Switch To 4 Different IP Address Configurations With IP Changer

We have previously written about how to change IP address quickly and change network settings in single click, When it comes to IP Address change, it happens many times when you are required to change the IP address of your computer to deface the servers so that you can download files from hosting servers without wait and also for lot more other uses.


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This small tool is completely portable and changes the IP address very fast, more over you can change your IP address in between four IP address previously specified.

Key Features Of IP Changer

  • Fast – Built and optimized specifically for Windows
  • Small – Under 1MB, no need to install and quick to download
  • FREE – Released as Open Source software, so you’ll never pay a cent!
  • No Install – Works straight away no need to install
  • Well Supported – Documentation and bug reporting
  • Portable application – Use it off a flash drive wherever you want
  • Download IP Changer

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