Switch To Opened Tasks With Live Previews In Vista with VistaSwitcher

VistaSwitcher is a cool free to use switcher which replaces the all+tab functionality in vista. It provides a powerful task management by displaying the list of all running tasks with their names and preview snapshots and enables the user to take actions on them using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Another similar application for xp is called TaskSwitchXP so you can say TaskSwitchXP + Windows Vista = VistaSwitcher


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With just one click, you can switch to a task, minimize, maximize, restore the main window or close the process, you can see the preview of each task keys by pressing the alt key down and keep pressing the tab key or moving the mouse pointer up or down the list of opened programs.

Key Features of VistaSwitcher

  • Outstanding UI, semi-transparent backgrounds and anti aliased fonts with give a wonder full look
  • Provides live window and desktop previews under Windows Vista and 7
  • Task list with mouse-over selection
  • Multiple task selection, tile windows vertically or horizontally
  • Minimize, maximize, restore, close windows and groups of windows
  • Compatible with UAC, works with elevated applications
  • Small and fast, native 64-bit version available

Note: VistaSwitcher is under active development, you can check out beta forum thread.

Download VistaSwitcher [ 32 bit and 64 bit ]

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