System Tray Indicators For Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock

There are times when you may have turned on caps lock, num lock or scroll lock and then you are typing your password on some website and it is not accepting your password, even when you know that you are typing it right but as caps lock is on, it is not getting entered right in the password text box, after some time you realize that caps lock is on. Some thing similar might happen when you have num lock or scroll lock on.

In such a case it is quite important to have indicators which can tell you whether caps lock, num lock or scroll lock is ON, Lock Keys is free program which provides indicators in system tray which will alert you the status of caps lock , num lock and scroll lock key. If a particular key is pressed then these indicators will turn to green color which tells you that that key is in the pressed state.


This is a portable application, so it does not require installation, just run it through the program executables after extracting the archives you download, it consumes only 1.25 MB of disk space and it is free to download and use, works on all windows versions, we have just tested it on windows 7 ultimate version 32 bit.

You can configure for which keys you would like to see the alert icon, through program control panel. You can access the control panel of the program by right clicking of the system tray indicators


Note: If you are using windows 7, then you will need to unhide the system tray icon follow the guide in reverse order to show the indictors to show in system tray.

Download Lock Keys [ Link Not Working] | Some Other Similar Apps – TrayStatus ver 1.0.0 | NumCapsScroll Indicator


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