Stop Youtube To Auto Post On Twitter When You Add Video To Playlist

It happened to me today, when I got a large number of replies from my twitter account from my followers who were saying that I am spamming the twitter timeline as they see a large number of updates saying I added a video to @youtube playlist with link to the video with title of the video a shown in the image below. Today we will tell you how to stop youtube to auto post on twitter when you add video to playlist.

stop youtube to auto post on twitter when you add video to playlist

This happened with me because my youtube channel account was connected to twitter, and one thing I forgot to check out when I connected youtube with twitter and it was the option which is enabled by default when you connect your twitter to youtube account for activity sharing and it is Share your activity when you add a video to playlist as shown in the image below.

twitter auto post video add in youtube playlist

When I connected the two my intention was to update my twitter account when ever I upload a new video on my youtube video channel. I was just categorizing all my videos into playlist I created for my youtube channel visitors, and suddenly this started happening. So if you don’t want to happen with your twitter account connected to youtube you should uncheck the option which says Add Video to playlist under connected account as you can see in the image below. 

Note: You can find the sharing and connected accounts on youtube, under Settings >> Video Manager >> Sharing once you are logged in to youtube. You can read about more youtube tips and tricks here

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