Stop Windows 8 Smartscreen Filter Blocking Apps & Software You Want

As we all know windows 8 consumer preview is out for public release, if you are interested in using windows 8 then you can download it from here or download the ISO from this link. We have already written an extensive guide on all things you need to know if you are considering installing windows 8 on your new or old computer, you can read it here. Today we will tell you how to stop windows 8 smartscreen filter blocking apps and software you want to install on your windows 8 computer. 

Stop Windows 8 Smartscreen Filter Blocking Apps & Software

In order to stop smart screen filter in windows 8, you will need to disable it under control panel >> action center as shown in the image below. Follow the procedure below below.

First launch start screen on windows 8, then press w and search for

control panel windows 8 start screen

Under control panel search for action center if you cant locate it as shown in the image below.

action center control panel windows

Now click the link to change windows 8 smart screen filter

smart screen filter windows 8 settings

Now select the option highlighted in the image below to disable smartscreen filter in windows 8

disable smart screen windows 8

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