Disable Google Chrome Extensions From The Address Bar

Google Chrome has fulfilled us with a number of extensions to make the browser more user friendly and convenient to use. Recently, I realised that  my browser is cluttered with a lot of extensions. This might be the case with almost all of the users of google chrome. This is probably due to the reason that it is very helpful to add them. But when it is the turn to enable or disable it is the long process to proceed, we feel like to avoid it. But no need to worry about the lengthy process anymore. With the range google chrome extension, now chrome extension gallery has facilitated you with a new one. The new extension named as quick enable and quick disable will help you to overcome your burden.

Quick enable and quick disable are the google chrome extensions which are available free of cost. It is a very simple process. You have to install both the extensions with the help of the links given at the end. Both the extensions are very small in size and will be installed in few seconds. The snapshot given below shows the confirmation of the installation of chrome quick enable extension.

Quick Enable - Google Chrome extension gallery - Google Chrome_2011-04-28_14-58-08

The snapshot given below displays the confirmation od quick disable extension.

Quick Enable - Google Chrome extension gallery - Google Chrome_2011-04-28_14-58-08

Though the usage of the extensions has been clearly explained in the snapshots above. Let us see how the actual process takes place starting with Quick Enable. Type Enable in the address bar and as soon as you press Enter or Tab, it will change to Go Quick Enable as shown in the snapshot below. Then start typing the extension to be enabled. You can easily choose the option from the drop down menu and press Enter. And the chrome extension will be enabled. As shown the History Calendar Extension is being enabled.

New Tab - Google Chrome_2011-04-30_00-16-33

The process of Quick Disable is also similar to that. Type disable in the address bar and as soon as you press Enter or Tab, it will change to Go Quick Disable as shown in the snapshot below. Then start typing the name of extension to be disabled. You can easily choose the option from the drop down menu and press Enter. And the chrome extension will be disabled. As shown the Bit Defender Quick Scan Extension is being disabled.

New Tab - Google Chrome_2011-04-30_00-18-09

So, now you don’t need to follow the long path of the Wrench –> Tools –> Extension and then select the one to enable or disable. Simply go through the address bar.

Install Quick Enable

Install Quick Disable

Google Chrome Calendar Desktop Notifications

It is very difficult to remember each and every event with the correct date and time. We think that the stick notes will help us. But after a while we see that with the increasing number they are not of any help. So, we try that the nearby people will help us. But again it is not fruitful. This is the time when we feel the need of an assistant. So, why not to have one and it is most welcomed when available free of cost. Google chrome provide a wonderful extension named as Checker Plus Lite for Google Chrome which will assist you to manage your schedule in a perfect manner.

Checker Plus Lite for Google Chrome is a google chrome extension available free of cost. You just have to install the extension and it will be present on the right hand top corner as shown in the snapshot below. It is used to give the desktop updates for the gmail account calendar.

Get Google Calendar Events Notifications On Desktop [Chrome] - Google Chrome_2011-04-18_22-09-03

There are various options which will help you to manage your calendar according to your requirement. Firstly, the options are related to the display of the desktop notifications. The options are related to sound, past events, timing and other notifications. The size of notification text can vary from 16 to 32. You can also choose mode and icon type. Select the display of time and the top header in the pop up window. specify the days before which you want the notification. There are many other options like interval and timeout delay. The complete list of all the options is displayed in the snapshot below. After making all the changes click on Save Changes.

Checker Plus Lite for Google Calendar™ - Google Chrome_2011-04-18_22-13-28

Checker Plus Lite for Google Calendar™ - Google Chrome_2011-04-18_22-14-47

This was all about the the options available. Now let us see how to add the new event to your calendar. Click on the event and as shown by default the monthly calendar will be displayed to you.Select any date and the pop up window will appear as shown in the snapshot. Add the event in the space provided and click on Create event.

Get Google Calendar Events Notifications On Desktop [Chrome] - Google Chrome_2011-04-18_22-15-38

Also, the calendar has a view option through which you can view weekly, monthly or customised calendar. Also, the agenda or only agenda can be displayed. You can select the option as shown in the snapshot below.

Get Google Calendar Events Notifications On Desktop [Chrome] - Google Chrome_2011-04-18_22-16-59

So, assist yourself with Checker Plus Lite for google calender. Be tension free and just feed all the events in the calendar. You will come to know about the upcoming events as per your requirements. Enjoy the utility!!

Install Checker Plus Lite for Google Calendar

Save Multiple Opened Tabs In Google Chrome – Resume Even When History Deleted

Google chrome has been presenting extensions from time to time so that the browser can become more interesting to use. Also, these google chrome extensions make it more user friendly. So, after the series of extensions I would like to present another important and useful extension to manage the current session of your browser. With the large number of tabs you might think that it is very difficult to handle all. We have presented another extension in the same context but just to view the tabs. And now I would like to review Session Buddy to manage all the tabs in the chrome windows currently opened.

