Free Licenses Serial Number For PDFZilla Till 5th Feb 2011

PDF format for the files, which is one of the most popular formats and most of us love to use it but there is a problem which lies with this format of files i.e, when you receive a file in this format then it really becomes difficult to convert them into other useful and editable formats like DOC, PNG, JPEG or any other useful file or image formats. In this post I will be sharing a great new with you, which can let you solve this problem for ever.


With the introduction of new version of Microsoft Word you can convert any DOC format file to the PDF file, but this has not been done vice versa by the most popular softwares like Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader. They do not have the feature to convert their document into image or DOC format. In this post We will not be only telling you about this new tool named as PDFzilla PDF converter but we will also tell you that how can you get this product for free.

You can see the screenshot of the tool posted above this paragraph and let me tell you that this tool is available for free only till 5th February, 2011. So you can get the new copy of this tool for free by just clicking on the link mentioned below, on that page you will be able to see that Registration code and the downloadable installable file. You will be able to convert your PDF files into DOC format or any of the popular image format and if you are getting this tool for free then I will say that it is really a very good deal. So go on and get your copy of this tool.

The size of this tool is around 6MBs and it is quite user friendly to use. So, go for using this tool and please do write us, if you face any problem while installing or working with this tool, just put down your comments in the comments sections and we will revert back in the same section. We might be able to help you as we have already used this tool. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. I hope that you will like this tool, keep reading and have a nice day.

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Save Audio File In Different Audio Formats

Listening to music is the favorite pass time for most of the people in this world. There are countless genres in music belonging to different countries in the world which are then subdivided into different communities and so on. Roots of Music can be dated back to a very long time, there were music instruments sculpted on artifacts thousands of years old. Till now there has been so much progress in all the aspects of life but music has still retained its place in the mind of a healthy person. A human being normally listens to music the whole day, may it be in a TV ad or in a ringtone or in a car. So frankly speaking he might be listening to music the whole day without having an idea about it. The basic reason why I am talking about this is because I want to prove how important music is to all of us and how boring our life would be without it.

There are so many ways you can listen to music nowadays like you can use an ipod, a pc or you can download songs and you can even save music onto your mobile phone and hear it afterwards. There are countless music devices available these days but the problem arises when all these different devices use different format for music playback. It is very difficult for a person to convert all his music albums when he tries to switch to a new device. Even otherwise a person converts his music files now and then according to his requirements, as to decrease the size the file or increase the sound quality or just to change the file type so that his device could easily playback those files in compatible format. There are plenty of softwares available in the market may it be for free or paid but most of them are either very slow or they just don’t provide a satisfactory output.

Today we have a new easy to use high quality music file conversion tool which is blazingly fast at the same time. This tool is called the fre:ac and it multi core optimized application for all the version of windows.

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Recover Data, Songs, Photos, Contacts From iTunes iPhone Backup

What if, you lost your iphone and you need to call a certain contact urgently or if your all those valuable photos and song playlists which you created from at least a thousand songs after a lot of hard work just vanished when someone took away your ipod.There are many things which can go wrong with an iDevice like, it can get lost, it can go into recovery mode while being updated or you might just erase something accidently while working on it. Ever wondered if you could recover all your expensive applications or important sms messages and calendar events from your previous i devices without even having them in your hand.Well with iPhone Backup Extractor now you surely can.

iPhone Backup Extractor is a free simple tool to extract backup from iphone, ipad or ipodtouch devices stored by itunes in your computer. It can be used for restoring call list, sms history, contact lists, photographs and all other data which cannot be accessed normally since they are stored in a different format.Practically you may access the backup files stored by the itunes during sync, but you cannot use them as they are saved according to the iphone operating system.The registered version of this software automatically converts the extracted apple database files into CSV(comma separates values) format so that it can be directly imported to outlook or excel and you don’t have to separately assemble all your data and then organize it accordingly afterwards which is practically impossible.This helps a lot when you get a new device and you want to sync all the data from your previous device without any hassles onto the new one like putting in a thousand contact details.

