Switch Display Resolution Quickly With Portable SwitchDisplay Utility

Portable SwitchDisplay is a free application which is designed quick and easy to use tool to apply screen modes in few mouse clicks, simply toggle between them use mouse click or hotkey. Some related articles we had written in past on related topics are Power Off Monitor When You Lock Computer and how to Fix Unable to Change Power Scheme and how to error Solve monitor out of frequency

It is portable program so you don’t need to install, just double click the executable after extracting the archive contents and when you run SwitchDisplay it will list all available screen modes. Select the preferred screen modes from available setting and click Add button to add to active setting, now press the Change button to change to selected screen mode instantly.

You can press Reset button to restore to original screen mode, but if your monitor goes blank as it might not support that resolution you press the reset hotkey [ Ctrl+Shift+R ] to revert back to the previous supported resolution. After selecting the some display resolution and adding them to the Active Settings, press mouse left click on tray icon or hotkey [ Ctrl+Shift+S ] to switch to different resolution.

In order to open the program interface right click on program tray icon to show context menu and middle click will close the program. You can also you the hotkey [ Ctrl+Shift+O ] to open the program when application is running

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