Sync, Save Website Login Passwords In Google Chrome 8

Holaa!! Readers. I hope that Spanish would not have bothered you much. Anyways, today we will be talking about Google again and this time Google Chrome specifically. We have not mentioned much about the changes that have been made recently in Google Chrome yet as we can expect that Google was busy with the amendments made in the Gmail and other few of the services provided by Google. In this post will be telling you about the new feature that have been introduced in the Google Chrome in its new version.


In some of the previous versions you must have seen the a feature known as Sync feature has been introduced in this open source browser, this feature is not available in many famous browsers. Now you must be knowing that this feature in this browsers helps you to synchronize the data such as themes, bookmarks, Applications, AutoFill information and few more can be synchronized with your Google account you will just have to use the user name and password to synchronize your current account.

In this new version of the browser they have a new option for synchronization and this option can be mentioned as ‘Password’. Now this newly introduced option will help your Google account to remember all the passwords which are available in your system for your accounts. Initially I used to save a draft in my inbox mentioning all the passwords to different account but now after hearing about this new feature I was too happy and I feel that there will not be any problem in reminding all the passwords as my Google Gmail account is there to make me remind of those things.

This was a nice initiative taken by Google and I hope that you will also be very comfortable while assigning the passwords as from on wards forgetting it will not be a problem. We will try our best to keep you updated with all the information related to this news and will make sure that you should be the first to get it but anyhow if you get to know anything about it which has not been covered in this post then please let us know by writing your comment in the comments section as we will try to update the post if that information is find genuine enough else everyone can get to know about that by reading the comments section. Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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