We tested the free version of iPhone Backup Extractor on a windows 7 32bit operating system.It requires .NET framework and itunes backup to work so run the software on the user account on which you have synced your device with itunes.

The installation is very easy and the software runs a wizard which lets you choose options and helps you extract your backup data.

As soon as you run the application you get a screen showing information about the detected iphone backup.


This screen consists of three sections,The first section is where you select your backup.It automatically finds out how many backups are stored in your computer and lets you choose the one from which you want to extract the files.

Second section is where you get the details about the backup.It tells you the device, the firmware and the time when the backup was stored.Most importantly it tells you the status of the backup whether it is encrypted or not.It is not possible to extract files from an encrypted backup with the Free version.It also tells you the folder where the backup was saved.

The third section shows available data. In this section you can see what all data is available for extraction in the backup. It shows you in everything in an organized manner whether it may be photos, contacts or other details and how many of them are available for extraction.

This page also gives you the option to register online or see the help available and the option of entering the Expert mode. If you think you have adequate knowledge to operate on the expert mode you just have to click on the given option and the following screen will pop up.


This tab lets you see everything in a folder wise manner, so if you know the exact folder you are looking for or you just want to extract a single piece of information this option will help you with that.

Now notice that in the top left of the screen there are two options File and Extract.

If you press the first option that is File, you will get a drop down screen which will let you to choose from options like view Plist, convert contacts data base into vcard,convert contacts data base into CSV(comma separated values) and more.With this option you can either choose to convert your contacts to electronic visiting cards or to CSV format. You can do the same with your calendar reminders and it also allows you to convert SMS to CSV, notes to HTML and call history to CSV formats.

The next option is Extract.In this option you can choose what you want to extract and the format in which you want to extract.You can extract calendar, contacts, SMS, notes call history as well as photos, videos, recordings and voicemail.

For an example i chose to extract some photos from my backup which I was not able to transfer from my iphone to my computer due to some reason, all i had to do was start the wizard and select photos from the extract menu.Then i was prompted to select the destination folder for the output files, also there is an option to create a new folder as well so you can directly create a new folder without having to exit the screen.


After selecting the destination folder it shows a small box that says only two files can be extracted at a time with the unregistered version, so if you want to work on this software on commercial base i would recommend you to buy the registered version. The extraction was very swift and fast and the photo quality of the extracted pictures was the same as taken from the camera.

Here are the Extracted two photos which appear in the following box.

backup final

To conclude we would say that it is a very important application for all those people who own any of the apple devices.It boasts of many features like:

  • Recover any file from your backup.
  • Supports backup from all versions of itunes.
  • Works with ipad, ipod touch and iphone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 .
  • CSV, vCard and iCal export of data. ( limited to two records with the free version.)
  • Runs on Windows Vista, XP , Win7 in 32bit or 64bit mode and works on Linux or OS X computers.

So whatever device you have or whatever your itunes version is, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility any more.It is very easy to use and lets you choose the format of the data output after extraction so you can either sync it to a new device or just import it to outlook and messenger.The Best part is that you don’t need to have a new formatted device to see the backup from your old device which otherwise, can be very hard to find in an urgency. However you can enjoy a lot of other benefits from the registered version.

Download iPhone Backup Extractor

51+ Free Media Converters For Daily Use

We have already written lot more about different types of free media converters with which help you convert various types of conversions in between various popular format.

Today, we list all the types of free media converters which will make your daily digital life more simple and easy. All these converters will help you a lot to conevrt in between wide variety of formats.

Following are the 51+ free media converters which you can use as per your requirement each converter converts in between two formats. so, download all the converters separately as per our usage.

Cool MOV To 3GP Converter 1.0

Convert MOV videos to 3GP

Cool DAT To 3GP Converter 1.0

Convert DAT video to 3GP format

Cool AVI To MP3 Converter 1.0

Easily convert AVI files to MP3 with this handy application

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