Stuff Organizer Lets You Organize Software, Applications & Games On Your Computer

Sometimes you may have find that it becomes very difficult to search for some file in your computer and especially when all the stuff in the form of files and folders are present in an unorganized way. In such situations, one may wonder that how to manage all the stuff so that the searching becomes easier and faster. For such situations, we recommend a small utility which can serve your purpose and can solve this issue.

Stuff Organizer is basically a small, easy to use, useful and an open source, multi-purpose item cataloging application for Windows which allows the user to save source directories of ebooks, movies, music, games, along with many options such as to add and set up new categories for any kind of item. This particular utility stores, finds and gives quicker access to frequently used user and system directories which makes it lot easier for the user to search the files. If you go into the inner working of this special utility then you may observe that it basically comes packed with ISO, 7z, RAR, and ZIP plugins which are used to automatically unpack the compressed archives. After extracting all the items for such archives files, it cleans the redundant files, such as, file_id.diz, SFV and .NFO files and places the required items in selected category thus defining a clear structure for all the stuff present in the computer.


This tool can be easily downloaded from the below given link. After installing it, you may observe that with Stuff Organizer, you can easily catalog project files, databases, magazines, ebooks, music files, applications, etc., and that too under one single unified interface. As discussed earlier, it has a very strong inner mechanism which is basically a multi-level category mechanism through which it sort files and folders in a convenient and easier way. You may imagine that how useful, it will be for those with a very large collection of files who often find it challenging to find required types of files from their collection and ends up in a frustration. Using such features, it intuitively organizes the complete collection by using pre-defined tag information. In the similar way, it also helps users assign newly added files and folders to default and custom categories by matching the content with tags so that in future they can be referred easily.


After using it, you will experience that it comes up with a nice interface which is basically divided into 3 panes; the one at left contains all the default and custom categories, the center one which is the main window displays items with category name, product name, added time, and source path of files, whereas the third one or the bottom window shows selected item’s detailed information.

So, we recommend you that first of all download the tool and start using it to explore many more features. The video below further demonstrates the usage and features which may help you in exploring the tool.

Download Stuff Organizer

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