Access Webpages Links Opened Tabs In Google Chrome On Other Computer

Yes, you can now access the tabs opened in google chrome on a remote computer which could be at your home or office and you can open these links in google chrome easily on some other computer which does not need to be on the same network, the only thing required here is that both the computer should be running google chrome and should be connected to internet.

This feature is called sync tabs which was earlier missing in google chrome, but there were extensions like Sync Tabs , Tabs Sync and Sesh but now there is no need to any addon for this purpose all you need is update google chrome to the latest version and you will see this feature right in the browser itself.

The google chrome browser version in which we see this feature active is Google Chrome 20.x however you can get this feature in some what older version of google chrome as well.

Access Webpages Links Opened Tabs In Google Chrome On Other Computer

In order to access this feature you just need to launch google chrome on the pc where you want to access the other computer google chrome session tabs and press Ctrl+T and at the bottom right you see the link named Other Devices and you will see the links of the webpages which are opened shown in the image below.

Google Chrome Other Devices Tabs Opened

This way you can easily access the tabs opened in other browser on some other computer, the reason behind is that you should be signed in google chrome with same gmail account so that google sync this data across other computers. You can sign in under google chrome under settings as shown in the image below.

sign in settings google chrome

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