Sync Windows 7 Calendar With Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a such a great tool for organising and managing the daily meetings, I have already synced up with google calendar on my iphone, but suddenly I realized that I need to sync up my windows 7 Calendar with online google calendar.

The main purpose for me to sync my google calendar is that I want to get notified for some daily and weekly events I had created in my google calendar, after some googling I found a little windows 7 desktop gadget called Windows Live Calendar Gadget which I can sync up with google calendar, Below if the step by step procedure to configure this calendar gadget. You can use this desktop gadget on vista and windows 7.

1. Login to your google account and open google calendar, at

2. Now, navigate to google calendar settings


3. Under google calendar settings, scroll down the page and locate Private Address of your google calendar


4. Right click on the green colored label, and copy link address


5. Download and Run the Windows Live Calendar Gadget [ Download Link Given Below ] 

6. Open this gadget settings and copy and paste the link address you had copied in step 4


Locate some alarm sound, which you would want to listen for calendar notifications [ optional ] and click Ok

7. Once, you click ok, it will synchronize itself with google calendar

Note: There is one drawback of using this widget for windows 7 or vista, you can’t add event and task into your google calendar using this windows gadgets but you can sync those added through google calendar.

Here is how it will display notifications when a calendar event appears


Some Key Features of This Windows Calendar Gadget

  • significantly improved handling of repeating events
  • heavily optimized
  • added notifications of new versions
  • added tiny reminder application which uses new features of Win7 taskbar
  • added tiny progress bar under ongoing events
  • added small icon labelling repeating events

Download Windows Live Calendar Gadget

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