Make Some Photo Albums Thumbnail Bigger on Facebook

Facebook is no doubt one of the most widely used social networking website at the time of writing this post, facebook has recently added some more new feature which allows you to do little bit more with your photos in facebook photo albums either on your profile, you can bring attention on some photos by making them bigger by using the new highlight feature and another feature that will work on your photos as well as on the photos of your friend profiles on facebook allows you to simple like or comment on a photo by hovering the mouse over it.

Highlight Photos on Your Facebook Profile 

For this you will first need to login in facebook and then need to navigate to facebook photos under your profile, you will see all the photos with thumbnails and then you can click on star symbol to highlight certain photos.


This is how you can highlight photos and then they will display a bigger thumbnail than others as shown in the image below.


Another feature rolled out in facebook photos allows you to like your or other user facebook photos, you can simply hover the mouse to and then you can like or comment on the photo easily.


You can simply like the photo by hovering mouse on the picture to access the option to like or comment on the photo.

Drag and Drop a Photo on Facebook Status Box to Upload

Yes, it possible now you can upload a photo on facebook with actually required to click on photo and video option and then locate the video or photo but now you can simply drag and drop a single or multiple photos on the status box to upload directly.


Facebook has recently rolled out this new feature across most of the facebook profiles and it works both on the facebook timeline and news feed page.


This new feature from facebook becomes really handy as it makes easy for users to upload photos on facebook and all the photos will be uploaded to Timeline Photos album which will be automatically created if it does not exist under your facebook photo albums. We tried uploading videos on facebook this way but it gave us the error saying please drag a photos here, so this feature right now only supports uploading video this way.

Please Note: While uploading photos this way you cannot select the photo albums where you want these photos to be uploaded which you are dragging and dropping in status box on facebook.

Quick Profile Picture Creator

I am sure that most of you will be having a tool for modifying your profile image for Facebook, to add some effects by increasing or decreasing the shades or varying the brightness at some areas. Now even if you are not comfortable for putting the tool on your system, then also you cannot do anything if you want to edit your image before uploading them on the social networking site. Today I will be telling you about a web based application which will help you to do needful by letting you take pic from a webcam or getting a pic preloaded on your system and then modifying it online.

This web based application will let you to alter the specification of your image and then you can post that image directly from there to your Facebook account. We will tell you that how you can use this application. The steps are mentioned below.

  • First of all you will have to select the type of frame in which you are going to frame your image and these frames have a huge variety, so you can spend some time to choose the best frame for you. Some of them have been shown below in the screenshot.


  • Now after you have selected the frame, you will be directed to another screen where you will be able to take snap of yours, either by a webcam or you can upload the image already available on your system, once the image is loaded you will see you image inside the frame as mentioned in the snapshot. You can further play with the image by changing the specification as mentioned below the image preview in the snapshot.


Once you make all the change you can directly send that image to Facebook or you can download that image on your system and then you can manually post it on your Facebook Profile. I hope that you must have liked this web-application, as it is quite useful for those who love to change their Facebook quite frequently. The link to this application has been mentioned at the end of the post. If you face any issues while using this tool then please let us know by putting the comments in the comments section.

Profile Picture Maker

Post On Twitter From Facebook Profile [Selective Updates]

Recently one of my friend who created a new twitter id now he wants to post on twitter from facebook, but again he don’t want all the facebook updates from his facebook profile to be posted to twitter but only some updates he wants to be replicated on twitter.

post on twitter from facebook

As both facebook and twitter these days are getting popular so people who spend time online want to be active on both of these platforms and but at the same time if they want to post the same update both on facebook and twitter, they normally don’t like to do it one more time, in such cases you will need to make these platforms sync with each other for the updates cross posting.

However there is a way with which you could post some of your selective tweets on facebook which you want to, by using a app called selective tweets but other way round is little different as there are not many apps available on facebook which lets you post selective updates from your facebook profile to twitter, however if you ready to post all facebook status updates, videos and links etc to twitter there is a app which says post on twitter from facebook its named Fbtotweet

This app on facebook will let you post all the updates from facebook to twitter, but it will not happen instantly could take up to 30 minutes when the app service servers are heavily loaded. It will automatically upload your pictures via yFrog and shorten your shared links via – you can also disable these options for your Facebook account and for any of your facebook fan pages that your syncing.

Another way to post only some updates from facebook to twitter can be done through official facebook way of linking to twitter. As facebook now allows your facebook profile to link to twitter – in order to link to go to and click Link My Profile to Twitter as shown in the image below.

post from facbook to twitter

In case you are looking for way to connect facebook pages to twitter, you can read the extensive guide here on how to do that or with the same link above you can also link facebook fan pages updates to get posted automatically on your twitter profile.

Once you click to connect the twitter profile with facebook, it will take you to twitter to authorize facebook to link to twitter.

link facebook to twitter

Once the connection is done, you can decide what to post from facebook and what not to as shown in the image below.

things you can post from facebook to twitter

But the most important thing is that, if you have made your facebook profile updates available to friends only then in order to post an update on twitter from facebook you will need to make the update public when you post it from facebook.

facebook public update

Below is an example update, I posted from facebook to twitter as shown in the image below.

posted update from facebook to twitter

Automatic Login In Facebook When You Are Logged In With Google or Yahoo Account

Yes, automatic login in facebook is possible, provided you are already logged in your google account in the same internet browsers like google chrome, facebook and internet explorer. This way your online life could little easier as you don’t have to enter the facebook password and username every time you go to facebook login page, you will be automatically logged in.

The best thing you can do is making your browser remember the password, in order to make logging in easier for you. But then it might not be possible for you to do the same when you are at your workplace then what can be the other smart way to do that. Keeping this thing in mind Facebook has come up with a new feature with the help of which you will be able to log into your Facebook account without entering the credentials even if that system does not remember your password.

You will have to link your Facebook account with another account by going to the setting option and then adding another. Procedure to do the same has been mentioned later in the post. Once you link any account to your Facebook profile then you will not have to enter the credentials to enter Facebook profile, if you have already entered that linked account. For example, if you have linked your Google account with Facebook, then once you open you Google account you will not have to provide credentials while accessing your Facebook account.

Auto Login In Facebook

Here is the procedure to do the same. Please follow this step by step.

Step 1

Login to your account as you used to by providing your login credentials and then click on the drop present on the right top corner of the screen (as mentioned in the screenshot).

automatic login in facebook

Step 2

Then click on the option named Account Settings (as mentioned in the screenshot).


Step 3

You will see a page as mentioned in the screenshot below, now click the highlighted link.


Step 4

Now select any of the options available in the dropdown and then enter you Facebook Password.



Step 5

Then Facebook will ask permissions to use that linked accounts information. Once you provide the Access to Facebook, your account will be linked and then you will not have to enter the username and password for Facebook, when you have already opened that linked account on that system.


But then it creates a vulnerability of your account to get hacked because now the hacker know you Google Password, then he or she might hack your Facebook account too. Please let us know if you face any trouble or need further information related to this feature of Facebook.