Switch, Use Multiple Google Accounts In Same Browser Window Session

There are times when you may want to login to more than one gmail account, google has now rolled out the new google navigation bar across all the google services supported, with new google bar it becomes very easy to navigate among different google services and it becomes much easy to switch in between different accounts provided you have multiple accounts sign in enabled under your google account settings.

Just in case now if you want to sign in to multiple accounts, just follow the procedure to know how.

When you are signed into on google account, you will see the new google navigation bar shown at the top of the browser screen, click on the name you will see the option to switch accounts as shown in the image below.


Now click the switch account it will then ask you sign you to another account as shown in the image below.


Now click sign in to another account, then it will take you to new sign in page, which will show you all the google services like Calendar, Code, Finance, Gmail, Reader, Sites, Voice.

Note: Not all Google products support multiple sign-in. When switching between Google products, the account you’re currently using may change.

Once you are signed in you will see multiple accounts under this google accounts switch accounts menu as shown in the image below.


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