Stream, Watch YouTube Videos In iTunes Style Interface

When it comes to the videos, youtube is the first preference of almost everybody. At the same time, many of us prefer iTunes interface. So, today I would like to present a wonderful media player which is the combination of both the utilities. yTunes is an online media player which presents the content of Youtube in the iTunes interface, so that viewers can enjoy the combination. The homepage has been shown in the snapshot below.


The homepage have two drop down menus. First one is to select the videos based upon: Most Popular, Top Favourites, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Most Discussed, Most Responded, Recently Featured and Top Rated. The other one helps you to select various types of videos available: Music, Animals, Autos, Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Film, Howto, News, People Sports and Travel. It will show the videos related to the selection.

For the particular video, enter your choice in Search YouTube. All the search results will be displayed as shown in the snapshot below. It will include the Title of the video, its category, duration, number of times viewed, description and number of favorites. You can view 20, 35 or 50 results one one page.


Simply double click click on any of the items and the video will be shown in the iTunes interface as shown in the snapshot below. Here you can simply click on the next or previous button to play the video according as is not available in youtube. The option in available above the list.


It has all the options similar to the youtube except the interface. The play and pause option, volume controller, buffer display, pixels and the full screen mode. This has been done so that the users can enjoy the video without any problems. They don’t have to look for any new settings.

You can create your own account as own other websites. Then enjoy this online media player as your other players. Now, you can create your own playlist. The videos can be played in the Shuffle Playback and Repeat Playback modes.

Other features of yTunes are as follows:

  • It does gives any advertising like other websites so that viewers can enjoy the video.
  • It does not need any extra pluggins to play the video. Neither you have to install anything.
  • The media player facilitates you to view the items in list, thumb nails or cover slide format.
  • You can share your playlists with your friends on facebook, twitter or can even email them.
  • It claims to remain free forever.
  • You can access it in any country.

All the iTunes fans will surely like this online media player. The other users will also enjoy it, due to its interesting additional features.

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