go as unread in ‘Trash’.  If you already have many labels on left side of the window but you have used them ever then you can go to settings under the tab of Labels and then you can decide which Label should be shown and which should be hidden.

We will be putting more useful tips for working on GMail in future, please visit us regularly. If you see find any issue while performing any of the steps mentioned above then please put that in comments.

Outlook Add on To Import All Gmail Contacts

If you use Microsoft Outlook to access your mails and you have an address book in your  Microsoft Outlook 2010. You probably must be having some your email accounts including Gmail account and there might be many contacts in your Gmail Account which are not accessible in your Microsoft Outlook 2010. I have an add-in for you which can help you keep your two address books the one of Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Gmail account synchronized.

Outlook4Gmail 1

The first step is to download and install the add-in for Outlook4Gmail, the link for which will be provided later. Now first of all open your Microsoft Outlook 2010 and go to the File Tab.

Outlook4Gmail 2

After you go to the File Tab and click on it the above window opens up. Now in the following options go to the Options sub menu.

In the options sub menu go to the Add Ins Menu as from here only the the settings of Outlook4Gmail Add-in will be available for modification.

Outlook4Gmail 4

Now once you go in the Add-Ins Menu select the Add-in from the list as we can see that Outlook4Gmail is also there in the list. So we will have to select Outlook4Gmail Add-In and click to the button at the top that says Add-in Options.

Outlook4Gmail 5

In the Add-in Options Click on the Add New button to add new Gmail Email accounts you can add as many Gmail accounts as you want with their passwords and simultaneously all these accounts can be synchronized  with the address book of Microsoft Outlook 2010. You can select either one or more than one Gmail accounts that have to synchronized with outlook.  The synchronization can also be a one way synchronization  or a two way synchronization and rules can be defined for same contact names.

Outlook4Gmail 6

This last option has the various options which can be customized for one’s need’s. For Identical contacts there are three options you can choose any option depending upon the requirement you have.  You also have an option to delete the items from the destination folder. Synchronization can also be set on the basis of total no of Gmail accounts used for synchronization which can be ‘from one account to many accounts’, ‘from many accounts to one account’ and from ‘many accounts to many accounts’. Synchronization is done for both main and the additional properties of the contacts. Logs are created for the Synchronization or update process.

Download Outlook4Gmail.

Turn Off, Disable Gmail Chat Audio Notification Sound

We used to chat with our friends whenever we are free. At the same time we might be doing some other work as well. So, whenever someone ping, there is an audio notification. But if we are sitting with our colleagues, the audio might be disturbing them. Also, if we are doing some other important work side by side, these notifications may prove to be very annoying. So, I would prefer that these sounds must be switched off. I found the only solution for this is to turn of the speakers of my laptop. But this shows that the movie or music played side by side have to be turned off. To overcome all these problems, I found a better option. We can simply turn off the gmail chat audio with an inbuilt option in gmail.

The inbuilt gmail option to disable chat audio will help you to turn off the audio notification. It will need a few clicks and the work will be done. The snapshot below will help you to understand how to avail the facility.


The steps to be followed are as described below:

Step 1: Go to the Settings.

Step 2: Click on the tab named as Chat.

Step 3: There is an options of Sounds with Sounds on and Sounds off. Select the sounds off option.

Step 4: The last step is to confirm the changes. So, click on Save Changes.

And this was the final step. Now, you can easily chat with any irritation. You may be doing any other work but it will not hamper your work. There is no need to switch off all the sound systems. You can enjoy the music as well.

This option is very helpful to the people who may be chatting when there are a lot of people around. The audio notifications not only disturb you, but also the people sitting around you. So, to maintain the decorum of the place, you should switch off the sound. Also, we see that chatting is not only for fun. You may need to chat for the professional purposes with your seniors or colleagues or someone else. And when you are chatting in the office or any such other place, you have to be very  careful about these things. All these situations gives rise to the fact that you may know of the options available. So, disable the gmail chat audio with the help of the inbuilt option.