MS Security Essential Screensaver Scans and Update Automatically

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), as you all must be knowing, is the best free antivirus available over web which is developed by Microsoft . This software ensures strong protection against various malwares, spywares and other viruses and being a product from Microsoft and that too free, it is highly appreciated over the world.

Although it is very powerful and probably the best free antivirus, but unfortunately the only problem is that it doesn’t have option to scan your system when your system is idle. Most of other free antivirus available today are integrated with this handy option. So today we are going to tell you about solution of this problem by using a tool named Security Essentials Screensaver. This is a freeware and is developed by DevineArt.


Security Essential Screensaver looks like an ordinary screensaver but it is really a new and innovative screensaver as it scans your PC and even update the MSE whenever your PC is in idle mode. This tool functions automatically in the background and you will see the screensaver as shown in above screenshot whenever your system remains idle.

So when your PC runs this screensaver, it will automatically be scanned for viruses and other infections. To install this screensaver to your PC, you will need to download its zip file from the link which I have give at bottom. Once download finish, open this zip file and then extract its contents to a desired location. You will find four files namely Preview, Read Me, Security Screensaver NG and Security Screensaver.

Preview is the jpeg image of this screensaver. I have already shown you the preview pic above. Next is Read Me. This is a txt file and it contains the information about the other two files present in this tool. The Security Screensaver NG and Security Screensaver are the two types of screensaver available. The detailed functioning of both of them are as follows.

  • Security Screensaver NG :- The size of this screensaver is 287 Kb and here NG means no graphics. This means that wen you run this, it will automatically perform an update for the MSE and then start scanning of your PC for all infections in a silent mode. So you won’t be able to see any window or process windows for update or scan until it completes these process. Once it complete, it will not trigger an actual screensaver.
  • Security Screensaver :- The size of this screensaver is 1.01 Mb and when you run it, it will perform an update and scan instantly and you will see a command prompt window as you trigger on this option. You will see this window until this tool performs both the actions i.e scanning and updating and once it completes them, unlike NG, it will start an actual screensaver featuring the castle logo from Microsoft Security Essentials.

The size of Security Essentials Screensaver is 1.01 Mb and you will be need to open this zip file to run the tool. This tool is compatible with all the version of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Security Essentials Screensaver

Filter Spam In Windows Live Mail With AntispamSniper

AntispamSniper is a free to use plugin for windows live mail which lets you filter out the spam mails in live mail. It has several methods of automatic filtering of many kinds of spam mails already which includes graphical spam, random text, lottery spam etc.


The plug-in filters POP3, IMAP accounts and deletes most of spam on the server by headers. The plug-in is integrated with SpamNet spam-fighting community. SniperSync is a TCP server, allowing AntispamSniper plug-ins to use the common white list of email addresses and common database of message descriptors. 

The plug-in supports several complementary methods in addition to statistical algorithm: black and white lists of email addresses, anti-phishing filter, blocking spam by IP address of the sender (using DNSBL services), black and white Regexp-based rules. Several methods are used for filtering graphical spam:

1. Blocking spam with inline images, linked to third-party web sites.

2. Blocking the messages with animated GIF pictures in attachment.

3. Blocking the messages by the type of attachment.

4. The statistical classifier is optimized for blocking spam with a picture and some amount of unlinked text.  

If you have a question around how to use this plugin, you can contact their forum here and here is the link to online manual which tells you how to use antispamsniper 

Download AntispamSniper Plugin For Windows Live Mail