Switch Focus To Already Opened Tab In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers when we compare on the basis of speed and the user friendly characteristics. But still as we know nothing can be perfect, similar case is present here also. When we are using a lot many tabs in chrome, they just shrink and are very difficult to differentiate. We have presented a series of utilities to manage the chrome tabs like Tabs Visual Manager and others. But today I am going to review a chrome extension known as Tab Menu which makes your work even easier.

Tab Menu is a google chrome extension which is available free of cost. It is very small application and can be installed in few seconds. You can install it with the help of the link given at the end. It will be present at the top right corner with other extensions for the use. The snapshot below displays the utility after installation.

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As shown it will display the names of all the current tabs whenever you click on the icon. Now you can easily choose the tab from the names shown. You don’t need to check all the tabs again and again. But remember it will display the tabs present in the current browser only. If you are using two interface simultaneously, the separate result will be displayed for the two.

The utility not only helps you to search the appropriate tab but also will allow you to manage the tabs. You can use the search menu given on the top. You can enter either the title or the URL to search. The up or down arrow can be used to follow the corresponding movements. The Tab and Shift + Tab can also be used for the purpose. The extension will also help you to close the unwanted tabs. In case, you want to move the tabs and finding it difficult from the tabs. The Tab Menu will fulfil that requirement of yours too by simple drag and drop process.

All these features are available with the application and you don’t have to make the changes to enjoy these benefits. I found the utility to be very helpful specially at the time when I am in a hurry. Ofcourse who will not like if they can perform a task in a fast and efficient manner. So, I will recommend the Tab Menu is one of the good extension which is of great benefit specially who are in habit of using a number of tabs simultaneously.

Install Tab Menu

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