Store Movie Collection Information On Your Computer With MovieDB

Nowadays, with the increased capacity of the hard drives and that too they are available at very low price, every user wants to have hard- disks which can store huge amount of data for them. Storing heavy files such as videos, movies, games, etc. has now become very common due to the high storage capacity of hard-disks in the system. Some people have a passion to have a complete collection of all the movies, especially the ones which are best of all times. As, nowadays these movies can be easily downloaded from various web-sites using the Internet, so users want to have a complete collection stored in their PCs to ensure that they can watch anyone of them whenever they want. But, managing that collection in itself is a huge task. With so many files, in your system sometimes you may not even know that which movies are with you and that too at what location.

So, if you are also one of them and if you have the passion to collect movies by downloading titles online, then we recommend you a small utility which can prove very useful in above mentioned scenarios. MovieDB is basically a nice little tool which is available as a freeware and which can be used to manage all the movies downloaded or stored by you in your PC or laptop. MovieDB has been especially developed for the Windows based users, and as said, it allows the user to manage the complete movie collection along with all the relevant information related to the movie such as, its poster and all the wallpapers related to the movies, other information, etc. User may also monitor and may keep track of all the movies which has been already watched using this tool and which are still left. If user is very much concern about the security and safety of this collection then the tool also allows to take a complete or a partial backup of the movie database.


If you want to try it out, then you may download it form the link given below and in few simple steps it can be easily installed in your computer. After installing it, you may observe that it has a feature through which you can sort all your movies into different categories like action, drama, romance, horror etc. Along with this it also has some other features like, it allows the automatic data download such as info / cast / images about the movie which is available at So, it is a worth utility if you are a movie freak and you may try it out for your big movie collection.


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