Stop Windows PC To Recognize USB Drive & Other Removable Storage Devices

Earlier, we have discussed many utilities which were related to USB drives. Some of them has been developed to block the un-authorized access and some of them were related with alerts regarding USB drive plugged into the system. But, there may be a scenario where you want to enable the USB port with just read-only permission, so that no data from the system may be copied into the pen-drive or USB drive attached to the system. As we all know that by default, read and write permissions are enabled for USB drives in every system. But this may result in the activation of malware, which may come into the system through the USB drive plugged into the system. So for such cases, you will obviously want to change the settings to read only mode in order to protect your system and to prevent it from getting infected. Although, Windows does not comes with any option to simply switch the USB port to read-only mode.

For such cases and scenarios, we today are going to discuss a small utility which may prove to be really helpful in setting the USB to function in read only mode. Wenovo USB Disks Access Manager is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available utility which comes handy, while dealing with the issues related with security and safety of your data. It is available as a portable tool which as said allows the user to set a USB to function in read only mode. With the help of this utility, you can also disable the complete USB access on a system which is a similar feature present in various utilities. But, for completely disabling the USB, you must have the Administrative privileges for doing so. From the above mentioned two features, it is very clear that this utility can be quite useful for system admins to protect the systems by restricting malware from sneaking into the computers and the entire network in fact.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and can be easily installed in your system. After installing, you just need to plug in a USB device and set it to read-only to make it un-writable. In order to block the access completely to USBs on a system, you may choose the other option, Disable USB Disks Detection.

Download Wenovo USB Disks Access Manager

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