7 Best Features Of Google Chrome OS Netbooks – Chromebook

Google has announced the launch of google chrome os netbook recently, you can order one online from 5th June 2011 on from its official website. Google call these web based os netbooks as chromebook as they run the chrome os from google.

chrome os netbooks

Following are some great features you get in chromebook, read the points and then you may decide whether you want to buy one or not.

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Use, Access Google Chrome Web Apps Installed In Toolbar – No Need To Open New Tab or Press Ctrl + T

Google chrome is no doubt a great browser, with news web apps launched for google chrome is another reason for me to use google chrome as compared to any other browser. Amit Aggarwal of labnol.org has come up with a new tip to launch chrome apps without opening a new tab.

As we know in order to access or launch any web app installed in google chrome, you will need to open new tab and then click the web app would like to launch in google chrome as shown in the image below.

12-23-2010 1-27-03 PM

Now with the help of a google chrome addon you can access these web apps and launch them without opening a new tab or pressing Ctrl + T. You can install the google chrome extension called App Launcher

Once you have installed the app launcher extension in your google chrome browser, you will be able to access all the web apps installed in google chrome via browser toolbar as a vertical list of the apps which can be easily clicked to launch them anytime as shown in the image below.

12-23-2010 1-36-24 PM

[ Thanks To Amit for Sharing This Tip ]

Tweetdeck Google Chrome Web App Launched

Tweetdeck is the most popular desktop client for twitter – it is being widely used by many people these days. With the launch of chrome web store for chrome os, tweetdeck team launched the tweetdeck web app for google chrome so, you can now use tweetdeck inside google chrome just like a browser application.

12-8-2010 6-35-42 PM

Moreover you can import all the settings from the desktop application in one button click or you can sign in with your tweetdeck account so that all your columns get synced across.

12-8-2010 6-26-40 PM

You will need to authorize its access, by clicking ok as shown in the image below.

12-8-2010 6-29-10 PM

Once you have authorized it will import settings of all your account like twitter, facebook and buzz from your desktop twitter account and you can start updating on these websites instantly. This application will be bundled with google chrome and works like a charm, I have started loving it since today morning I started using this, it looks like I may give up using the desktop adobe air based twitter client in some time, but some thing which I did not liked the typing lag when I was typing a status update in the tweetdeck web app for google chrome.

Read full set of features of tweetdeck for google chrome here

Install Tweetdeck Web App For Google Chrome [ Chrome Web Store Link ]

How To Uninstall, Remove Google Chrome Web App Installed From Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome web app store is now live, you can now install web apps on google chrome unless you are using google chrome 8 or later, installing these web apps from the chrome web store is really simple, all the new web apps installed will be shown in the new tab once they are installed, we also wrote a small tutorial on how can you install web apps in google chrome.

But in case if you are not happy after installing certain web app in google chrome you may want to remove it as well, follow the procedure below.

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Get A Free Chrome OS Netbook From Google For Test Drive or Review

Chrome OS netbook has been unveiled yesterday by google chrome os team , for all those are who are excited enough to get chrome os netbook for a test drive or review would be happy to know that chrome team is running a small pilot program under which they are distributing some limited number of chrome netbooks, so it you happen to live in the United States, are at least 18 years old, and would like to be considered for our small Pilot program.

12-8-2010 12-07-47 PM

You will need to fill out a long form to tell them what kind of computer user are you and why do you need a chrome os netbook

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