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All of you must be knowing about Picasa, a tool from Google using which you can upload your images and can access them from anywhere or even can share with your friends. Hence you don’t need to carry your images in some portable device every time. You just require any device and a web connection to access them from anywhere.

But using Picasa you can only upload photos. But if you want to upload any other type of file especially your music files and playlist and other important documents, then you can use a tool named ZumoDrive. ZumoDrive is a similar tool like Dropbox which I have recently reviewed. It is also a web based application which is designed to upload any kind of files from your device (i.e Desktop, Smartphones, Tablets, iPod’s etc. ).

So after uploading these files, you can view them from any of the device which has a internet connectivity. All you need to do is to create a online web account to use this tool. This tool is a freeware but there is charges for the web plan if you cross your uploading limit of 2Gb.

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So when you run this tool for the first time, you will see a wizard as shown above. So for the very first time usage, you will need to click on “No,sign me up” to create an online account with ZumoDrive.

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Next you will be required to enter your details in the box provided. So when you enter all the details, put a tick on checkbox provided at bottom and then click on Next.

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After that this tool will ask you to add the folders and files to your online account. You can even add complete files and folders present in your documents or on desktop in this tool. At the bottom there is a option given to Add Folder from where you can browse to any desired folder present in any location. Click on Next to proceed to next step.

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So as you can see above, this tool will create a free account if you want to upload only up to 1Gb on your web account. Actually this will become 2Gb when you run your online account as developer have given certain steps to increase your free space, when you run your web account. But still if you require more space, them you can choose a monthly plan of $2.99 for 10 Gb or $6.99 for 25 Gb as per your suitability.

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At last it will show you this window. Click on Finish to complete the process. Once you click on it, this tool will automatically direct you to your web account from your web browser. You can see below how your web account will look like, when you login for the very first time.

12-10-2010 23-14-06

In the left, as I have already mentioned, developer have given various options completing which you will be able to add more free space to your web account. This tool automatically pin itself in the system tray and you can right click on it to see the progress of this tool.

12-10-2010 23-20-57

So it will show you the detailed status of your uploading files. Unfortunately it gives no estimation regarding the time left for the upload. This tool will even ad shell extension option in your right click menu in Window. When you right click on any file or folder in Window, you will see a new option to share it on ZumoDrive. This is pretty good as you are not required to open tool every time you want to add something to your web account.

12-10-2010 23-16-53

You will even get a Link for that folder once the process of uploading completes.

12-10-2010 23-17-15

So can see the following snapshot of my web account. So it will show you every folder and files as it appears on your desktop and on the right part you can see all the details of that particular file/folder and even the link from which you can directly download it to your device.

13-10-2010 00-00-38

The size of ZumoDrive is 9.15 Mb and still it will not take much time to get installed and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download ZumoDrive

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