Session Buddy is a google chrome extension which you can install free of cost. It is very simple to install. Go to the webpage with the help of link given in the end and install the extension. It is a one click process as all the other extensions. There utility has been shown in the snapshot below. The icon will be present in the top right corner as shown.

Session Buddy - Google Chrome_2011-04-13_06-19-48

Let us see what are the options provided by the tool. The very first problem you might have faced is that when you are simultaneously using number of tabs in google chrome, they are bit difficult to differentiate. So, your chrome buddy i.e. Session Buddy will help you to see all the current windows in one window. The actions that can be performed by the user can be explained as. You can save and restore anything from the current session. This will also resolve your problem if the browser gets crashed and there were important windows. You can import the session anytime required.

The options settings can be changed with the help of the options presented as shown in the snapshot below. You can choose if you want to see the URLs or the tab names only. Similarly, you can make a choice for tab count and Auto save the previous session. The auto save option proves to be very useful specially when you have to shut down your system in a hurry. You can choose the required options from the Tab Filtering options also as per the requirement. Click on Save after making the changes.

Session Buddy - Google Chrome_2011-04-13_06-23-05

These were all the options you would like to have while managing your tabs. Inspite of having the record of all the tabs, you can simply save the session now onwards. So, use your Session Buddy to handle your problems. And you are free to use the browser after that.

Install Session Buddy

Control Remote Computer Connected To Internet Using Google Chrome

Sometime you have some problem on your computer or laptop and you may not be able to solve the problem and you need someone’s help in order to solve it. Now the problem is complex and it can’t be explained on the phone. The person himself has to demonstrate the steps to you. In such a case you must have a desktop sharing software installed on your computer so that the person can share the computer screen with you and demonstrate the steps that you have to take in order to solve the problem. There are a lot of desktop share application available online which will allow you to share your desktop with anyone you like. Today I have got an application named Chrome Remote Desktop which will help you to share your computer screen with anyone you want who has the is application installed on his\her computer or laptop.

The application is only available for Google Chrome browser and it will allow sharing only if both the users have Google Chrome browser and Chrome Remote Desktop extension installed in their Chrome browsers. The application is very useful as it will allow you to connect with the other desktop as soon as this extension is installed on both the systems and you will be bale to access all the features and application on the other system just like you access your own system if you have a reliable internet connection.

share 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will install the extension in your system. Now if you want to share your computer with some one else i.e. you want to give the control of your system to someone else then click on the button which says Share this computer. When you will click on this button which says Share This Computer the extension in the Google Chrome will generate a code. The code that is generated by this extension will be a random and will be valid for  a particular session. Now you have to give this code to the person with which you want to share you computer.

share 3

This screen shows you the code which will get generated after you will click on the Share This Computer button in the previous window. Now you will have to give this generated code to the person with whom you want to share your desktop.

share 2

The other person to whom you have given the code which was generated in your extension will enter the code in the text box which says Access code and click on the button Connect. After the person presses Connect the other person will be able to see everything that is running on your PC and even control and perform tasks on your PC or laptop. The Access Code text will appear when you will click on the access a shared computer link in the previous window.

Download  Chrome Remote Desktop.

Audio Voice Alerts For Every New Email Received In Gmail Inbox

Sometimes we might have notice that we become so much busy in our work that even we don’t have time to look up for our newly received mails in our inbox. Even we don’t pay attention towards the desktop alerts which comes with every new mail. In this process we might miss some important mail which might be very urgent. So, for this we all need some other way around which can give us an alert for the total unread messages in our Gmail Inbox. As we know, desktop alerts for new emails may come and go but a loud voice announcing the total number of unread messages in your Gmail inbox might prove to be a better option as it seems to be harder to ignore.

So, as said earlier if you’re in the routine of getting caught up in your work and simply forgetting to either check your email account for new mails or to forget the ones that are already in your inbox then Announcify for Google Chrome is a new Chrome extension which can prove to be very useful and you may probably use it. It’s an easily addable extension whose working is based on a widely popular Android app that works by periodically announcing the number of unread emails in user’s Gmail inbox.


Announcify is basically a simple Chrome extension that runs as a Chrome background app and do not even interfere with the work done by the user even on the browser. Although the primary functionality of this particular extension is that it’s a replacement for that irritating voice in your head that reminds you to check your email and other then this if you are using this extension with your browser then you don’t have to return to your email tab again and again in order to check for the new mails. What you have to do is, simply click on the extension icon and it will automatically check and then announce the number of unread messages in your inbox.


Although, it seems to be a normal functionality but it can prove to be very useful as Email desktop notification software usually displays a balloon window near the taskbar icon area whenever you receive a new email. But as said earlier also, such notifications can easily be ignored because they disappear in few seconds. This audio alert that Announcify extension can produce, will automatically notify the user even if user is not looking in the desktop. So, in order to make use of this smart extension, simply download it from the link given below and you may install it with your browser. It is a very light-weight extension which may prove to be useful for the users.

Install Announcify for Google Chrome