Stop Windows Live Messenger Prompt To Update Newer Version

There could be a case when you are using the older version of windows live messenger or msn messenger, you are happy with the older version and you don’t want to update. But you might see the following prompt which ask you to update to the newer version and you are very much annoyed by this prompt message.


The latest version of windows live messenger is 14.x pronounced as windows live messenger 2009. So in such a case you use this free utility which can fix the older version of windows live messenger installed on your PC and stop it the prompt which ask you to update.

This small program is called WLM no update which will stop forcing you to update. It works only with v8.5.1302.1018 (the last pre-2009 version) and v8.1.0178.00. The patch is simple and safe, it only changes the version information, making Messenger pretend it’s v2009 so MS leaves you alone.

Note: In order to use this patch, make sure that windows live messenger in not running and you have windows live messenger from 8.1 to 8.5

Download WLM No Update Patch

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