Suspend, Kill Or Lock Process Which Is Make Windows Hang or Unstable

Most of the times while working on your system, we tend to operate 1 or more applications simultaneously like using a tool and listening to music simultaneously. This might increase the CPU memory usage of your system, and once it increases your system becomes slow leading to both the activities to get halted. In this post we will be talking about a small tool named as Lazar Freezer which can help you to limit the CPU usage in a very smart way.


Let us take an example that you have this tool installed on your system and currently you are browsing internet, listening to music and right now you have started Virtual PC software on your system. Now there are many chances that after switching ON this system your other processes i.e. browsing and windows media player will get halted, so in order to prevent that you can use this tool and by selecting any of the currently running process you can press Control+Win+S, which will lock that process for the time being and then it will allow to process the Virtual PC process at a better speed thus avoiding the system to get hung.

You can also use this tool to always maintain the Memory usage up to a certain limit and once you are over with the booting of that Virtual PC tool you can press Control+Win+L to unlock the application. Let me tell you that once you have locked any of the process, it will be present in the main window of the application.

I hope that you will like this tool. The size of this tool is around 19KB and moreover it is portable, so you take it anywhere you want and then use that system comfortably, This tool has been tested with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate, so it is expected that is will be compatible with all the versions of Windows. Please let us know if you face any issue while using this tool, we will revert back with the solution to that problem. The link to this tool has been mentioned below.

Download Lazar freezer

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