Switch Between Different Proxy Settings Easily In Windows

Internet has become the basic necessity of our life. We have internet connection available almost everywhere. But different locations may or may not have firewalls and proxy servers. Colleges and offices do have them for sure for the security reasons. Proxy settings have to be changed every time to have an access to the internet at these places. But to have the direct connection at home or otherwise, we don’t need these settings. To change these settings manually every time we have to change the connection is tiresome.So, the utility named as Proxy Switcher solves your problem.

Proxy Switcher is a very small freeware of 373 KB only. The user interface of the utility is shown in the snapshot below. You can select from the three options available: Home, Office and Auto to switch between the settings. All the settings will be automatically changed. You just have to select the required option according to the connection you are using.


The tool will be present on your system tray after the installation as shown in the snapshot below.  You can directly right click on the icon and select your settings.

Program Manager_2011-01-18_00-30-26

“Home” is used to have a direct internet connection whereas “Office” is used where there is proxy server. Apart, form that there is “Auto” option, it will automatically change the the settings for office, home and work with VPN network. Auto option is preferred if you don’t have complete information about the connection. Now, you don’t have to change the settings manually. Select the required option and the work will be done.

The windows environment will be automatically updated about the change in proxy settings by the tool itself. This will make the task more easier as you need not to restart your browsers. So, it shows another big advantage that you can continue your work without any hurdles even if you have to change the internet connection. It will be specially beneficial for the tasks which are to be completed without interruptions.

This is one of the very beneficial tool provided to make the tasks convenient. Moreover, the simplicity of the process generates the interest of the user. I would like to suggest all the readers to use the tool atleast once if they have to change their settings. For the user who have to frequently switch between the two, this will prove to be a great help. The internet connection will be easy as well as much faster.

The freeware has been tested with Windows 7, so it will be compatible with all the other versions also.

Download Proxy Switcher

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