Synchronize Files And Folders By Tagging Them With Syncless

We need to have synchronization between the files and folders stored on our systems and Syncless is a brilliant tool which offers a smart and efficient method for synchronization between the folders by tagging and setting their pairs.


Sometimes, we get puzzled by the huge collection of folders stored at different locations which cannot be synchronized easily but Syncless is a single solution to all such problems. It does not matter that what number of files and folders are present on a system, it will simply tag each and every file or folder to synchronize them.

Tagging is a new concept that has been used for synchronization by this tool. Syncless takes the help of tagging through which a user is required to tag the folder in their original location and we know that tagging is a natural process which is used by a user whenever he/she tries to correlate something unfamiliar. This concept has always been a part of the services offered by social websites like Orkut, Facebook etc. (user tags other people on the photos). Tags can be configured to include or exclude a certain type of file and when the folders are tagged then rest is automatically handled by syncless.

Some of the features offered by this freeware is that it offers unlimited grouping of folders under a single tag; it can cover all the files present on a particular network or in other words it can cover multiple computers on a network; instead of grouping the whole folder under a single tag you can tag a part of the folder which is based on a wildcard system; there is an option named as “SEAMLESS” in this tool which will synchronize the tagged folders automatically without user interaction; to ensure that no file should be lost accidently, it keeps the archived copy of all the changed or deleted file; as this tool is portable so it can be operated from an USB drive and hence it will monitor all the files stored in all removable storage disks attached to the system; it can be used for photos, videos and files with other formats and it is available free of cost.

The size of this software is around 1.18 Mb and it is free from adware or spywares. Till now we have seen Syncless 2.0 in the market and we hope to see the latest version soon with some additional features. So, after taking a look at the advantages we can infer that syncless makes the handling of files and folders a very easy and simple task.

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