Switch Between Different Power Plans Conveniently on Windows 7 with Power Plan Assistant

With days passing by now renewable resources of energy are getting depleted and to overcome this problem people are being made aware of the steps one could take for saving energy. In today’s world even smart people like us forget to save energy and thus waste it. Its the electrical products like the Computer or television etc using a lot of energy which we are hardly concerned about even when they are turned on and no work is being performed on them and such appliances either should be turned off or brought to a state where less energy is used.

If energy consumption is considered your Computer consumes a lot and if working under a suitable power plan, will certainly save energy as well. But switching between power plans is very tiresome and uninteresting since one would need to open Control Panel first, then click on Hardware and Sound, further on Power Plans and finally on Choose Power Plan.

Power plan Assistant settings

Then a window will appear where one would see only two power plans – Balanced and Power Saver, and on the drop down list you will see High Performance plan which was earlier not visible. Isn’t the procedure very boring? To make switching between different Power Plans more convenient a new software has been developed named as Power Plan Assistant.

This software is of great usefulness as it not only lets you switch between different power plans but also enables you to switch between plans automatically by clicking on a few options at the first time of use.

Power Plan Assistant more options

Tasks Performed On Power Plan Assistant

  • Switching between power plans becomes more easy by simply clicking left mouse button on the icon appearing in the system tray and from the drop down menu choosing the suitable one.
  • One can also enable some options for switching between plans automatically. For example:-

1.  Switching from power saver to ‘High Performance’  or  ‘Balanced’ on plugging in.

2.  Switching from power saver to ‘Balanced’ or ‘Power Saver’ on unplugging.

3.  Appearance of balloon messages can also be customized.

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The software has been specifically designed for Windows 7 operating system and is capable of working with Windows 7 x86 / x64 compatible hardware.

Download Power Plan Assistant

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