SwiftKey X Beta Keyboard For Android Phone Devices [Review]

Android is evolving much faster than we expected and the reason lies in the fact that it could be customized in any way like you do to an Iphone. Today we are going to talk about Android stock keyboard which could be replaced by several keyboard applications available on the internet.

The stock keyboard is pretty fine but after a point of time, it became quite dull and boring for me to use it. At the same time I came across an alternative for it called SwiftKey X Beta keyboard. As the name suggests, the keyboard is in its beta stage and is available for free on Android Market. No doubt Swype is another good feature for the keyboard, but Swiftkey is pretty different.

For new users installing a new keyboard could be a tedious job and chances of getting the procedure incorrect are always there. Keeping in mind the same problem Swiftkey developers have done a great job and the application itself guides you through the whole process before it could be actually used.

The five basic steps include, Enabling the keyboard, Downloading the language pack that you want, Personalizing-where you can add details of your Gmail, Facebook account etc,Choosing the typing style- either rapid type or accurate type and lastly setting the keyboard as the default one.

SwiftKey X Android KeyboardSwiftKey X Android Keyboard1SwiftKey X Android Keyboard2

Once you get through the guided route the keyboard is ready to use and replaces the stock one immediately. Importantly the keyboard looks brilliant and has two color themes, Light and Dark. Several other options are available as well which let you change the gesture sensitivity, voice recognition, keyboard feedback etc.

SwiftKey X Android Keyboard3SwiftKey X Android Keyboard4

Amazing and new features include Fluency inference engine, Personalization from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Advanced language detection, Redesigned installer process, SwiftKey shortcut launcher on keyboard, Keyboard theme framework, Improved response times, Improved battery usage, Navigation keys, New dark theme and many more.

I believe once you use this keyboard, your fingers will definitely become more productive and you would forget the older keyboard. Just download it right away from the link provided below.

SwiftKey X Beta Keyboard – [Android Market]

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