Switch, Toggle Audio Output Devices In Windows Taskbar System Tray

We might be using different sound systems at the same time. It might be due to some certain requirements or mere our interest. But in both the cases, we have to switch between the different audio devices. This is the point when we feel the process to be complicated. We have to follow the long path every time we have to change the output audio device. I prefer if an option is available which can perform the task in one click. And I found as the solution of my problem named as QuickSoundSwitch. As the name suggests, the utility is designed to switch between different audio output devices.

QuickSoundSwitch s a small freeware of 108 KB only. It is a portable utility. Whenever you open the tool, it will be present on the system tray for your help. You have to simply select the output device from the connected ones. The snapshot given below displays the availability of the freeware on the system tray.


It will show all the audio outputs available and you can simple choose the one required. It can also be used to set the speaker volume. The slider will be available to modify it. The other options like Windows audio settings, audio mixer and reload list of soundcards makes the utility more beneficial. Click on the Hotkeys option to activate or deactivate it. You can also use the shortcut wizard. The Settings option is used to change the settings of the utility as shown in the snapshot below.


The settings are further under two heads. The Device option is used to set the Soundcard, playback and record. The options available under the other tab named as settings are displayed in the settings below.


You can create your own hotkeys. Various options can be enabled or disabled. You can set a card as default. The utility is very user friendly. You will find it to be very user friendly and convenient. This will surely reduce your time consumption in changing the devices. You can freely carry on with your work and just make the changes from the system tray. Most of the changes required for the sound settings are available with the utility. Now no need to follow the lengthy process generally you have been using to change the audio output.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and it is also compatible with Windows XP and  2000.

Download QuickSoundSwitch

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