Windows 7 Sound, Audio Recording Freeware Software

If you want to make a voice demo for something, record an audio lesson, an audio message and you are looking for a tool to record sound then you don’t have to worry because I have got one and its free.  Solway’s Audio Recorder is a very simple and free tool that can cater to your day to day sound recording requirements. you must be thinking why not use the windows sound recording instead of this tool but this tool will give you a lot of advantages over the windows sound recording like different formats of recording, three different quality levels for recording the sound and also you can choose your own Input device for recording as well.

Solway's Audio Recorder 2

This is the first screen that will open up after you install the Solway’s Audio Recorder and start it. The tool is really simple to use it has a Start button, Stop button and a pause button. Once you start recording using the Start button at any given point of time you can pause the recording by pressing the pause button and pause the audio file and when you need to finish recording your file you should press Stop. The tool let’s you record in three formats i.e. MP3, WMA or OGG. You can also select the quality of the audio clip from Low, High and Excellent.

The best feature of this software that you can record any sound that is played in your computer like from sound card, microphone, CD/DVD or a line in mic. The best feature of this software is that you can also record the sound from a video getting played in the Windows Media Player or a video that you are watching on the internet. You can also record the Radio Programs that are getting streamed on this tool. The software is very easy to use and light for the computer.

Solway's Audio Recorder 1

This is the window that you will get once you will click on Input button in the Main Window on the left hand corner. This window will let you select from the various sources that would be available at that particular time in your system to record the audio. This audio tool is tried and tested for all the version of Microsoft Windows i.e. Win2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and  Windows 7.

There is also one more audio recorder available you can also check that out in case you need variety its name is Sound Recorder.

Download Solway’s Audio Recorder.

Extract, Export Sound From Video File Of Any Type

Sometimes, it happens with some of the songs that their videos is readily available than the audio, so if you want to use that video file for your MP3 player, then you can convert that video to audio. I know that there are many converters on many sites but one problem is common with most of them, that they take lot of time to convert them and then they are quite heavy after getting installed or they will take considerable tie while getting installed.


Today I will be offering you a tool, which is portable and can convert video to audio in no matter of time. You can see the screenshot mentioned above, first of all you will have to add a video file in this application, now you can do that by dropping that file in this application window or you can click the ‘Add Files’ Option and then you can decide the location of the output file. By, default, it will place the output file in the same directory where your input file is, but you can change that.

Now comes the major feature, here you will have to decide the bitrate, frequency, channel and the output format of the audio file. Now, if you to change these settings as per your convenience then you can alter the controls but is you are not sure about these functionalities, then there is a profile section just above it, which can take care of this problem. You can select any of the profile and thus after the selection the values of these controls will be changed automatically as per the profile.


If you have made changes on your own and you want to use them in future again, then you can mark those settings as a new profile and save it. You can use the advanced settings to alter the Offset time, while MP3 is starting and ending or if you want to put a limit over the size of that MP3 file, then also advanced settings are useful. The size of this tool is around 35 MBs and it is portable. Once you download and unzip it you will face the application window mentioned above, you will have to click the button highlighted in the screenshot to reach out to the tool discussed in this post. This tool has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, if you have any problem while using this tool, then please get back to us.

Download Pazera Audio Extractor

Switch, Toggle Audio Output Devices In Windows Taskbar System Tray

We might be using different sound systems at the same time. It might be due to some certain requirements or mere our interest. But in both the cases, we have to switch between the different audio devices. This is the point when we feel the process to be complicated. We have to follow the long path every time we have to change the output audio device. I prefer if an option is available which can perform the task in one click. And I found as the solution of my problem named as QuickSoundSwitch. As the name suggests, the utility is designed to switch between different audio output devices.

QuickSoundSwitch s a small freeware of 108 KB only. It is a portable utility. Whenever you open the tool, it will be present on the system tray for your help. You have to simply select the output device from the connected ones. The snapshot given below displays the availability of the freeware on the system tray.


It will show all the audio outputs available and you can simple choose the one required. It can also be used to set the speaker volume. The slider will be available to modify it. The other options like Windows audio settings, audio mixer and reload list of soundcards makes the utility more beneficial. Click on the Hotkeys option to activate or deactivate it. You can also use the shortcut wizard. The Settings option is used to change the settings of the utility as shown in the snapshot below.


The settings are further under two heads. The Device option is used to set the Soundcard, playback and record. The options available under the other tab named as settings are displayed in the settings below.


You can create your own hotkeys. Various options can be enabled or disabled. You can set a card as default. The utility is very user friendly. You will find it to be very user friendly and convenient. This will surely reduce your time consumption in changing the devices. You can freely carry on with your work and just make the changes from the system tray. Most of the changes required for the sound settings are available with the utility. Now no need to follow the lengthy process generally you have been using to change the audio output.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and it is also compatible with Windows XP and  2000.

Download QuickSoundSwitch

Rip Audio CDs To Lossy or Lossless Audio File On Mac OS X

I have a great pair of headphones from Sennheiser, and I like to enjoy my music in the best possible quality, when available. Most of my music collection is encoded in the Apple Lossless format, and to encode/convert my audio/music files on Mac OS X, I use a tool called xACT.

xACT stands for x Audio Compression Toolkit, and is nothing but a GUI wrapper (written in AppleScript Studio) for the unix applications Shorten (3.6.1), shntool (3.0.10), monkey’s audio compressor (3.99), flac (1.2.1), wavpack (4.60.1), TTA (3.4.1) and cdda2wav 3.0 (with paranoia support). It also uses sox ( 14.3.1), LAME 3.98.4, AtomicParsley 0.9.0, TagLib and mp4v2. It executes the basic commands of these applications and adds other features to speed up productivity in creation/use of standard filesets.

With xACT, it becomes incredibly easy to encode/rip audio CDs to your favorite lossless or lossy formats, check them for errors, store digital fingerprints for each track, view conversion errors and logs. xACT also makes the reverse process possible, you can save the raw audio (WAV, AIFF) from lossless formats if you want to burn them to disc.


Just click on the ‘decode’ pane in the xACT main window, and add your files that you want to decode. You can select from 2 formats to save the raw audio: WAV and AIFF.

When you’re ready, push the decode button, and a pop-up window appears, showing you the progress of your conversions. For some reason, this test conversion (from Apple Lossless to WAV) failed, and generated blank output files.


Works the same way as decoding. Just pop in an audio CD, and in the ‘encode’ pane of xACT, add the tracks to the list, and select the output format and settings. Push the ‘encode’ button when you’re done. You can also convert the files directly to lossy formats such as AAC and MP3 by doing this in the ‘lossy’ pane rather than the ‘encode’ pane.


To fingerprint your output audio files, go to the ‘checksum’ pane, add the converted files to the list, select ‘Create Checksum File’ and check FFP. Click the ‘Checksum’ button, and it will create a FLAC fingerprint file which you can store along with the converted music files, to verify the integrity of these files later on.

Overall, xACT is a great tool which every audio enthusiast/perfectionist using a Mac should have.

Download xACT

Combine, Merge or Mix Mp3 Song Files Together

Recently I mentioned about a freeware which was capable of making any amendment in a single audio file and today I will be telling you about a freeware which can help you if you want to merge to different audio files or if you want to convert any one of them. Sometimes it happens that you need to add some of the audio files especially when you are dancer and you need to have an audio track which consists of all of your favorite track. You can call this tool as Free merge MP3 and in this post I will be telling you that how you can use that tool.


You can see the snapshot of the tool (mentioned above), where I have tried to merge the two audio files using this tool. In the middle of the application windows you can see that the names of the audio files have been enlisted. If you want to merge these files then you will have to click the merge button on the application window. This will ask you the destination of the output file and then it will merge the two files. You can also use this tool if you want to change the format of the file you can export the output file or you can convert an audio file into 4 different formats which are MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA.


Before converting the file or merging the two file you should check the settings of the tool. You can change the quality of the output file, if the quality of the output file is very high then then the size of that file will be also be high. So if you want that the output file should be lighter then you will have to compromise in the quality of the audio file.

The size of this tool is around 6 MB and it will get installed quickly. The user interface is also friendly so it will be very easy for you to use this freeware. So, go for using this tool and please do write us, if you face any problem while installing or working with this tool, just put down your comments in the comments sections and we will revert back in the same section. We might be able to help you as we have already used this tool. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. I hope that you will like this tool, keep reading and have a nice day.

Download Free Merge MP3